Sunday, January 30, 2011

No more SNOW!

Who wants more snow? I love snow, but I've realized that now since I have a big girl job I'm not a fan of the snow ha! Now maybe if I worked in schools I'd still enjoy it BUT I work in private practice so I'm not fan. Hopefully this weather they say is coming our way we'll just bypass us. This weekend was gorgeous!! Definitely made me want Spring to be here NOW!

Weekend Update
This weekend was GREAT! I headed to Conway on Friday after work to spend some time with the fam. Friday we just had some chicken enchiladas (yummy) and mom and I watched Toy Story 3- no I hadn't seen it yet. It was a good movie but I didn't cry like I've heard some people say they did ; ) Saturday mom and I headed to Little Rock for some shopping. First stop was Park Plaza Mall. Mom had gotten me a pair of yoga paints for christmas at VS- well they were a little snug so I went to return them in Fayetteville but they don't care yoga pants in their stores (not the PINK brand a different brand) so I got a gift card to get some later when I went to LR. Well we went to VS and they were having a huge sale on their workout stuff so I got 2 pairs of yoga pants for $10 & I found THIS

Yeah I know what you're thinking- WHAT THAT'S AWESOME! Ok maybe not, but I love it!!! My mom said I needed a see thru shirt when I workout so everyone can see it ha! The best thing was I didn't have to pay any of my own $$$ my gift card covered it all with .15 left over = ) Mom got a good deal on some PJ's as well.

Next stop, we headed to a mall someone at my mom's work had talked about- Promenade at Chenal. This place was pretty, reminded us of the mall at Pinnacle in Rogers. There wasn't a lot of stores but they had an Anthropologie!! Love love this store, a little pricey on some stuff but a girl can still look! I didn't find anything I couldn't live without. They also had a DSW shoes there, so I looked for my bridesmaids shoes but they didn't carry the Paris Hilton brand so I'll just order those.

After some shopping we met my friend Drew from college and ate lunch at YaYa's. This place was soooo good. It was very pretty and had great sandwiches/salads. It was so much fun hanging out and catching up with Drewbie!

After a full day of shopping/eating lunch mom and I went back home to rest before hitting up the movies that night. We went and saw "No Strings Attached".  Now this movie is not for everyone, but I personally loved it! Would go see it again in a heartbeat and will be buying it when it comes out! And of course after the movie we had to hit up some Shake's!!!

It was a great weekend with the family and before I left today (sunday) we went and ate at US Pizza- our favorite pizza restaurant. Here's a picture of my sweet Baxi I got to visit with too! Can't leave out my baxi boy

Wedding Update
I went last week to meet with a guy about lighting for the reception area and about pricing for our initials to be on the dance floor- it went great but made me realize GEEZ it's almost here and I need to get on the ball. Ha, actually I've done good. The major thing I need to do right now is meet with the event coordinator of the Town Center to go over floor plan for ceremony/reception- I'm thinking do that next week.
Get ready BIG news!! The dress is finally in! Wahooooooo!!!! It came in well WAIT it came in to Brinkley on Friday- yes I know people you're thinking why didn't you just go pick it up you were close this weekend. OK, FIRST that drive is sooo boring and Lowe's is so far out there in the middle of nowhere! If there was some shopping on the way or a good restaurant, but no NOTHING! So I'm just going to have them ship it here- well to Big Kara's house. They're shipping it on Tuesday so hopefully it'll be here Wednesday or Thursday of this week!! Now I'm just praying it fits- it can be too big but PLEASE PLEASE not to small. Gosh that'd be the death of me, I don't think I have enough will power to lose weight! Yes, I've been watching too much "Say yes to the Dress" and it has made me fear this!

**Now just some pictures of the house- I just want it to be done and be moved in = ) I guess I could start packing now- might save me some stress ha!

                                             Got the Patio added and the roof

                         Front hasn't changed much, just another look at roof

Earlier this week Big Kara had sent me a picture of her daughter's cell phone cover. OMG I was so jealous!! I know sad I'm jealous of a little girl's cell phone cover- well I asked her where she got it and she said eBay.  So, yes I get on eBay and order me one too = ) $8 with tax and shipping- That's what I call a deal

As most of you know I love skull/crossbone things! I love it- but it does kind of bother my ear when I talk on it, but it's worth it ; )

(I promise this blog is almost over)

On Friday, before I headed to Conway I stopped at a girl's house that is very artistic and we are sorority sisters. She's had this painting for awhile for me and we finally had the same schedule so I could pick it up.

I figured I could hang this in our Tv room/Hog room = ) Some of you might could do this on your own but ha not me- I'm not creative at all! If you like this you should check out her work on facebook- Creative Design by Allyson McGuire- she does awesome coolers as well!

Hope everyone had a great weekend- I heard some news from a friend today and it wasn't good. Keep my friend in your prayers please that everything will be okay.

Have a great week- stay warm!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Busy weekend

Yes it was another busy weekend for me. I went to work Friday even though I still had some cancellations from the snow. After work I came home to wait for Andrew to get off so we could go register some more  = ) When he got off we got ready and headed to Lowe's to register- Well we get there and they don't do wedding registries anymore! RUDE! lol It's ok though I guess, they had a lot of good tools though for Andrew and some good decorating things we had found for our living room. So we thought ok how about Home Depot? We call them and YES they do registries BUT we have to write down everything! So no cool scanner gun for us to use = ( Bummer! We went ahead and went to look but they just didn't have the stuff Lowe's did. Well it's like 4:45pm by this time and Andrew makes the comment "Do I sound really old if I say I want to eat dinner right now?" I said absolutely not because I'm STARVING! So we headed to Olive Garden for dinner and I suggested since we didn't get to register at Lowe's, we knock out Target. After Target, I of course was craving some Andy's frozen custard so we went there too (the line was so long) and then went home.

Saturday morning Andrew had to work so I tried to sleep in and didn't really do much. Again just waited for him to get off work so we could this time go register at Dillard's. We went to the Fayetteville Dillard's because I think the Home Department is better than the Rogers one. There were 3 other people there registering for weddings- and it was very busy on top of that!!  I really didn't find much at Dillard's bedding wise anyway. I didn't really like any comforter's and if I did they were like $300 just for the comforter- um no thanks that's a little crazy! We did find some other goodies to register for though  = )

Saturday night we went to Bariola's with some of Andrew's friends from work and then went to Eddie Haskell's to hang out for a bit.

                                        Us at Eddie Haskell's

Today (Sunday) we wanted to go look at our house because the realtor called and said they had been working on it. Geez have they been! It's crazy to see how much they've done just since last Thursday! It's a lot easier to see now where the rooms will be and very exciting!!! They are suppose to have the shingles up my Tuesday! Can't wait to move in.

After we looked at our house we went to Andrew's parents to give his mom a late late Christmas present- don't think we're horrible just yet! We had got her other stuff that she got to open on Christmas day, but this platter took FOREVER to come in! We've seen them since Christmas but we kept forgetting to bring it with us!! So we dropped that off and went and ate with his parents at Gabby's (sp?) in Farmington. It was very good mexican food- I got a chicken fajita burrito, which was huge!
After we ate with them we headed up to the mall to Sears to register since we couldn't at Lowe's. Andrew was probably in heaven registering for all the tools = ) I had no clue about anything but tried to help some. I let him hold the scanning gun the whole time too because I haven't been letting him much (whoops) = )  3 more months from today though and the Wedding festivities begin  WAHOOO!

On a side note- I'm confused and aggravated why Grey's or Private Practice wasn't on last Thursday night! That was the snow day so I hadn't done ANYTHING- therefore I was looking forward to my TV shows!! But no they weren't on! Well my Housewives of Beverly Hills was on- love that show, they're crazy. Then tonight Desperate Housewives isn't on! Seriously come on now- it's not a holiday, is it because the football playoffs I guess? But again, Kourtney & Kim take NYC is on tonight! I love me some Kardashians!  Still haven't bought their book though and need to soon! I'm thinking for the Vegas trip- oh yes booked the Vegas trip for my bachelorette party! Another thing I'm looking forward too.

Ending the blog on a picture of my Nala girl with Andrew. I just got done chasing her around the house so she was quite tired.

Oh wait...So Packer's are going to Super Bowl who do you think will go between Jets and Steelers? I'm hoping Steelers!
Have a great week!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow day!!!

How's everybody liking this snow? It's quite pretty if you ask me, but it would be nice to work and make some $$$ too. Oh don't worry I'm not that upset about it ha! Here's a picture of the snow outside the townhouse and little Nala girl. I still can't believe how much snow we got. I know the news said we'd get a lot, but with Arkansas weather you never know!

I haven't done much today- slept in a little bit, cleaned some house, did laundry and did my CrossFit workout at home since I couldn't drive there to do it. I've actually been pretty productive considering it's 12:40!! I think anyways = ) Since I had tons of time today I washed a bunch of sheets and put new ones on the bed. AHHH, there's nothing like clean sheets on the bed, one of my absolute favorite things!! Here's a picture of my pretty new sheets my mom got me for Christmas.

                                            And of course they're blue = )

Now on to how my week has been- It's been pretty good, but the week has gone by kind of slow. Monday night I went and had my weekly dinner at Chad & Sarah's. Andrew had training that night so he didn't come, instead Lacey from work came with me and a girl from Sarah's Cell Group came. Yes poor Chad was the only guy, BUT he made us some awesome tomato soup and grilled cheese. It was so good, especially since it was so cold outside! After dinner Chad went to his room and us girls talked and watched some Bachelor = ) I never watched the Bachelor with Brad the first time, but I like him. He's definitely a little odd sometimes but he seems nice. I love love the southern girl, can't remember her name (horrible with names if I don't know them) but the girl that lost her boyfriend in the crash. She is so nice and gorgeous!! I'm not a fan of Michelle (I think that's her name) that kept complaining because it was her birthday blah blah blah. OMG I was tired of her keep saying it was her birthday- seriously you knew it would be your birthday while you were filming the show so give it up! Then he gives her a rose just because it was her birthday! AHHH noooo!! Oh well what do I know.

Oh also on Monday Sarah E. brought my wedding invitations to my work. I love love love them!!! She did such a wonderful job! So now I just need to find some envelopes for them- I want to get maybe some off-white ones or a pearl color instead of plain white. But we'll see how much those will run me, I might just get plain white =  ) Then after I get the envelopes I need to start sending them out- so who wants to help me write out addresses? Hey hey, I know it's how you want to spend a night with me = ) j/k! Here's a picture of the invites and the RSVP cards

        Looks awesome against that green wall huh? I took a picture @ work to send to my mom

                                                The RSVP card

Tuesday night Andrew and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond to start registering. It was pretty fun and also tiring. I know next time not to bring my purse = ) It was getting very heavy, we were there like 2 hours or more! Yes we had a lot to cover!! I'm excited to go register at more places this weekend!! Andrew drove by our house on wednesday and drumroll please...they started putting the structure up!!! WAHOO!!! Like i said above I love snow it's very pretty but it's putting a hold on them working on it. Hopefully this is the only big snow we get this winter- I wanted at least one big one. The last one wasn't anything!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far- there was lots of pictures in this blog but I love pictures! And I'm going to end on 2 more pictures of my Nala girl.

                                    She loves looking out the window

           Yep I let her up on the bed in the guest room- she was very happy
                    And her eyes look crazy with my flash on

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Great Weekend

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was busy, great and exhausting.

Thursday night our friend Sarah dropped off her dog for us to dog-sit over the weekend. Her name is Bella and is way smaller than Nala. She's a weiner dog, so we were all wondering how Nala and her would get along. They actually played quite a bit and loved each other! Here's a picture of Bella curled up on Andrew passed out.

Friday after work I went and got a manicure and patiently waited for my mom to get into town. She left Conway around 4, but there was a wreck or something going on and she was stuck in Ozark for a very long time!! So it took her about 3 1/2 hrs. just to get here from Conway- it should've been like 2 1/2! But she finally got to my house and we took off to Bordino's to split our favorite pasta and have some tini's.

Saturday morning we got up and went to the Bridal Fair in Springdale. Even though I already have everything booked, I wanted to put in for all the drawings- most importantly the free honeymoon = ) My mom and I met Whitney and Big Kara there. Poor Janae had the stomach virus and Kara W. had a busy day full of clients. We got to the Bridal Fair right at 10 to try to beat a huge crowd. It was still busy of course but not as busy as it was by the time we left. I put in for all the drawings and as we were walking out they called my name for "a dinner for 2 for Golden Corral" hahaha. I was laughing- and thinking man why not the honeymoon. I'm guessing I didn't get the honeymoon because I haven't heard anything- RATS!! It's ok though- I think Andrew and I just will go somewhere close right after for a few days and this summer go on a bigger honeymoon.
I did fine something at the Bridal Fair I'll probably rent though that I thought was really expensive but it's actually not bad at all. The LED lighting on dance floors with our names on it. I'm also going to meet with them about pricing for lighting on the walls (kind of hard to explain).

After we left Springdale, mom and I went to look for Andrew a birthday gift from her- we knew what we were looking for, it was just a matter of finding one. We ended up finding what we wanted and got him a portable speaker for his iPhone. He had one before and it broke which was a sad day for him ha! After getting Andrew something we decided to do a little shopping (of course). Well if you remember a couple post ago I was talking about how I wanted some tall boots. I FINALLY found some- I went to MACA and got a dress and tall dressy boots for $35!! Now that's what I call a deal- they were having a huge sale. Here's some pictures of my great snags.
                                 A little big, but that's ok Lethal Lure can fix that!

                               Yay finally found some boots- I love them!

After shopping we went and ate at Red Lobster then I took my mom back by the new house that's getting built and then she took off to go back to Conway = (

Later saturday nightish, Andrew and I went to his brother and sis in law's house for Jonah's (his newphew) birthday party.  Jonah had a cute shirt on that Adrienne had made. They had hot dogs for dinner, so of course I was in heaven = ) Here's a picture of little Jonah eating some cake/ice cream.

Later Saturday night I watched Miss America. Gosh I was wishing Miss Arkansas would've won- but 2nd place is pretty awesome! I thought she did awesome. Well for commercials they advertised dswshoes because a lot of the ladies were wearing shoes from there. So I looked online just to see about blue shoes for my bridesmaids. We have found some at David's Bridal but hadn't ordered them yet to see what styles came out for Spring 2011.  Well I found these shoes and loved them- what's even better is they're called "Kara Pump". How perfect is that- considering 2 of my bridesmaids are named Kara too!

             They're like $4 more than the ones at David's Bridal but with free shipping/no tax
        OH and of course I do favor them because of the name of the shoe = )

Today (Sunday) we went to Andrew's parents house for his birthday to eat a a late lunch/early dinner. It was delicious as always when we go over there. Andrew's mom cooked ham, corn, baked beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, salad and rolls. I know all your mouths are watering now ; ) It was SOOO good!! For dessert we had peach pie- mmmmmm!!! Andrew got lots of goodies from his family.  Here's a picture of Jonah playing with Aunt Kara's hair, he was brushing it with a toy car.

                                  Doesn't her hair look beautiful = )

I got home to a surprise from Chad & Sarah- some Andy's fudge brownie frozen custard. YUMMY! That was our treat for keeping Bella for them- and yes I ate it right when we got home, even though I ate all the stuff I mentioned above like an hour ago. That's how much I love Andy's!!!

Sorry it's a long post- told you it was busy. Hope everyone else had a great weekend. Andrew and I are going to start registering this week/weekend for wedding stuff =  ) I'm pretty excited! Have a great week!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yay SEC!

Hope you all are having a great week so far! I've had a pretty good one. Monday night Andrew and I went to our friend's house (Chad & Sarah's) for dinner, which we usually do about every monday. We also watched some of the Bowl game (way to go SEC). Well I had been at their house about an hour and we ran out of chips for cheese dip- so I'm like ok let's go get more Sarah. Well we walk outside and it had snowed so much since I'd been there, but thought oh we'll still try. Yeah not the brightest decision I've had!!! I was sliding everywhere (and they live in Bella Vista on top of a huge hill) so decided to turn around and go back. Luckily Andrew drove his truck over there too since he got off before me, so we left my car there over night.

Tuesday was kind of a bummer day, there was a lot of ice from the night before, so I didn't get many clients that day.
                      A picture outside of my work place early monday morning- this had all melted before I headed over to Sarah & Chad's house- or else I wouldn't of gone!

                          The road in front of Rogers HS (yes they were out)- Andrew driving me to work Tuesday morning (I was glad he was off work that day)

Since Tuesday was pretty dead at work, Lacey and I did get to go to Gusano's and have a lunch. We, well I, decided to get some brownies for dessert. People, if you've never had Gusano's brownies then you need to go RIGHT now and get some. They're absolutely AMAZING! I always talk about how good they are to Lacey and she finally got to try them and she loved them!

                            Yes, I took a picture of the delicious brownies!

Andrew texted me today while I was at work and had a link to craigslist. Well I looked and he found a great deal on a ottoman/coffee table/couch. ha, I'm sure you're all like what in the world how can it be all of those things?!? Trust me, it is.  I love love love it!! I've seen one before in someone's house, but was like yeah I'm sure that cost a pretty little penny, probably something we need to save up for. BUT, thanks to Andrew's 24/7 search with craigslist he found a great deal! It's black leather, from IO Metra. The people have had it for 8 days and realized there's not enough room in their new house for it (something like that).  I guess since they had it for 8 days they couldn't take it back- but it's in perfect condition. I think honestly it could be a bed as well   = ) I'd take a nap on it. I think it'll look great with our red (maroonish) sectional- which I'll post pics of it when we get it. It's ours but our friends are keeping it in storage for us right now.

Tonight I went to CrossFit after work (yes I'm trying to get buff, not really) and when I came home Andrew had an amazing dinner waiting. Oh my it was so good, and guess what?!? I took a picture of my meal- I know I'm crazy! I'm glad one of us can cook ; )

Here's a quick little picture of Baxi my mom had sent me this past weekend- little brat was digging outside!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I have quite a bit going on- Mom coming to town (YAY), bridal fair, Jonah's (Andrew's nephew) birthday party and Andrew's birthday.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sad but Good week

Well sad week because our HOGS lost- yes I'm still sad. Hopefully we'll get it next year though. Now I'm ready for the last bowl game tomorrow night!! I'm not an Auburn fan but after lots of thinking I'll be rooting for SEC- not Auburn just SEC team = )

Other than the loss, I had a great week. Thursday night Andrew and I went to MiMi's Cafe to eat and it was delicious. We got home and I had him help me try to look for something I had dropped in my car. The next morning I was leaving for work and tried to move my seat up and then turned the key (which wasn't turned all the way off) and it wouldn't start. I texted Andrew and told him he was in trouble because he drove my car the night before and didn't turn the key all the way off. I called a girl from work to come get me (thanks Lacey). Andrew came and got me after he got off work (we both got off at 2) and he charged my car back up (thanks Barbara and Clay for the battery charger for xmas, already had to use it ha). Well Andrew noticed how the interior lights were left on- whoops that's on me. Darn it- I was hoping I could blame this one on him because I caused my battery to go dead not too long ago because I left my headlights on instead of leaving them on "automatic".

When Andrew came and got me Friday after work we drove by our future home to see if they've done anything else. YAY they poured the concrete! So now hopefully they'll get walls/siding up before or if we get a hard winter! Here's a picture below. I told Andrew just looking at the concrete it looks so small- can't believe everything will fit ha! Yes, that's Andrew walking right before he walks all across the concrete! Granted he checked it before he stepped on it, but I was just waiting for him to fall in a soft spot out in the middle- but it's didn't happen thank goodness! Come on now- you all know if that was me I would've fell in some sort of soft spot!! That's my luck

Friday night Andrew and I went and saw "True Grit" which was really good and got a little treat from Andy's Frozen Custard. On Saturday night Big Kara and I had planned a date night because we hadn't seen each other in awhile! We usually do not go very long without seeing each other =) Of course we picked our favorite- Bordino's. Sarah joined us because she's never been and wanted out of the house, and Whitney did too later on. It was a great night with great company.

Everyone have a great week! Hope it goes by fast!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great New Year.  Mine was great! I took off just a little bit early from work on Friday and headed to Dallas with my friend Sarah. Both of our boys had to work over the Holiday so we thought we'd go have fun in Dallas. She's from there so she knew what to do/where to go. We got into town around 6ish, got ready and went and ate Mexican food. That night we went to a friend's house then took a train to Victory Park. I've never heard of this place, but it was AWESOME! They try to make it like Times Square. It's this huge street (kind of like Times Square) and they had a big Jumbo-tron that had the countdown for everyone & at midnight they set off fireworks. We watched the news last night and they said this year there were between 35,000-45,000 people there! So yes, lots of people- I would've never guessed that many though. Here's some pictures below

The next day we woke up and was ready for some shopping in North Dallas. First we ate Mexican (yes, again) at a place called La Duni- I had been to this restaurant before with Big Kara when we went to Dallas awhile back, so I knew it was amazing. They have wonderful desserts but I was way too full to get any- they do wedding cakes too (maybe I should just order one from there- huh Big Kara). My big thing I was on a hunt for was some cute tall boots I could wear over jeans BUT i wanted flat comfy ones, NO heel. Well all the ones I loved were $200- um no thanks- not with having to save for a house. Then all the other ones I loved had heels. So I didn't get any, I'll still look for some cheap ones but if I don't get any it's not the end of the world. Sarah's mom was also on the hunt for some. We went to Dillard's in the North Park Mall, HOLY COW, I've never seen anything like it. You couldn't even walk because they were having an extra 50% off already marked off shoes. So as you can imagine it was ridiculous. Shoes all over the ground not even in boxes, just strung everywhere. It was a madhouse and I hated trying to have to look on the ground for shoes ha! We weren't there very long!
Then today Sarah and I got up and met Chad's (Sarah's husband) mom for lunch (um we had mexican again and it was delicious) before we headed home. So it was a great weekend even though I didn't get anything.

This list is just kind of for me to look back on all the things that happened in 2010- so you might not care =) And I'm not going to put everything in order of when things happened either
1. Finished grad school
2. Started my awesome big girl job
3. Moved to Rogers
4. Got Engaged
5. Parents & baxi moved
6. Got a precious little puppy that's now 75lbs
7. Andrew started Police Academy
8. Got approved to build/buy a house (which is in the process)
9. Turned 25- ahhhh, old!
10. Went to Vegas to celebrate graduating with some awesome people
11. Went to LA to visit another awesome person
12. Bought a new car
13. Watched a naseoendoscopy of vocal cords (yes you think it's crazy but it was a highlight of 2010 for me, thanks Kellye) haha

Well I think I hit some key things that happened with me in 2010- I'm sure I've left out something but oh well. Everyone have a great week