Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mrs. Woody

That's right it's official FINALLY! I'm Mrs. Kara Glenn Woody.  I haven't officially changed my name yet (ugh dreading the social security office) but I'm going to drop my middle name and use my last name. I haven't had a chance to write out Kara Woody on anything yet- but I know especially with writing my notes for work on my kiddos will be a challenge! 

First, I'm going to put some photos from a Wedding shower I had awhile back at Mermaid's & of Vegas (Bachelorette Party). Kellye had her camera and took a lot for me and made me a CD. Thanks Kellye. PS- there will be lots of pictures for this post
                                                Whit & I before the shower

                                              Bride & Bridesmaids

                                          At XNA- ready for Vegas!!

                                     In the Limo headed to the Wynn

                                            Margaritaville with 100oz rita

                                  The girls in Vegas- minus my mom and Kellye
Mom and I

                                     Our cute shirts = )

                             In front of the waterfall outside of the Wynn

Wedding festivities started Thursday! I asked off work for Thursday & Friday so I could get last minute errands ran. Andrew was off as well so we ran around for awhile on Thursday to get the last of my to-do list done and to get our marriage license = ) I was glad we could do everything in Rogers instead of going to Fayetteville to get our license. 

Friday morning my parents got here pretty early. My mom, Kara W. and I went to Sunny Nails to get our nails/toes done. It was both of their first times to go there and they both liked it- of course, who wouldn't! After that we headed to the Green Bean Cafe. Ok people- if you haven't tried this little cafe in Rogers at Village on the Creeks it's  MUST! I believe they are only open M-F during the day though. They have soups, salads and sandwiches but make everything fresh when you order. It's sooooo good! Anyways, after lunch we all went back to my house to meet Lacey (co-worker) to give her most of everything to decorate for the wedding. Lacey and Sarah were lifesavers for me and decorated for me all day on saturday before the wedding! 

After giving her everything, Kara headed back to Fayetteville to get everything ready for rehearsal night & mom and I headed to SAMs to get plates/forks/napkins because I seriously almost forgot to get this stuff for the reception. Um...yes...that would've been interesting trying to eat everything! After getting those we headed to Fayetteville to the check-in at the Cosmopolitan to get ready for rehearsal dinner. (Now more photos from Kellye. Bethany Hill was my photographer- she's great/easy to work with, can't wait to see her pics from the wedding)!!
                                My beautiful bridesmaids

After rehearsing for the "big day" everyone went over to Bordino's for the rehearsal dinner. We had the room upstairs that had the balcony overlooking Dickson St. It was a bit rainy that night (well on weekend ha) but it wasn't pouring down yet! The dinner was delicious (thanks barbara and clay)! Everyone had a salad and then I had the chicken fettucini of course! We also had petit fors that were delicious as well. After dinner, some of us girls went downstairs to have some tini's and went to Buster's for a bit. It started raining pretty hard and getting late so we all went back to get some rest for the big day!
Saturday we all woke up around 9-9:30 to start getting ready! I woke up feeling good, not nervous or anything = )
                                     Watching and waiting for my turn to get ready

About halfway through everyone getting ready, I really wanted to go to the Town Center to see how it was looking. 
                               Whit with Andrew's cake ha

                                             Giving the fish kisses

                                       Make-up time

                       The aisle runner I ordered for the ceremony


                                   Love my cake

              We used lights from Event Production Group (Richard)- he was great to work with

This is when I started getting nervous- once I actually got to the Town Center and started getting dressed

                           Here comes the red eyes- please ignore

                                            Jonah and I 
                 Only time you'll ever see my dad in a tux!


                                                Gotta have a fun photo

                                               Andrew and his parents

                                                Kellye and I

                                     Some BFF from high school

                                         Picture of the reception room

Everything went great that day! No big surprises or anything- which was good = ) Towards the end of the night (around 9) I had Cody (from Dickson Street) bring us some hot dogs!! If you don't know me, then you don't understand my love for hot dogs. Most of you are probably saying oooo gross- but I LOVE them!!! And yes I got some on my wedding night = ) Thanks Cody!!!

That night it was pouring down rain- I was so thankful I had everything at one place and somewhere that had a parking deck! No one had to get wet at all from the rain! Andrew and I went back to the Cosmopolitan for the night. We will be going on our honeymoon to Jamaica the end of June. I CANNOT WAIT! Thanks everyone who made it to the wedding- I had a blast and thought it everything was perfect!!

Try to stay dry the rest of week!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Party like a Rockstar!

Geez- I didn't do my weekly blog last week so I have a lot of catching up to do!! A couple of weeks ago we had another amazing potluck at work. This time the theme was Easter lunch! I made some pinwheels with turkey/cheese/roma tomatoes/avocados- OMG they were so good! We also had rotisserie chicken, deviled eggs, green bean casserole, some other casseroles and lots of desserts!

            This is the most amazing/fatening dessert EVER!! I need to make it sometime!

Andrew and I have been putting off getting his ring. Don't ask why- it hasn't been on purpose just been busy or on our days off together we've had other things planned. Well we went one Sunday to look at the Promenade but didn't find anything. Andrew went the next on his day off to where he got my ring. He found one he thought he might like and ordered it. He ended up really liking it and bought it- which was a better deal than any of the other ones we saw and I loved it! I was bored one night and took pictures of our bands together   = ) I know I'm a dork

Andrew's aunt Darcy threw him a "tool wedding shower". It was a great night with some family and close friends and great food! Here's a couple of pictures that I took of the food = )
                                 These mini cheesecakes were soooo good

                                  I look weird- but they're sweet puppy

This past week I got my 1st spray tan EVER! I was very scared and nervous. I usually just fake bake (I know I know, it's very bad for me). Well I got one done before Vegas and LOVED IT! I was sooo dark! I had a person do it, not a machine. If you want a good one, I went to Studio 8 in Fayetteville and she did great! Thursday my bridesmaids, mom, Drew (girl I went to college with) and Kellye (whit's mom) headed to Vegas!!! All of us flew together except for Big Kara and Drew. Drew got to the airport right before all of us and Big Kara got to Vegas later Thursday night. As soon as we landed, we headed to the Casino's and started having a good time. I didn't take my camera because realized it was broke right before I was leaving!!! I had my phone though and knew Kellye would have a camera- so I'll have to post more pictures whenever I get pictures from them = ) Here's quite a few though.

                                         I think this was inside Palazzo

   Some guy was selling these roses on the side of the road- my mom thought I needed one = )

                                         Kara, Whit and I in a casino

                      Kellye, Drew, Janae and I at casino

 Bahaha- mom and I hysterically laughing beause we took about 6 pictures like this trying to get a good one

                                                 Having some fun

                                      Getting ready to hit up Margaritaville

                                                Our 100oz margarita
After Margaritaville we went to Pure- got our drinks and were invited to VIP area- where as my title says it all "Partied like Rockstars". Such a great fun night!!!

Next day, we pretty much took it easy. Saturday night we got all ready in our tanks to celebrate my Bachelorette Party. We went to eat at a Mexican Restaurant that wasn't the greatest. I didn't feel very well so we ended up just going back to the Wynn (where we stayed).

                                            Posing with my very pretty veil

Ready for dinner

                                 View of the golf course from our room

 Saturday morning we got up early and went to the Premium Outlet Malls. Afterwards we hit up the pool for the first time during the trip.
                                   Love the Wynn's pool

                                          Yummy drinks

                                             Whit, Kara and I

                                                    Another view of the pool

After we got done laying out, we all got ready for a great dinner at Tao and then everyone went to see The Lion King (except for Big Kara and Drew- they've both seen it 2x). I saw it in May but saw it again. I love it and loved it just as much this time. After the play I really wanted to go to Bellagio because they have a gorgeous flower garden that's always decorated. We walked the strip there and went into the Cosmopolitan (a new casino that opened about 6 months ago).
   A very pretty hotel with chandeliers BUT way too noisy!! If you're up for partying the WHOLE time this is your place! It was crazy!!

                                    Another view

Here's picture from the flower garden in Bellagio

                                           So pretty and smelled amazing

Our flight left super early sunday morning = ( It was horrible I was exhausted and don't sleep well on planes as it is! There was horrible turbulence landing and I thought I was going to get sick! But we had a great trip! Thanks everyone that went and thanks for everything!

I can't believe the wedding is almost here!! I'm working til Wednesday this week and then have lots of do. I've been making a to-do list all week long! Lots of it isn't major stuff just getting all my stuff ready for the actual day when getting ready. Hope everyone has a great week!