Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pictures of the week

It was a wonderful week with some good weather. I'm hoping Spring is coming and going to stay! Here's some pictures describing my week

Fat Tuesday was last week and a girl at my work (Christina) brings a King Cake with a baby in it. It's oh so yummy and I couldn't resist and maybe had about 3 slices- whoops! So good and pretty- Shannon got the piece with the baby

I am competing in the Crossfit Games this year. No, not because I'm good but for the experience and I got peer-pressured into it honestly ha! Each week (for 5 weeks) Crossfit will post a new workout on Wednesday nights for everyone in the WORLD to do. This week was get as many Burpees as you can in 7min. Never thought I could be so sore from Burpees in my life. Youtube Burpee if you don't know what it is as I can not show you ; ) I got 74 burpees- would've been nice to get to 80 mark but I'll take it.

It was a big wedding weekend for my friend Billye (Bib). Friday night I helped Whit cook some dinner and get some last minute wedding stuff done. We cooked penne a' la Betsy from Pioneer Woman's website. It was really good and very easy pasta dish.

Saturday was the big day for Bib & Jeremy- the wedding was gorgeous and Bib looked amazing- I'm so happy for them and wish them a crazy/fun-filled life.

                      A photo booth

     They left with the Fight Song playing

                              Getaway Car

        Mark aka the awesome photographer and my date after the wedding


                     Silly Boudreaux- WOOOOOOOOOOOO

Have a great week

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week of First's

We got our first snow of the year on Monday. I'm wondering if it'll be our only snow too! The roads weren't too bad so I went to work but only saw 3 clients. 3 is better than none though = )

Andrew got Thurs-Sat off of this week so I wanted to take full advantage of it. It's very rare we both have weekends off together. Friday night we decided to go see Safe House. I thought it was really good and recommend it. 

Saturday morning I went to CrossfitNWA for an all woman workout. People also brought shoes/clothes to sale. I got a pair of Reebok Crossfit tennis shoes and some lifting shoes. I WAS PUMPED!! They didn't fit the girl that bought them so I got a great deal on them = ) I told Andrew it's sad because now when I think about shopping it's to get workout clothes. I have crossed over to the Crossfit Cult (so my mom calls it ha)! 
                        Getting ready to start our run

                                   Med-ball sit-ups

Before our workout I decided to try rope climbs. It's a rope hanging from a 15ft. ceiling. Well I FINALLY got it for the first time and got so excited when I got to the top I kind of freaked out. I'm not a big fan of heights as it is, plus just being excited because I finally did it. So I just slid back down the rope with my hands instead of using my feet to get back down. The outcome was this

                  Yeah it feels about how it looks! OUCH, at least I learned my lesson

There's a couple of new restaurants I've been wanting to try in Fayetteville. I showed Andrew the list and we decided on Vetro 1925 (look it up on facebook). It's a nice little italian place on Center St. off the Fayetteville Square. OMG people, make a reservation and GO!! We got there right at 6 but they didn't have any tables open so we got a table in the bar area. Good thing because the place got packed. I got gnocchi and Andrew got some pasta with pine nuts, peas and gorgonzola cheese. Andrew was a little upset at first because none of the pastas have meat unless you want bologna in it. He didn't think $16 for bologna pasta was a good deal ha! 
Well we got our meals and he changed his mine, because yes it's that good! Forgive the green tint of the pictures- the area in the bar has changing lights (sounds weird but it's cool).

After dinner we met up with a friend from HS and my friend Drew from grad school. I'm mad because I only took 2 pictures!

I tried a new recipe tonight. Zone Mexican Quiche- it's really good. Mine is still kind of runny but the top was burning- just proves I'm not a good cook ugh! But it still tastes great

Mexican Style Quiche- Zone Block Count: 1/4 of Pie (3 blocks Protein - 1 block Carb - 3 blocks Fat)
- Frozen Bell Pepper mix (depends on person how much pepper to use)
- 1 Large onion
- 1 tsp Crushed Garlic
- 1 can Chopped Green Chiles
- 1 can Diced Tomatos, drained
- 1 Jalepeno chopped (optional)
- 10 servings Egg substitute (2.5 cups)
- 2 servings 2% Mexican Cheese
- Guacamole
- Sour Cream

1.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In skillet, cook frozen bell peppers (fresh works as well, however, the frozen ones are cheaper and you don't have to chop them!), onion and garlic until cooked. Drain off any liquid.
2.) In 9x9 square pan, mix bell pepper/onion mixture, green chiles, drained tomatoes.
3.) Pour eggs over vegetable mixture. Sprinkle cheese over egg mixture.
4.) Bake for 40-45 minutes at 350 degrees, or until egg mixture doesn't jiggle when you wiggle it. I let it get extra brown when I don't use a crust.
5.) Serve with guacamole and/or sour cream to round out fat blocks.


Sunday, February 12, 2012


Well I didn't post anything last week, and I know you all missed the blog very much ; ) I was too busy getting ready for the Super Bowl (even though it was just Andrew & I). I was so glad the Giants won and I caved in and splurged on eating- pizza and chips/rotel YUMMY!

My mom came into town last weekend and we went to Bordino's Friday night with Whit- it's always a must if mom comes into town to get dinner and tini's. Of course if you're on Dickson St. you have to get a hot dog from Yancey- they're the best!

On Saturday I introduced my mom to brunch at Table Mesa- we both got the huevos enchiladas. She loved them of course. Afterwards we went and walked a trail to go to Crystal Bridges. The trail was very pretty and they had decorated the trail with pretty statues

Saturday night we tried out the new mongolian grill in Rogers by the Promenade (I can't remember the name). It was really good but our clothes smelled like it so bad afterwards- just a warning. So maybe go there to eat if you're just going home afterwards!

If you're my friend on facebook you might've seen my poor little Kindle. I have no clue what happened to it. I turned it on and all these lines started appearing  = ( I called and they couldn't send me a free one because I've had it for almost 3 years so I got like $10 off and bought a new one. Maybe it's my fault for not having a case for it, but I've never dropped it surprisingly.

Andrew and I wanted to go to Branson back in December but never made it. Well since Valentine's Day is this week, I mentioned us going and just getting away for a night. We stayed at the Hilton at The Landing (super nice). Before Branson, we had to go to Springfield to the Bass Pro Shop. Andrew's like a little boy in that store ha. We shopped at the Tanger Outlets after Bass Pro then went to the Landing got refreshed and went to dinner. If you've never been to The Landing, I recommend just for a quick, short drive getaway. It's a nice area with some shopping and restaurants all walking distance.
We went and ate at Cantina Laredo (our favorite there) and had a yummy dinner.
                                   Gotta love the french tini's

AHHH, this brownie was the best thing ever!! No it's not in the Paleo/Zone Diet, but well worth it!

Andrew got me a really pretty necklace for Vday- I love love it. He knows I'm not a big jewelry person but that I do love the HOGS and will definitely wear it for the games!

Bib (who is whit's Aunt) is getting married in 2 WEEKS!! I'm so happy for her and can't wait to see her on her wedding day. I went to her Bachelorette party Saturday night- it was a great/funny night with a bunch of ladies!
                                              Bride to Be

   A "V" for Veteto, her new last name- don't even try to say it, I promise you'll get it wrong

It's turned winter this weekend and I hope we get at least some snow!!! Another day off work wouldn't be so bad =) Stay WARM