Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy 3 months!

I cannot believe our baby boy is 3 months old!! I'm about to start my 4th week back to work and it definitely doesn't feel like I've been back to work that long! Time needs to sloooowww down = )

To Cooper: You're such an easy-going, sweet boy. There's nothing better than waking up to your smiling face. Your daddy and I cannot get enough of you. We love you so much!

Cooper is sleeping through the night now in his crib. I figured out the diaper and waking up at 2am routine. My SIL had said how she double diapered her first son during the night. Cooper is in size 1 diapers so I put a size 2 diaper around that and it fixed the problem =  ) He doesn't wake up anymore because his diaper has soaked through- YAY!! He's still not consistent on a wake up time. It ranges from 5am-6am and sometimes I have to wake him up to feed him before I take him to the babysitter. My favorite thing is going into Cooper's room in the mornings and seeing him so happy and smiling!

Andrew had to go out of town this past week for work and I had a conference in LR on Thursday. So Cooper had his first overnight stay at his great aunt Darcy's house. I was sad but it was better than taking him to her house at 4am = ) She said he did great.

Now just some pictures-
                  Those crazy eyebrows
           I thought this looked funny- daddy being silly
 I finally got some frames for some of the newborn pictures- now to decide where to hang them. It's crazy how much he has changed
Cooper loves going to the gym and watching everyone workout and he gets tons of attention =)

 Daddy helps a lot in the mornings while I get ready for work ha- they love sleeping together

 Grandpa was in town and Cooper told him lots of stories

Uh-oh, the babysitter sent this to me a week ago. Sweet picture but the Speech Pathologist in me is screaming "TAKE THAT THUMB OUT OF YOUR MOUTH" =)

We introduced Sophie the giraffe to keep us from sucking on our thumb ; )

We spent some time at MiMi and Papa's (Andrew's parents) house this weekend because MiMi got to come home- YAY!!! She went and saw Dr. Travis at Highland in Rogers on Friday and got better news than they thought they would. Her bone marrow biopsy came back and the leukemia is curable rather than just treatable like they thought. Dr. Travis said she still needs to go through another chemo round but maybe just a 5-day one instead of a 7-day one. She will be leaving this week to go back to LR for this treatment- please keep her in your prayers for a quick recovery and NO complications (which happened the last round chemo) and that the chemo works and she gets to come home very soon!!!
  Cousin time with Jude who is a month older- it was cute watching them coo to each other
 I had to post this picture- little man is tired and cranky! He didn't get very good naps in today- he pokes out his bottom lip and it's so pitiful but so cute at the same time. This wasn't the best picture of it but I'm going to keep trying ha! He'll go from a smile to poking out the bottom lip and let out a cry- it's quite hysterical! He wants to be happy so bad but wants to cry too.

Happy 3 months sweet boy (he looks so much bigger in this picture!!) We love you sooo much- I can't imagine life without you
At 3 months- you're sleeping through the night, bringing toys up to your mouth, had your first over-night stay, sucked your thumb, eating formula mixed with breastmilk (2oz of each), laughing & cooing tons, growing out of almost all 0-3 month clothes

The weather is getting nicer and I love it!! Enjoy the nice weather (with the exception of today).

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Survived & Randomness!

Well I started back to work on Monday the 25th. I was kind of excited to go back because my work moved offices and the new one is sooooo NICE and I hadn't gotten to work in it yet. Little Cooper actually got to spend the whole day with his daddy since he was off work so it wasn't too bad knowing he was with him. Don't get me wrong I missed my boy but I was like ok this isn't too bad. Andrew even sent me a picture = )

Then Tuesday we took him to the sitter for half a day and daddy went and picked him up. Well then Wednesday hit and it was Cooper's first full day at the sitter and it was different then- I worried about if he was doing ok and how he was. His sitter is sweet and sent me a picture of him which made my day = ) Thursday it hit me big time and I cried- I don't know why it hit me later in the week but it just hit me and I realized this isn't like just leaving him for a bit, it's leaving him everyday and I don't get to spend all day/everyday with him! I got another picture Thursday from my friend Early (her mom watches Cooper for us). Anyways we did survive and it'll take some adjustment but I look forward to weekends even more now and spending more time with my sweet boy = )

Cooper and I went to Conway this weekend to visit my parents and I had a wedding to go to on Saturday in LR. Cooper did GREAT driving to Conway and back home! I just fed him and we left right after and he slept the whole way, which made it very nice! He had a great time with Nana & Grandpa and got a bunch of goodies from them.

It's sideways but Cooper loves his new toy from nana/gpa- it sounds like a rainmaker

Saturday I met up with Big Kara and her husband/daughter for our friend Drew's wedding! She was a gorgeous  bride and so was the wedding!

Drew's husband is a Dr. so instead of doing a grooms cake they did a shot bar. (That's a "K" for their last name but it got cut off) I thought it was such a cute idea and really pretty. It's hard to tell but there's a stethoscope frozen inside and fruit/glasses
On Friday, Andrew watched Cooper while I worked in the morning since he didn't go to Conway with us. He sent me this picture of Cooper and wrote "too soon?"
 Ha, check out Nala too, she's like "ummm, what's wrong with him"- Andrew said he thinks he would've liked it but he was hungry in this picture too.
So today we thought we'd try it again and he LOVES it- his feet just don't quite touch yet. Next time we'll have to put stuff under his feet- we just bounced him for awhile in it to see if he liked it.
I still can't believe how time flies by and how big Cooper is getting. He can't wear any NB clothes anymore and wears 0-3 month clothes and some 3-month ones. He's such a happy baby = )

**So I have question for mommy's out there or daddy's- Cooper is pretty much sleeping through the night now except for waking up at 2am. However, all I do is change his diaper (b/c soooo full) and put him back down and he crashes. I don't really know how to stop that 1 middle night wake-up to where he sleeps through the night- not that I'm complaining because he's a great sleeper.
 I don't want to NOT change his diaper b/c it's always so full and I don't want him getting a diaper rash- but I'm afraid if he gets used to waking up at 2am he always will for a very long time- maybe not though? Anyways- this ever happen to anyone or what did you do?

Now just random picture time!

I bought these closet dividers from Etsy- makes Cooper's closet much more organized with clothing sizes = )

 Watching momma get ready- I know they're gonna be best buds when Cooper gets older
 A night out with friends for passing the Nurse Exam and starting a new job! Woohoo Amber! We went to 21c Museum Hotel- if you're up the Bentonville area I recommend it. They have these green penguins everywhere and like for people to move them around the place anywhere you want. Yes, it gets quite interesting!

Well here goes another week of work and taking Cooper to the sitter = ) Come on weekend ha! Have a great week