Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their families/friends. Christmas was wonderful for us. We had a pretty busy Christmas so this blog is log (that's your warning)

Andrew I started off celebrating Christmas with friends earlier in the week. On Tuesday night, we went to Fast Lanes to meet with the Pomeitlo's and their cell group for their Christmas party. After we bowled some we went to Chad/Sarah's house for a dirty santa party. We also had some yummy chili and cake balls. I got an interesting gift but it's quite a classic- was made in the 50's and only 800 were made.

Wednesday night we had Chad/Sarah over for dinner. Andrew made some yummy jalepeno poppers, pork tenderloin, garlic potatoes and green beans. It was delicious! We also exchanged gifts- it was pretty funny because HOGS were the theme- Sarah made me a scarf (razorback colors), made Andrew some Hog drink coasters, gave us a glass painted with Hog stuff and I got her a Hog shirt.

I've been wanting new furniture for our bedroom because none of it matches and DRIVES ME NUTS! So I found some furniture I loved (and great price) from Figgy Pudding (look her up on FB, amazing!). I got 3 dressers. The black ones are for our bedroom and the pretty blue one is just a random one I had to have but I'll find a place- it was too good of a deal to pass up  = ) Forgive the messy bedroom, the whole house is a mess right now! The pictures don't do the detail justice on the black dressers either, it's so pretty.

Here's the random blue one = ) I'm obsessed with blue, so I'm sure this does not shock my friends that I bought it

Thursday I only worked half-a-day and then Andrew, Nala and I got packed up and went Conway to spend some Christmas time with my parents. This was Nala girl's first trip to Conway as well (we have boarded her before but I called a little late this time to board her for Christmas). Nala actually did very well in the car and I was glad we took her with us instead of boarding her. 

When we got to Conway we went to eat at a yummy restaurant called "Toad Suck Bucks" (I've talked about it before on here). It reminds me of Doe's but a hole in the wall out in the boonies- not kidding literally the boonies. It's such great food though! 

I was so mad I forgot to take a picture of my food (got made fun of too because I forgot and never forget) so I took a picture of some people's sitting by us (yes I knew them, ha). Remember this is not my steak- it's a 32ouncer- Jenny's (a girl that works with my mom) husband split it with their son

                    Jenny's burger looked delicious!

We had a great time at my parents playing games, watching/laughing at the dogs fight over Christmas presents and got lots of goodies! 

Saturday morning we came back home and my mom came as well so we could go to my grandma's Christmas Eve night. Before going to my grandma's we went to see the movie "Young Adult"- I liked it but probably wouldn't go see it again. We played Apples 2 Apples at my grandma's, ate some yummy food and opened presents. My grandma made a yummy dessert with cake, strawberries and banana pudding.

Today (Christmas) Andrew and I woke up early to share our stockings with each other and then got ready to go to his parents house. We ate some yummy breakfast and it was fun watching Jonah open up his presents (I love watching kids open presents).

Kara got a cool pink 3-wheeler for Christmas so her and Jonah went for a ride, then the boys took over the toys

After playing and opening up gifts at Andrew's parents we to his Grandma Jo's house for more yummy food, presents and family time. Now we're home and Andrew is sleeping because he switches shifts tonight. We had a wonderful Christmas and thanks again to family/friends for all the wonderful gifts! I can't imagine a better Christmas.

                    Nala loves all her new toys

                   And I love all my new gifts too

I hope everyone enjoyed their time with their families. I can believe it's almost 2012, this year has flown by! Have a great week


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Filled weekend

We had more Christmas parties this weekend to attend. Friday night was the Rogers PD Christmas Party. I'm bad and didn't even take a picture of Andrew and I, oh well. It was fun though with yummy food.

Back up a little- Friday after work I went to see a girl I worked with (Lacey) and her new baby boy Koen. He is absolutely precious and has the best complexion ever! It was great to catch up with Lacey since she's not working with us at TEAM anymore = (

Andrew and I went to one of our favorite restaurants on Thursday night, Table Mesa. I of course got my curry chicken burrito like always and Andrew got the pork sandwich. He's gotten the pork carnitas before but decided to go for the sandwich this time. I took a bite and it was quite yummy. While we were there I saw that they had started serving breakfast. We got a coupon to buy 1 entree, get 1 free. I was super pumped and told Andrew we were eating breakfast there saturday morning. So we woke up Saturday and headed to Table Mesa for some yummy breakfast. We met the Pomietlo's there and they loved it as well. Andrew, Sarah and I got the big breakfast burrito and I don't remember what Chad got (sorry Chad). If you like breakfast this is definitely a place to go. They serve breakfast on Saturdays from 9am-1pm, so you don't have to wake up super early = ) Of course a picture of the burrito minus the potatoes that come with it- they had to bring those later because took awhile to cook I guess.

After breakfast/lunch Andrew and I went to Fayetteville to go to Sears to do some last minute Christmas shopping. The Sear's in Bentonville is good for big appliances but not the smaller stuff. As I'm sure you're all aware town is a madhouse and the mall did me in. I couldn't wait to get out of that place! However, we got everything we needed so it was a successful trip. Saturday night we went to a Anderson, MO to a Christmas dinner at the Dill's house. Dill (Brandon) is a guy that works with Andrew- his wife made a delicious meal. It was a nice relaxing night.

Today I went to Pinnacle- which is not near as bad as NWA Mall thank goodness and Target to get last minute wrapping materials and some gifts. I got home and Andrew started wrapping for me- he's a great wrapper compared to my not so good wrapping skills. I believe he gets it from his mom just like his cooking skills = )

        Yay for presents finally wrapped, plus some under Hog tree

Most of you know, but growing up I always got to open presents early. I'm talking started opening up presents probably around Dec. 15th and would open up 1 every couple of nights. My mom can't stand waiting since the presents are there (I am the same way). So tonight I told Andrew I needed to open up one early. Especially since he got his Xbox360 a MONTH EARLY. He finally said ok- I let him pick the present = )

He nailed the color- of course I love it! It'll be great for the winter.

I can't believe Christmas is so close- the weather has been so nice it doesn't feel like it should be here already. I can't wait to go to Conway though and see my parents!! Oh and baxi  = )

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas with family/friends!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Full Swing

Christmas is definitely in full swing- lots of Christmas parties to attend. We also got a little bit of snow last week which made it feel even more like winter. I had no clue it was even suppose to snow until Andrew came and told me it did. I thought he was lying to me- but nope it did! So of course I had to snap a picture

Every year since I can't even tell you how old- a bunch of us girls that grew up together would get together for a Christmas Party. It was always at Whitney's house and her mom would have crafts for us to do. We might not of done it some years but we've started it back up. Now we go to April's since she has a kid friendly environment = ) It's always a lot of fun catching up with friends you've pretty much known since kindergarden! We each buy a $20 gift card and I read Charlie Brown Christmas Story (might have to change next year, too long) and pass around the gifts on certain words. I ended up with a Bordino's gift card! YUMMY!

                                  had lots of yummy appetizers

Pay and Hudson playing together- or maybe taking ornaments off the beautiful Christmas tree

Thursday night was my work's TEAM talent Christmas Pay. Lots of girls spend a lot of time practicing with all the kiddo and do a great job. I was helping backstage, but snuck out every once in awhile to watch. I love watching the kid's do what they love and they're so cute!

Friday I wasn't feeling the best but it was Andrew's weekend so I wanted to hang out with him. We decided to put my Bordino's gift card to use. I got the beef tenderloin rigatoni (a must have) and Andrew got the wildboar sausage with linguini. Afterwards, I wanted to go to the square and look at the lights- but it was too cold so I suggested we just drive around!

Saturday morning I woke up and my throat was on FIRE! I could barely swallow and felt like absolute poo! I went to the careExpress in Wal-Mart and got some good drugs to fight my sinus infection. I came back home and slept longer and felt so much better. Which was good because my work party Christmas party was saturday night. It was at the Springdale Country Club and the food was amazing as always, and the party was a blast. We bring $20 gifts and a poem was read and we switched around the presents. I got a coffee mug with some Starbucks coffee.

              Carmen and I- thank you for the pictures = ) Love ya!

                       With Tiffany

                   Speechies- of course not all but quite a few of us 

If you live in the Rogers area you need to start buying you steaks/chicken/pork whatever else at the neighborhood Wal-Mart off Champions (one by Pinnacle, I think champions is the rd.). I've been told it's meat from the Bentonville butcher (something like that, sorry I don't really know, ha)- I DO KNOW that the meat is always amazing! Andrew bought some stuffed chicken breast Sunday and cooked it for dinner. It was so so so good.

Monday I got up early and went to Tulsa with Cindy & Connie for a PECS (picture exchange communication system). It was a great conference and since we had to stay the night Monday we had to go to Cheesecake Factory. Yummy food pictures

Yep, tons of yummy food and I didn't even get a picture of our pumpkin cheesecake! 

Had to end the post of my sweet girl = ) We've started letting her stay inside while we're gone during the day. It's gone ok so far, knock on wood. Oh, and started letting her get on the bed again- hopefully no eating pillows again!