Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scored Big!

This weekend I introduced myself to Rhea Lana's. OMG!!! When I pulled into that parking lot and circled about 6 times trying to find a spot AND saw the huge long line of people waiting- I thought to myself "Seriously is this worth it?" I got to go on Saturday afternoon to the Vendor Sale thanks to Big Kara for getting us passes! My mission was to find a glider rocking chair, bassinet and a Medela Breast Pump (I've heard this brand is the best). I've heard from friends it's best to buy a used Pump and just order new accessories if needed b/c way cheaper than buying it new (they're $300 new so I agree!!!!!!!). Well, we were successful and found everything for a total of $140! I was quite please with myself ha, because I'm usually one of those people that will just buy stuff full-price instead of fighting a crowd. I added everything up though if I did buy it new and I would've spent over $500- so all in all a very successful trip.

I got my birthday present early from Andrew and it's the BEST thing ever. He got me this Back N' Belly pillow. It's amazing how much better I sleep and I think Andrew curls up to it after I wake up too ha. I've heard it's really good to have after delivery for the healing process as well. Ladies, if you're pregnant or will be in the future seriously invest in one of these- yes it might be a little pricey when you think about for just a pillow; BUT this is not just any pillow = )

I'm 31 weeks now and Cooper is measuring right on track and I'm feeling great. I have felt some Braxton Hick's but that's normal. Still doing Crossfit and will continue to do it and work hopefully until I go into labor. The nursery is coming along good- we rearranged stuff last night and now just waiting on bedding and some art work for the walls.

October Birch Box- This one was a little different and Goop came up with things for the box. All I really know about Goop is it's a website and a team that finds the best things to have.

I got : Luna Fiber Bar (Chocolate Raspberry, I have yet to try but looks good), Essie gray nail polish, a facial cleanser from Celebrity facialists Joanna Vargas (no I have no clue who she is ha), Liquid Body Cleanser and Naked Princess lip gloss.

Mmmmm....had a break at work so went and got a crepe from Crepes by Paulette- homemade pumpkin butter w/caramel- YUMMY!!!

Ms. Pay (our friends Liz/Mike's Daughter) turned 3 today and we celebrated with her at Chuck-E-Cheese. Happy Birthday Payton!!!

Have a great week

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

And the Hogs pull a win....

WOOHOO!!! The Hogs pulled a win this weekend and I got to experience it with some friends. 6 of us left from Branson, MO Wednesday night and flew into Atlanta; from there we rented a car and drove the 2 1/2hrs. to Auburn, AL. A lot of people have asked why did you fly? Well I'm 7 months pregnant and that would be miserable driving in a car for about 10hrs. and we found a cheap flight. We got in late Wednesday night along with a friend that drove from Fayetteville. Another person came from Tulsa area and met up with us on Thursday. We had a total of 8 and rented a house on a lake for the rest of the week. Some of us also got a little sunburnt at the game because it was like 85* while it was sleeting in NWA!!!

                                Walking into our house

                                     Mine & Whit's room

                     This was the downstairs area

      Out of place- but this brownie/ice cream was heaven on a 80* weather day in Auburn

                       View of the lake from the house

We went and ate at Amsterdam's which is a MUST. I got the fried green tomato w/egg sandwich and it was the best thing!! I could've ate another one for dinner

     Whit & I shared dulce de leche creme brulee- mmmmmmm
                  Watching Braves vs. Cardinals

We all thought this sign was hysterical- really 40.7 mill in debt- I can't imagine!

                             Auburn Stadium- nice but not quite as nice as our stadium

   The eagle that flies before the game- it was pretty cool

We carried around Aubi (the name of their mascot) everywhere with us and took random pictures. It's a ritual now

Andrew worked hard while I was gone and painted the crib for the nursery and put it all together! You can't tell in the picture very well but it's an antique white color and distressed. I LOVE it!! It also makes me feel a little bit better having the crib put together and makes everything seem a lot more REAL as well- can't believe we only have 10 more weeks!!! EEEEEEK! I had my glucose test last week and passed, but my iron is a little low so have to take iron pills along w/my prenatal ones. I start going every 2 weeks now and the Dr. said last week that everything looked good and baby measured with how many weeks I am. The belly has definitely gotten bigger as well! I'll try to remember to post a picture sometime soon (I know I've said this a lot). I've definitely have gotten to the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy b/c everything is EXPANDING!! However, it is my favorite part too because I can feel every time he moves now instead of just the kicking = )

Next up is getting the rest of my fabric this Friday and taking it to Lisa to have it made- I cannot wait to see it all done!

Have a good week!