Thursday, May 31, 2012

Food and Concerts

This past weekend a TV show on Food Network (The Great Food Truck Race) came to Fayetteville. I've never seen this tv show but my friend Big Kara told me about it but I just kind of blew it off. Well then my mom calls me and is so excited because they're coming but I had planned on going canoeing Saturday morning so she kind of blew it off too.

Well, I hope up Saturday morning with a burning throat (stupid allergies) so slept in longer and decided to go to Farmer's Market in Fayetteville with Big Kara and her husband Dale to see what all the hype was about these food trucks. OMG they're were amazing!! If you know me well then you know food coming out of trailer/truck is soooo my kind of thing too!

Mom was super jealous so she decided to drive down that afternoon and then I found out when she already closer to Fayetteville than Conway that the trucks were not selling food again until 1am, YES 1AM on Dickson. We said why not we'll do it- NEVER AGAIN! We didn't get home until 3:30 and I'm just too old for that now ha! However, we did get to try some good food though and experience it all. Big Kara & I got interviewed too so we could be on the show = )

             Best chocolate french toast EVER

These guys are from California and have won every week- so I had to get a picture in case they win the show and he becomes famous = )

   Crazy lines and yes I stood in one for an hour!!!

      My sweet Nala being lazy with me on Saturday

Last night I went to the Cheap Trick & Aerosmith concert thanks to my BFF Whit. They both played really good and I'd go see Aerosmith again in a heartbeat- they were amazing!
                         "I want you to want me"

                 Steven Tyler singing away

                            "Dream On"

There's a lot coming up with my best friend's wedding and our TEAMworks Ukraine golf tournament.
Pray for safe travels for 3 ladies from my work leaving for Ukraine this Saturday.

Have a great weekend

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Janae Bachelorette

My friend Janae is getting married June 9th, so this past weekend some of us girls headed to KC to celebrate with her. We stayed down by plaza and did some shopping and ate yummy food! For her bachelorette night we went to Howl at the Moon (Piano Bar) and had some fun. Here's some pictures from my phone

                    Get ready for some yummy food pictures!

                        Melting Pot was amazing!!!

                               Mmmm....brunch at Cheesecake Factory


We had a little lingerie shower and some snacks before going out Saturday night.

     Janae was excited about her gift = ) Always gotta get a gag gift

                              ~Pretty bride to be~

                   I don't like sushi AT ALL- but it's so pretty!

                         I love dumplings though = )

The piano bar was really fun, and they had some great musicians playing the fiddle, drums, keyboard and piano

Everyone have a great week

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Complete randomness

This post is just like the title- RANDOM!!

My mom came into town this past weekend and we hit up the Bentonville Farmer's Market saturday morning just to get CREPES!! Yes that's right- I love crepes and more people need to start making them  = ) If you live around Bville area check out Crepes by Paulette- he has a website and facebook page too but he's open 3 days a week and I'll be making more trips to him now. They were amazing!

Left crepe- mine= strawberry & nutella; right crepe- pecan pie

I'm an awful mom to Nala and don't buy her many toys. For one because she destroys EVERYTHING! She's so rough with toys even the big ones that say indestructible! Yeah right not to Nala. Well my mom always buys her toys, because yes she loves them! We were at Kohl's and they had big stuff animals for cheap so Nala got one! Well Nala loves it and she's had it since Saturday and it's still in 1 PIECE! That's record for her!!! My mom thinks that she hasn't torn it to shreds since there's not a squeaker in it.

I hope all my friends had a great mother's day. My mom got me a mother's day gift b/c I am a mom to my nala girl. Someone guess what it is?

Any guesses?? Yeah I didn't think so- My very own HOT DOG STEAMER!!! Now you can die laughing = ) Yes I love hot dogs- however I've converted to turkey dogs (turkey everything really unless I'm eating a steak). I don't know where she saw it but it had great reviews so she bought us both one. I used it tonight and I LOVE IT! So much better than cooking it in the microwave. It's pretty funny because when it's done steaming the hot dogs it barks! Nala was freaking out and didn't understand. I think my mom got it off Amazon just in case anyone would want one = ) 

Some co-workers are leaving very soon to go to Ukraine to try to build better relationships with an Orphanage. We went to this Orphanage last year but only for a day. They are in desperate need for guidance and prayer. Please think about them and pray for safety and to be able to build a great relationship with everyone there and the caregivers are open to different therapy activities to help the kids there. 

We're also having our Golf Tournament again on Saturday June 16 at Stonebridge Golf Course. If you would like to help, donate or play golf go to http://birdeasepro.com/TEAMworks. 

Have a great week