Friday, February 15, 2013

2 Months!

Wow our sweet boy is already 2 months old. I know what people are talking about now when they say "They grow up fast" because I wish I could slow it down already ha! Cooper has had quite a busy time since the last time I blogged. The sicknesses seem to have gone down a bit so we've been getting out a little bit more and I've gotten better/faster at getting that carseat in/out of the car = ) I think Crossfit has helped some in that department too though.
Sorry to some of your who have already seen these pictures before (facebook, instagram) but I want to add them to my blog too because I've heard you can make a book out of your blog posts. I'm going to try to do that at the end of the year.  So here goes the picture galore...

 Nana came to vist about a week ago and we decided to head to the Fayetteville Mall. First we had to stop at Mojito's for a bite to eat (Benton County people we're getting one here too YAY). It was my first time using the stroller and figuring out how to open/collapse it down after we were done at the mall. Just picture me and my mom standing outside trying to get a stroller to collapse to put in the trunk- we kept dying laughing at ourselves! Mom finally got it though (it didn't take that long). Cooper did amazing that day. He got fussy while at SAMs and I opened up the tent cover and he just wanted to look around- he likes to know what's going on = )
I decided to use my Moby (sp?) wrap the other day. Poor Nala girl hasn't been getting to go on as many walks lately so instead of trying to walk Nala and use the stroller I pulled out this thing. By the time I figured out how to wrap it and with Cooper snug in it the temperature dropped a little bit so we didn't go very far AT ALL- Nala was still pooped though = ) Cooper I think absolutely loved it because he passed out immediately (I guess so snugged like he was in the womb again). My friend came over and brought her boyfriend's dog (Jax) and he loved Cooper's swing so I had to add the picture- he climbed up in it all by himself and fell asleep.

So the top picture is me and the bottom one if Andrew. Then the other two are of course Cooper- I can see him in both of us- what do you guys think? Andrew of course says it's all him (I think a lot of it is) but I think are smiles are similar too = )
 Sweet boy you make the best facial expressions when we have our talking/singing time. You've recently been trying to help us with your bottle and Nala loves her little brother and is always watching over you.
Your 2-month appointment was on Valentines Day and it went great. Dr. said everything looked great and you're perfect. I'm doing the alternate shot schedule so you only had to take one 1 shot with a needle and the other was medicine. You cried a little bit during the shot but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. You are now weighing 11-pounds, 8-ounces (54th %) and 23" long (46th %). 
                    2 Months old on Valentine's Day

        Our little Valentine and little turtle from mommy/daddy
At 2 months:

  • You're talking up a storm! You will sit on our laps and coo/smile tons. We like to say "ooooo" back and forth to each other and "agooo"
  • You're doing great with head control and can control for minutes- never timed you but you have great control for awhile. We also still try to add in that tummy time everyday 
  • You're still sleeping great in your crib- you take your last bottle around 9ish (5-6 oz of breastmilk) and wake up around 2-3 then again around 6ish but you'll usually go right back to sleep for a little bit. Right now since we don't have to get up early I'll usually come get you and lay you in bed with me and we sleep in =) You're quite the snuggle bunny and like to sleep in. 
  • You'll usually wake up around 9-10 and then you're awake and ready to talk and play
  • We heard your first giggle on 2/10/13 and it was precious. It's not consistent but you've done it 3x
  • You're quite the hair puller and will grasp toys we put in your hands
  • You're getting more interested in toys and will just stare at them and you are a squirmer
  • You fight your sleep during the day- you'll be so tired but just fight it
  • You're such a happy boy and we love you so much! 
On a different note: Andrew started a new job at Benton County working as a detective on the Gang Task Force Unit- they work close with the DUI team and K-9 for drugs. He works 4 days and has off 3 days. He's been there for 2 weeks now and is loving it!

Andrew's mom just got done with her 7-day chemo, now it's just a waiting game to see when her counts will come back up and for her to start feeling good before she gets to come home = ) 

I think I've caught up on everything now  = ) 
Have a good day!