Monday, November 18, 2013

11 Months!!

Oh Cooper, how can it be that you're already 11 months old! I know I've said it before but you sure have made life more exciting and more precious. You're daddy and I are quite in love with you and constantly talk about how sweet and cute you are. You've become even more of a charmer and sweetie (if that's possible) and lots of people comment on it.

You've had a big month- some facts:

  • clapping, either with songs (pat-a-cake) or when someone says "yay"
  • started imitating- it's not consistent but being a speech therapist it makes me proud and a good start; some words- ba for ball, mama, dada, baba for sheep sound, hi, bye, ay for yay when clapping
  • started pointing to things
  • wave hi & bye
  • starting to understand "no" quite well considering you hear it a lot = ) you're into EVERYTHING!
  • understanding spanish songs and words- my favorite of course is "beseetos" (sp?) which is kiss, we say it quite often = ) and yes you understand lots of english songs/words
  • you now have more than 1 tooth!! woohoo!!!! you have 3 now!!! and one is coming in I believe because the drooling is out of hand and I can feel something on the top
  • started making bottles with whole milk and formula to transition when you're 1- we tried it one time to see how you would do and you got diarrhea pretty bad so I figured we need to transition slower and longer so started early
  • finally transitioned to a big boy car seat- it's still backwards but probably not for long because you're poor legs are scrunched up
  • you're still a good eater for the most part, but you have your nights when you're a little toot and eat a tiny bit then just spit it out- mostly veggies- you will like your veggies ha!
  • you're in 12 months or 12-18 months clothes and size 4 diapers
  • you're schedule is pretty much the same: 7:15am wake up bottle/breakfast, nap around 9ish (sometimes if we're busy you might skip this nap but have been good with skipping it thank goodness), bottle/lunch 11:30-12, nap around 2, snacks when you wake up, dinner at 6:30ish bath right after, story time and bedtime bottle at 7:30. You still nap very well- yes there are some days where the nap could be 45min-1hr. but you usually sleep close to 2hrs. on naps
  • had your first sickness- strept throat =  ( I'm just glad I took you in because I thought it was just sinuses- being sick did not stop you from playing hard though
  • experienced your first Halloween and you loved it- loved trick-or-treating at Daddy's work and with friends
  • played with pumpkin guts and loved it too- you kept wanting to eat the guts but we wouldn't let you and you would get mad ; )
  • blow raspberries at everyone and everything
  • you like to be held more because you'll crawl to us and tug and hold you arms up and yell until we pick you up

                Daddy give me that candy!
       Daddy let's go I need to get my candy
          Cooper and his little girlfriend Blakely
       Sweet friends- Paxton, Blakely and Cooper- she has many boys to choose from = )

             Leon and Cooper's first Halloween, Blakely's 2nd
          Hanging out with daddy at Cabella's- they do this quite a bit

 Pawpaw decided to give me half of his cookie- surprisingly you didn't even take a bite. I think you were in shock that he gave it to you

   Your 11 month photo was almost impossible to get- you kept rolling around in your chair