Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catching up

This weekend I did some catching up. I started going to Table Mesa Thursday night to eat with my bestie, Whitney and her mom. Of course the food was yummy as always = ) I won't describe my delicious food like usual. Afterwards we went to the original Wal-Mart on the Bentonville square. They have recently re-opened it after remodeling. It's a pretty cool museum if you ever have a chance to go. 
My dad's been in town staying with Andrew and I while he's doing some painting for some people. So on Friday, Dad and I went to Conway to spend the weekend. It was nice to get away and see my mom. Mom and I went to LR on saturday and went and saw Friends with Benefits saturday night. This movie is pretty funny and I really liked it. Predictable yes, but still very good. Sunday we woke up and went to Waffle House before coming back home. Yummy, I love Waffle House- I always get the All-star meal (eggs, waffles, hash browns, bacon and toast). 

My dad and I got back to Rogers sunday afternoon. Andrew went to wal-mart and picked up some things for dinner. He cooked filets, squash, asparagus and baked potatoes. OMG- it was wonderful! I wish I knew how to season things like him and cook food on the grill. But I have no clue- so I'll just leave it up to him = )

Last night (Monday) my dad and I went to Guasno's and ate sandwiches and I had to get my brownies from there, which are the best ever! After dinner, I took my dad to the original Wal-Mart since he hasn't been in awhile.

I have some very recent & exciting news to share! No I'm not pregnant- get those thoughts out of your mind = ) I will be going to Ukraine in October with TEAMWorks Ukraine to help kids with disabilities. I'm excited, nervous and anxious all at the same time. I know it'll be emotionally/physically draining but well worth it! TEAMWorks Ukraine is a mission teamed up with 99 balloons with physical, occupational and speech therapists from Children's Therapy TEAM.  
You can read more about TEAMWorks Ukraine here- http://www.teamworksukraine.com/

Or 99 balloons here- http://99balloons.org/

TEAMWorks Ukraine is having a golf tournament at Stonebridge, Saturday, August 20th to help raise money for our trip. Shotgun starts at 8am- it will be lots of fun and there will be a silent auction.

To sign up to play in the tournament visit this website- http://www.birdeasepro.com/99B

Please spread the word to family/friends. If you'd like to sponsor or make a donation just let me know = ) 

Everyone have a great week- I hear tomorrow is suppose to get up to 110 degrees! Hottest day yet ugh!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Good weekend turned BAD

My weekend started out great. I had a great dinner at Bordino's with Big Kara. I had the rigatoni that I talked about last post but with wild boar sausage, and Big Kara got it with chicken. We split a yummy salad and had good drinks.
Saturday I did some shopping at Williams Sonoma- FYI they're having a huge summer sale until August or until they can get rid of summer stuff. I got a pretty table cloth that was 60% off. Oh and since I registered there I get 10% off any purchase for 6 months! I also got some Fresh Lemon countertop cleaner- mmmm spells so good. Andrew and I met with Big Kara, her husband Dale and her daughter Spencer at PF Changs for lunch.

Saturday night Andrew and I went to his Aunt Darcy's for one of Kara's Couple's showers. It was fun with great music and yummy food. Andrew & Hannah (his cousin) always wrestle and it's pretty funny to watch. Lulu (Darcy's dog) wasn't of fan of them wrestling ha


Sunday started off great. I got some shopping done for stuff for the house then came home to start some appetizers since we were going to grill out with Chad and Sarah. Well instead of being smart and getting the scissors to open the bacon I get a steak knife and yup SLICE the finger open big time. Luckily Andrew was still here because he was about to run to get some tinfoil. So he says well rinse it off and went to get me a band-aid. Well I put it in water and just let it sit and it started bleeding pretty good (Whit I know this is grossing you out, sorry). I don't know if it was just seeing my own blood or the pain but I was getting very light headed and sick to my stomach. We looked at my finger and could see the bone and vein so we head to ER. We got right in but took awhile before a nurse  came to see me. We were there for awhile and I was STARVING. The nurse finally comes in and gives me 2 options- stitches or glue it shut and I can wear a finger guard because I can't bend it for a week since it's on the joint of my finger and for it to heal. I just wanted to leave and go fix dinner so I chose glue.

                                  Poor finger
Well, I never took off that guard but as you can see it doesn't cover my gash. I guess sometime in the middle of the night the gash came open because I woke up to a gross finger =  ( I made an appointment for tomorrow to see if I need to get stitches because I don't think the glue will hold! I'm not afraid of needles but I've never gotten stitches while I'm awake and there's not much skin on my finger. OH well I just want it to be better because it's quite an inconvenience even though it is my left hand.

We got home from the ER and told Chad and Sarah to come on over because we were hungry. I went ahead and fixed the appetizers I was going to make and this time I got the scissors to open the bacon  = )

                       My yummy sausages wrapped in bacon with brown sugar

We had pork chops, green beans, grilled squash and corn on the cob for dinner. Sarah brought an awesome gluten-free strawberry cheesecake. It was absolutely amazing!

Here's my sweet girl with her first Loofa Dog- she's obsessed!!!

Everyone have a great week. I'm sick of this weather- so ready for Fall and FOOTBALL!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


How was everyone's weekend? Hopefully survived this dreadful summer! I tried to lay out this weekend, well I guess I did for a couple of hours, and OMG I could barely handle it. Of course I got burned as well. I know the sun is different here than other places but since getting home from Jamaica not too long ago I could really tell this time. In Jamaica I could tell I was burning, definitely not here! But the burn is gone now so it's ok (yes I wore sunscreen Big Kara, just maybe not as much as I should've)

I also ate at one of my favorite places this weekend- Table Mesa. I know I've talked about this place before but just have to brag again how good it is. I usually get the chicken curry burrito- sweet but has a little bit of spice to it, and of course a fresh margarita is a must at this place = )

I got my wedding pictures in last week, so that meant I needed to get a big picture frame for our 16X20 picture. I had found some at some stores in Fayetteville but of course they're like $170, ouch I know. I was going to check Hobby Lobby though before I went and bought one of these. I went saturday with my friend Sarah and they were having 50% off their frames. We looked and I wasn't really finding anything until about the last aisle we went down and cha-ching there it was! I love it and it matches our living room perfect!!! This frame was a whopping $25 thanks to the half-off sale = )

            Andrew hasn't hung it up yet- we need to get some wire he says

                          This picture kind of shows the red that's in the frame

Andrew's schedule just changed again so we decided to go out Monday night for a nice dinner at another favorite restaurant. Bordino's!!! I had bought a thing from NWADealPiggy where I spent $25 and got a $50 gift card for there. Now that's a good deal! I got beef rigatoni- mmmmm this meal is the best! Rigatoni pasta with beef tenderloin, green beans, sun-dried tomatoes in a port cream sauce. I'm sure I just made all your mouths water, if not then you're crazy! Andrew got the same but substituted wild boar sausage, which was just as good as mine.

For those of you that know my Nala girl, she's a big ole' baby! 70lb baby! We've been letting her on the bed occasionally and now she wants to be on it every night. Except I think she wants to love the bed, but she'll lay down for 30min max and get up to go lay on her own bed. Even if it's just 1 person in the bed with her, she still has plenty of room but gets down to go to her bed. Well last night I said "Nala go lay down on your bed", oh she hops up on my bed! Silly thing, but it only lasted about 20min.

I tried posting a funny video of Nala girl. But it's taking WAY too long! Maybe next time

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week at a glance

Saturday was a big CrossFitNWA day. I woke up early and did an awesome/unbelievably hard Hero WOD but felt good after it was over. Here's what it was:
Run 1 Mile
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
Run 1 mile
Yes crazy! For lunch everyone had a huge cookout at Memorial Park in Bentonville. Everyone brought some yummy yummy food!
                                  Group picture at the picnic

It was great having a long weekend for the 4th of July. Andrew and I (well Andrew and Jeremy) shot fireworks at Andrew's parents Sunday night and we all ate yummy kabobs and hotdogs! 

                         Jonah/Adrienne watching some fireworks

If you're my friend on facebook I'm sure you've already seen but look what I got!!
Yes they're a little crazy/loud but I LOVE THEM!! I needed a new pair of Uggs and what a great color for HOG FOOTBALL!!! They have royal purple (so cute) too which I was tempted to buy but went for red.

Who's Big Brother fans???? Ok, so I used to make fun of my parents for watching this- because my dad would even watch it and he's not really big into TV shows except for this one and Survivor. Well when I was in grad school and pretty much stuck at home in the summer due to hard classes I'd take breaks and watch this with them. OMG- love this show! It starts tonight and I cannot wait. 

I'm so ready for tomorrow to be Friday even though it's been a short work week- pretty sad huh?
Have a great weekend, try to stay cool in this horrible heat!