Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another week, another post!

That time to post again about my week, and it will have LOTS of pictures, so get excited = )

First, who's excited for the Oscar's tonight! I cannot wait, I love seeing what everyone is wearing and who wins everything of course! I always watch the Oscar's but for some reason this year I'm really excited about it- weird I know.

This week was great, didn't really do much except for stick to my workout routine at CrossFit- which about KILLED me!!! But it felt good to stick with it.  I went out to look at the house on Thursday after work. They put up CABINETS! Yay!!! Here's some pictures....
                                The guest bathroom cabinets- it looks tiny in this picture

Majority of the kitchen cabinets- couldn't get them all in picture

                                 Foggy picture- but cabinets in master bathroom

                                  They put tile around the fireplace
They have also started bricking the house!! They have the back done and one side of the house. YAY!! Sorry I don't have pictures, I just drove by and saw it! Hopefully painters got to come in this weekend and paint, they were behind on a job in Ft. Smith so don't know if they made it or not. Andrew and I will probably go look later on today.

Friday after work I went to Sunny Nails and got some fake nails put on- I figured I'd just do it now since I have bridal portraits coming up and I'm pretty busy next couple of weekends. I came home to Andrew making some lasagna! YUMMY- I was wondering if he bought like a Stouffer's one but no he made it- um yeah I just don't have those skills to make lasagna form my head! We had some turkey so we had turkey lasagna- it was so good!! And of course I had to take a picture! 

Saturday was a very busy day! I went to Applebee's that morning with Whitney to eat a pancake breakfast to help support Big Kara's daughter's cheer team. It was very yummy- after that we headed to Target and the mall for some shopping for wedding stuff. We went and ate lunch at Louie's. Then we headed to Impressions, where I found my bracelet for the wedding. I've found one at David's Bridal I really liked, but this one was so pretty!! 
                          I love how it has lots of different colors when it sparkles

We also went to Rifraff on the square, but I didn't see anything I couldn't live without. At 3:30 we headed to meet Kara W. to try on bridesmaid dresses for her wedding. BUT first, we had to stop at Shake's. I got the usual fudge brownie that I get every time I got to Andy's. I have to admit Andy's is way better than Shake's!! Whitney got a brown cow and check out her straw in this drink! It's huge!!
                                   Yes, it's huge, we thought it was funny

The bridesmaid dresses for Kara's wedding are very pretty! I'm excited because after my wedding, we get to continue the wedding festivities for her wedding = ) Busy and fun year!

My bridesmaids got there shoes in from David's Bridal and I love the color. I'm glad we went with those instead of the "Kara Pumps" from Paris Hilton I found online- I think those would've been to turquoise instead of tiffany blue. The bows we got for our hair match the shoe color as well. Next, I just need to get the guy's fitted for tuxes and try to match blue. That should be fun and hard ha. Other than that, I'm done with wedding stuff- oh besides buying candy for the candy favor table. Which I've bought quite a bit already!

Ok, so there is running joke between my mom and I. She keeps e-mailing me this picture of a monkey dip dish thing she said she got for me for my wedding gift. You know that crazy monkey that is really popular right now in pictures. Well I'm about to show you if you don't know. I saw this picture at Impression's and asked my mom to get the picture for me to match my dip dish. haha- Sorry if someone has this picture- it's not hideous just very different!

Haha, do you know what I'm talking about now. I'm just waiting for her to really give me that dip dish or something as a joke- you never know with my mom. I'm excited because next weekend is my first bridal shower. Mom is coming to town- yay can't wait!!! It'll be a fun weekend!

Everyone have a great week! Hopefully it's nice weather for us, I'm ready for it!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

We have a garage and tile!!

Yep you read it right we have a garage on the house and they've laid all the tile! I know you're all super excited = ) Well I am, so here's some pictures to show. We went and looked at it saturday with Andrew's parents and little Jonah

                                     The tile in the kitchen
Next they should start putting the cabinets in the kitchen- they were all laying in the garage I should've taken a picture- but they were wrapped too- so that would've been pointless ha! They are a little delayed on laying the brick due to the bad weather we've had. But I think we're still shooting for March 15th! I would love it if it happened then!!!

Now go back to my week- didn't really do much at all actually = ) It was kind of nice not having to be somewhere on certain nights. Thursday night Andrew and I were going to make some burritos with some chicken we hadn't used it. Well Andrew started opening it up and cutting it when he said "Does this chicken spell funny to you?" I walked over and OMG it was horrible- it spelled like rotten eggs or boiled eggs, it was so weird. I'm like we are NOT eating that! Ugghh it wasn't event suppose to go bad until this week. GROSS- so instead we headed to Flying burrito to get our burritos = ) We had pretty much nothing else in the house to cook.

Friday I went and met with a different guy to do the lighting for my reception. I'm pretty sure I'll use this one instead of one I've talked about in previous posts. This guy was more professional and he was nice. I've heard he's good and the cheapest around town- so that's a MAJOR plus in my book = ) It's crazy how close to the wedding day it's getting!! I'M READY!!!

Saturday I went to a baby shower for one of my sorority sisters. She's having twins and is the cutest thing ever, definitely doesn't look like she's having twins- she's tiny = ) It was great getting to see friends and catch up! Here's a group shot I stole off Facebook of us all at the baby shower = )

After the baby shower I went and met Kara W. at David's Bridal- her wedding dress came in YAY!! It was gorgeous! And we also saw Maggie (another friend) and I got to see her ring and her wedding dress she picked, which is gorgeous too.
After all the festivities I met my friend Sarah P. at the movies to see King's Speech. It was pretty good, but I wouldn't go see it again. I probably appreciated it better since I'm a Speech Therapists. After that we met up with the boys and went to dinner at Red Robin (Chad's favorite restaurant). Oh and of course Andy's Custard was next on the list.

Today I went to CrossFit, and I definitely did the hardest workout of my life. It was miserable, but worth it when it was all over! It was a team workout, and a girl from my work was my partner. I couldn't have done it without her pushing me- yes it was that bad!! We were both wondering why we thought that workout would be a good idea ha- but it was AFTER it was done!

Has everyone heard about all the earthquakes Central AR is getting? My parents have been feeling some of them and decided to get earthquake insurance- don't blame them! They've had around 5 just last week! Craziness
Everyone have a great week, ending the post with a picture of my sweet Nala girl- surprise surprise- she loves looking out the window.
Have a great week!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beautiful Day

This week has been nuts followed by a gorgeous weekend! It's starting to feel like Spring besides seeing all the snow on the ground ha- but it's suppose to be nice for awhile so hopefully NO MORE SNOW!!!

I finally got to go to work for a little bit on Friday and saw some clients on saturday too. It was so nice to get back to see my clients- and hoping for a normal schedule starting next week! I'm sure everyone is ready for that by now = )

After I saw clients on saturday I went over to big Kara's to meet the other bridesmaids (minus whit she's still sick, yuck) so medium Kara (andrew's sister, this is her new name b/c too many Kara's) could practice on our hair. She practiced on mine first and she did great work picking out a hairstyle for me. She would ask me what I want, but if you know me I'm not a very picky or particular girl, so she had to give me options but I'm just like whatever. But I love what we ended up with = ) The bridesmaids hair will be different than mine of course and looks very cute! And with the hairpieces we ordered from Etsy for their hair, it'll look great!!! I felt bad because I had to rush out of there to get home and get ready for Andrew and I's Valentine's dinner.
Friday night we decided to go somewhere nice to eat on Saturday night to celebrate since he had the day off.  We called Bonefish (our favorite) but they were booked, so we called Basil's. It's a restaurant across the street from Bonefish. Let's just say I probably won't go back. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't amazing either for the price we paid. I had a chicken breast dish and andrew had a pork pasta dish. I liked the chicken but after I saw our bill, I was like yeah not worth it. ha, the tini's weren't the best either- but it's ok we had good company = ) After that we went over to Bonefish to see if there were seats at the bar but it was PACKED- so we went to Eddie Haskell's for about an hour. My friend Sarah M. is the event coordinator there and she was there with her husband and dad.  There was a live band and it was pretty crowded, but we had fun.

                                      At Eddie Haskell's

Today Andrew and I went over to look at the house- they've done a lot on it since we went Friday night. They finished on the dry wall, so it's coming along good = ) I took lots of pictures today so here goes the picture galore!!!
                                                 The Garage

                                                 Laundry Room

                                          Master Bedroom

Boxed-up ceiling in master bedroom- my favorite

                                              One view of living room

                                   Another view of the living room
  In kitchen- I guess this is the only pic I got of the kitchen for some reason, but it overlooks the living room

                                       Front guest bedroom

                      Not a very good view and messy ha, but guest bathroom

                       View of the kitchen from living room

The pictures of the other guest rooms were too dark, couldn't see anything- bummer but it's ok! I guess they're still shooting for March 15th!! It'll be here soon!

Since Andrew and I were already out and it was close to dinner time, I decided to just eat Andy's for dinner ha- told you nae that I eat it sometimes for dinner = ) It was quite tasty as well.
Everyone have a great week, hopefully the weather stays good!

Another great part besides seeing the house today- when I got home, Andrew and I booked our HONEYMOON!!! YAY YAY YAY- We booked it through Sandals and will be going to Jamaica- I'm so excited, I've always wanted to go there. We're actually going to the same place as my friend April did, so I'm glad to get good feedback, I was hesitant but I'm sure all of the resorts are awesome! Sandals is having a great deal right now on their resorts, so if you want to go on an all-inclusive trip go check it out = ) We're still not going to go right after the wedding due to house and Andrew's schedule at work, but we'll be going in June. Both of us have never been out of the US so it'll be an exciting trip!

Hope the weather stays great throughout the week for everyone!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Storm 2011

Wow this weather is crazy! I don't know the official amount that we got here in Rogers but I think around 20 inches or so. Here's one picture of a foot on the back porch. We definitely got more than this though in other areas.

Here's some more pictures of the snow yesterday

                                       Poor patio chairs

                        Poor Nala girl was a little unsure at first trying to find a spot to use the bathroom!
                                         She ended up loving it though

Andrew and I wanted some more White chicken chili yesterday, so we went to Wal-Mart to get some stuff. We were surprised to see that the road crews had been out clearing the roads. The main roads were still a little slick since so much snow was compacted down on them and with the freezing temps. But we got everything we needed and the chili was just as good as last time!

        One of the many snow piles at Wal-Mart, they were still grating the parking lot when we were there

                      All the semi's, there were way more but scattered all around

Monday night my bridesmaids (minus whit b/c she has the flu) were on a mission for some material to make hairpieces for their hair. We found some cute stuff from JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby, but decided to stick with the stuff from JoAnn's.  Well that night big Kara sent me an e-mail of hairpieces she found on Etsy. They're sooo cute!! So were going to forget everything we bought ha, and go with the ones on Etsy. I liked them so much that I got one too that I'll wear it for the reception! Sorry no picture, you'll have to wait and see at wedding!

Well no work for me yesterday or today! I got a lot of reports done for work yesterday though. So at least I was productive- I also did a great workout in case any of you get bored. 4 rounds for time: 25 push-ups (can use knees if can't do regular push-up), 25 squats, 25 sit-ups, 25 lunges. It's hard but it's a GOOD one!!! I don't know what I'm going to do today, maybe I'll start packing up some stuff. = )

I don't have any new pictures of the house- Andrew has been out there and taken pics. but they're all on his phone. They've put insulation in, and have a pretty good start on the dry-wall. I think they have all the siding on the outside too. There will be siding above the garage and on one other part, the rest will be brick. I doubt they worked on it yesterday, don't really know about today. But I'm sure this weather pushed us back maybe a week.

Hope everyone has a great snow day! Here's another picture of my nala girl passed out last night = )



Sunday, February 6, 2011

Game Day!

Well SOME snow has melted- actually I guess a lot has. The roads are pretty clear except for back roads. Gosh and I hear we're suppose to get more- come on now, we've had plenty- I'M DONE! When I have to stay home due to snow I'm just lazy instead of productive! If I have snow days this week that needs to change ha.

This weather is messing up my week plans. I got my dad tickets for Christmas to go see Harlem Globetrotters in Little Rock on Tuesday night. So far I've seen that we might get a little tonight/tomorrow but it's all going to really hit on Wednesday. SOooo....I'm thinking of just driving down Tuesday and coming home that night too so I'm not stranded in Conway. We'll see how it all goes- they might even cancel the event due to weather.

Ok, so from last post blogger wouldn't let me upload another view of my mom's office so I'm going to try again NOW.
There we go here's the other side of the building- then across the street is little houses- they look like beach houses. They remind of Destin's little beach houses right next to each other.

My wedding dress came in Wednesday but I was upset because roads were bad and didn't know if I should take my car in it. I waited for Andrew to get up and asked him if he'd take me to try it on- he was teasing me on the way there asking if he would hear screaming, I said No, not unless it doesn't fit. He said but we'll still go get Andy's afterwards right? ha, I said yep to make me feel better!  Good news, the dress fit! I had to get it taken in a little bit, but not much. I left it at Kara's house, and Thursday I went back to get it from her. Then I headed to Barbara's (Andrew's mom) so we could start working on getting the invites ready.  Kara was there to help too. It didn't last as long as I thought it would with all the help- so thank you again! Then I came home and went to Bariola's to eat some pizza with Sarah and Mike. It was yummy as always- we go there quite a bit because it's so close to the house.

Friday I got to work for a little bit- it started snowing AGAIN but I was determined to get all my errands ran. I went and took my dress to get altered at Lethal Lure here in Rogers. If you ever need alterations these people are VERY fast and do a great job! Well I haven't gotten my dress back but I'm sure it will be good ha  = ) I've gotten tons of other stuff altered there. I had to get my taxes done, mail my invites and needed an oil change- I got it all done though! Friday night we had some friend's over and decided to go to Fast Lanes and go bowling. Afterwards, everyone just came back to the house (minus Chad & Sarah) and stayed the night- it was snowing so hard and everyone had to go back to Fayetteville- it was safer just to stay at the house.

                                      Anyone want some chicken & fries
Haha, i just realized my pj bottoms too- gotta love them! We got hungry so I put in a lot of hard work to make these chicken nuggest/fries = )

                     Group picture- oh but of course Andrew has to make a face, hope he doesn't make these faces at the wedding!!

Yesterday I didn't do much.  Caught up on some TV shows and braved the Wal-Mart trip. OMG it was horrible- you could tell everyone was getting stuff for Super Bowl parties because the chip aisle was very bare!

Wedding Update:
I can't believe April is almost here! I'm very excited though- just need to have my final meetings with everyone which I think is the most stressful part trying to find time without taking off from work = ) That might just not happen though- but I'll try. We booked our Hotel to stay in Vegas for the Bachelorette Party- get ready...the Wynn. This hotel is so pretty- the pool is amazing and rooms are very nice! This is where Big Kara, Whitney & Drew stayed last May after graduation. I cannot wait- we're going the weekend before the wedding. Last weekend as a single lady = ) I think some of us are going to see the Lion King at Mandalay Bay too. I saw this last May as well with Whitney. It's my favorite play- so I don't care to go see it again!

Here's a picture I wanted to share- it's from my friend's Janae's facebook but in case you're not her friend I wanted to show everyone this picture. Someone made it that lives in her neighborhood-they're very talented
Who do you want to win the Super Bowl? I'm going for the Steelers- but if Packers win I don't really care either. I think we're going to Eddie Haskell's tonight- they're having a barbeque special $5.99 for a bbq plate- not bad!

One last picture of my Nala girl sleeping in a weird position the other night- I noticed when I was reading my Pioneer Woman book (yes it's amazing, everyone needs to read) and had to snap a picture
I dunno how her legs on that fan is comfy but whatever floats her boat.

Hope everyone had a great weekend- hopefully we won't get too much snow this week so we can all get on a normal schedule again!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why not another post = )

Can you believe all this snow!! It's still snowing in Rogers as I'm sure everywhere else surrounding. The crazy thing is I talked to my dad and it didn't do ANYTHING in Conway. Crazy! My parents couldn't believe how much snow we got and was glad it wasn't them. I wish it wasn't us too in a way- stinks I missed work but kind of nice to have a day off as well and the snow is soooo pretty. But I really hope the next little storm were suppose to get Sunday doesn't happen. Here's some pictures of the snow

                                            This was taken around noon

The picture from above was taken when Andrew and I got cabin fever and decided to brave a trip to Wal-Mart. I wanted some stuff to make chili or stew or something! Oh and some brownies = ) Wal-Mart had quite a few cars there actually but it was so nice inside- I wish it was always that dead!! Luckily they had everything we needed to make our White Chicken Chili. This is a recipe I got from a co-worker at work. It was my first time make it (or should I say Andrew), hey I helped opened the cans of veggies and dumped them in the pot!!

Ok ok so I know the picture does not look very appetizing BUT I promise it's soooo good! I already broke up tortilla chips in it so that's why it looks chunky. Here's the recipe in case anyone would like it!
White Chicken Chili
2 cans- White Shopeg Corn (regular sweet will work too if can't find this corn)
2 cans- Great northern white beans
2 cans- green chilies
1 pkg- White chicken chili seasoning (use chicken taco seasoning if can't find chili seasoning- I couldn't find either so use regular taco seasoning and it was still great)
1 large can of chicken broth
3 chicken breast
***Chop up chicken in little chunks, dice onion and put garlic in a pan. Saute until finished cooking and set aside. Put all the other ingredients in big pot (even the juice from cans)- add chicken broth to your liking. Add in the chicken/onion/garlic, let it get hot and eat up! We put some shredded cheese in ours too and added cheese to our bowls = ) We love cheese! And then topped it with some chips. Very scrumptious!!

And of course after I ate, I went and ate made some brownies- I actually did these all by myself thank you very much!
             Look at those yummy brownies! Yes I've had about 5 big bites!

Looks like I probably won't be working tomorrow either = ( Maybe I'll get to packing some- oh who am I kidding. I was quite excited I was off today for 1 reason. The Pioneer Woman (if you don't know who I"m talking about check out her blog (http://thepioneerwoman.com/confessions/). I love reading her blog and do everyday! I still need to invest in one of her cookbooks though. Anyways, back to my point- Her book came out today and I forgot about it because I had pre-ordered it on my Kindle in the beginning of January. Well this am I got an e-mail saying your purchase is complete- SO yes I was pretty pumped I got to read it. I love it so far and suggest everyone get it. It's called "The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels". She's suppose to be in Tulsa this Thursday for a book signing but not for sure if she still will be due to the nasty weather & considering Tulsa got TONS of snow!!

Something I forgot to blog about in my last post- My mom took my dad and I to see her new work office. It finally got finished and they all moved into it. It's so nice and best part is it's like 5 min. from my parents house- even better for my mom.
                         Don't let the pictures fool you- It's HUGE and so nice!

Gosh! I have another picture but blogger keeps saying error- RUDE! Oh well maybe another post!

As most of you know now the prayer request for my friend from last post was Melanie. I didn't want to say anything yet until she wanted to tell people. For those of you who don't know her, she's a good friend from HS that has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She's only 24!! The cancer is worse than the doctors initially thought so please say a little prayer for strength and smooth recovery = ) I went and ate dinner with her and some other girls Monday night- It was a great dinner and good to see everyone! She's a strong woman and can get through this with flying colors. Love you Nunmary! 

Well, this post ended up being longer than I expected. Hope everyone stays warm in this weather!