Sunday, July 15, 2012

Playing Catch up!

Yes, I've been MIA lately. I feel like I've been busy but nothing really worth blogging over = ) So this will just be a short sweet, catch up post!

As most of you already know Andrew and I are expecting our first baby! He/She is due December 20th (yes, a Christmas baby which I get a lot). We find out the sex on August 14th, but probably won't announce it to everyone until the next week b/c having a Gender Reveal party for family. I'm 17 weeks right now and have felt great- yes I was nauseous the first trimester but never got sick which I'm so thankful for!!!
A lot of people ask if I still do Crossfit and yes I do. My doctor was perfectly fine with me continuing working out and encouraged it. I can do everything that I've been doing except for sit-ups so I substitute those with something else. However, this baby is already sitting on my bladder so like when I'm running a mile it's not too fun AT ALL!!!
We don't care if we have a boy or a girl just a healthy baby! Yes there's blue on the picture below but remember I'm obsessed with blue and either way the nursery will have blue in it = )

This was our 12-week ultrasound. We got to hear the heartbeat at our 16-week appointment and it was at a strong 150.

My friend Sarah got her hair chopped off during the LPGA tour at the John Q Hammons center. Her father recently got diagnosed with cancer and she wanted to do it for him. I went with her and it was fun to watch all the people getting their hair cut off and re-did for such a great program. Sarah got tons cut off and it looks so good!

Last weekend I went to Dallas with Andrew. He was getting certified to be a Crossfit trainer and I just layed out and shopped = ) I found a Lululemon Store and it was like opening presents on Christmas morning = ) They have the best workout clothes for any of you that are wondering what this store is- yes it's a little pricey but I believe you're getting your money's worth! I got some goodies and love them!

Mmmm...I've been eating tons of these thanks to Andrew's grandma's garden and his mom getting them to me! Nothing is better than homegrown tomatoes!

Everyone have a great week!