Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our baby is 1!!!

Seriously our baby cannot be 1!! Cooper you'll always be our baby whether you like it or not ; ) It's been amazing watching your grow and learning new things this past year and we can't wait to see what else you'll teach us along the way. We love you so much!

New things in the past month:
  • You were sick for almost 2 weeks and it was very rough! We're talking 101*-103.9* fevers for days! Multiple dr. visits to the fill-in dr. and nothing was determined, he kept saying it's a virus. Your regular dr. got back and he determined you had a bacterial throat infection (diff. than strept) gave us stronger antibiotics and shazaam you felt back to yourself!! PTL!
  • Had your first cold bath (due to high fevers and trying to break it) you absolutely hated it and I don't blame you- it was beyond awful, but it's amazing how much better you felt afterwards. Up and playing and you hadn't done that in days
  • You're completely off your bottle- this happened at 11 1/2 months. You wouldn't take a bottle when you were super sick but took a sippy so we just switched then
  • Only drink whole milk now- happened again when you were sick because you wanted nothing to do with formula
  • You're a dancing machine, sometimes music doesn't even have to be playing. We will say "Cooper, wiggle wiggle wiggle" and you start wiggling and dancing
  • Say- dog for Nala, imitated "mo" for more (not consistent yet), "ay" for yay when clapping hands, hi, bye-bye, and still mom/momma/dad
  • Had your first Thanksgiving but didn't do much since you were sick
  • Experienced your first BIG snow- we won't count last year because you were a newborn. We still didn't get out to play in because you were getting over your infection and I didn't want to risk it
  • You found out you were going to get a new boy cousin
  • Met Santa for the first time
  • Still a great eater- lately you eat constantly! It's crazy how much such a little boy can eat. New foods you've tried butternut squash, avocado and cereal. You loved the butternut squash, and the avocado needed to be cut up pretty small and blended in with your taco meat for you to eat it. You eat daddy's cereal with him sometimes and you like it
You still only have 2 teeth. I was for sure you were teething because drooling like a wild man but nothing has popped through yet. Not walking yet either- you cruise around the furniture and stand on your own a lot. You will go to take a little stop then fall down and start doing your speedy fast crawling = ) 
You've also developed quite the little attitude. If you want something you will reach and point and throw a fit yell. You've gotten so bad a few times and literally have thrown huge tantrums! I'm talking no tears, screaming and kicking fit. We tested out "time-out" in these situations- I just put you in a corner and walk away because I refuse to let you think a fit like that will get you anything. (I know call me mean, but I'm just not having it). These fits were worse after you got better and I think they were so bad because you were held for pretty much 2 weeks solid. Now you'll just point and reach and yell at me ha! I try to get you to imitate or sign but you don't want anything to do with signing!

We had your 1 year check-up and you weigh 20 pounds, 8 ounces (36%) and you're 29in (18%). The dr. said your growth chart looks great and you've gained your weight back plus some since you were sick. You're still wearing size 4 diapers (target brand) and at night we use Pampers (size 4) 12 hour stay dry because you pee TONS. You wear 12 month or 12-18 month clothes.

    Yes I sneak in at night and take pictures of you sleeping with you bottom up in the air =)
 Daddy turned you to forward facing in his vehicle- not gonna lie, I love seeing you in the rear view mirror

           Yay another boy cousin!!!

 This is why I thought you were teething because this is drool people!!! I guess you just drooled more since you were sick and your throat hurt
   Many nights with a cold towel

    I wish I would've taken pictures of you looking at Santa like "Who are you?" But you still didn't seem to mind sitting on his lap
            Happy Thanksgiving!!
    I love how you cross your little feet when you're sleeping
 You developed a head tilt when you were sick- oh yes this momma start freaking out worrying big time! But all is fine now and Dr. explained it's just like when we get sick and we are stiff or cramping, same happened to you
                  Where's my toy?
 We brought the snow inside to you this time- you kept putting it in your mouth
     First glow in the dark "sword" bath

 I'm thinking you'll love sports- loved Daddy's bat and love balls
            Daddy's work Christmas Party
    You're quite the little mooch- it doesn't matter if you just got done eating a huge meal, you still want whatever someone else is eating! I don't think you can get full

    Birthday boy!! 1st birthday deserves a pancake breakfast
   Your big gift from us and you love it!

You had your Birthday Party on your actual Birthday- we went with a Dr. Seuss theme. You did great at your birthday party! There was around 30 people that came to celebrate with you = ) 

 I ordered these cookies from Bakedequation.com. They arrived at our house on Friday and they actually tasted really good- and yes they are Paleo- ingredients were all natural!!! The lady that started baked equation is a CrossFitter- even better = ) **Also, thank you to Pinterest for all the creativity**
       "Yot in a Pot"= BBQ beans
 "Thing 1 & Thing 2 BBQ"= Whole Hog
 Goodie bags with a Dr. Seuss quote- they had some candy, mini play-doh, mini paddle ball, and a Dr. Seuss ornament. We also had "Oh the drinks you can drink"= variety of water & cokes, and "Beezlenut Splash"= sweet/unsweet tea

Loved the cake from Rick's Bakery!

     "Oodles of Noddles"= macaroni salad

Cooper you loved your smash cake, and got mad at me when I took it away! You would've ate the whole thing though if I would've let you. We didn't want you to be sick all night from it

        Being silly at dr. for 1-year check up
    You loved the lights at the Fayetteville Square

Cooper, we cannot believe you are 1 now! This year has flown by and we wouldn't trade it for anything! We love you more than anything.