Saturday, December 25, 2010


First off, Merry Christmas Everyone!! Second, this post is going to have TONS of photos so get excited = )

Today has been WONDERFUL! Just to recap you, Andrew and I left yesterday and headed to Conway to see my parents. We opened presents and visited then mom, andrew & I went and saw "Yogi the Bear 3-D" it was a cute kid's movie and had good 3-D affects.  Back to the presents- if you remember maybe last post or so I posted pictures of Baxi opening up presents early!  He loves opening them- I'm going to try to upload a video of him opening up one.  Hopefully it works, never done this before.

The next morning we got up early and headed back to Farmington to go to Andrew's parents! We also got to bring little Baxi with us = ) My parents came down to go to my grandma's but they're staying at the casino tonight, so we get to keep little Bax! Here's a picture of him on the way back today.  Yes, you will see blankets in the background- we covered the seats so he wouldn't scratch them. Poor thing he only had a little square, the car was very full!

We got to Andrew's parents and snacked on goodies and then opened up lots of goodies = ) Had some lunch, then went and visited both of Andrew's grandma's and then my grandma. Here's a picture of most of our goodies- I thought I got just about everything, then went downstairs and found others ha! But didn't feel like taking another picture!
I'm going to try to name everything in the photo: boots, ice scraper, make-up bag, 2 Hobo Clutch's, blow-dryer, 2 pull-overs, pj bottoms, robe, picture, frying pan, drill & stuff for drill, sheets, gun wipes, saw & Chik-fil-a calendar

 Here's another picture of the boots from above- I'm sure a lot of you are thinking OMG Kara- but you know they're me! They're just like Uggs, so super comfy, but they're Gianni Rich- New York. Don't ask, never heard of them. My mom found them for me!
Next thing is some TOMs I forgot to put in my present picture up above. These were from my furture in-laws. Like i said thought I got everything and I didn't = ) I love these as well...no one can ever go wrong with these shoes!

As you can see, Andrew and I came out pretty good with all of our gifts. After we visited with grandparents we had to come back home and get Andrew's truck to go pick up Nala girl. We boarded her last night and didn't want her riding in my car- a little too big! Before we left, we opened up our stockings from each other. Since we got the TV we just did stockings but I put a $50 limit on it! I got a workout shirt, iTUNES gift card and Eclipse! So excited- I will be watching it tonight. When we got home from picking up Nala, I had her open up some gifts, but she's not into it like Baxi. Here's some pictures though

I love this picture of her. She got this toy from her "Nana" aka my mom = ) This is the only toy that the girl has not destroyed!!! She has one just like it but it's getting nasty, and we left it at the boarding place so I'm glad we have another. She also got a "bully stick" from her parents, and some other treats from Diesel (Kara and Shelby's Dog)

Now going back a few days- on Thursday night a bunch of us girls got together and had our Christmas Party at April's house. We all brought an appetizer and/or dessert. TONS of good food and great company! I think Whitney has been putting on these Christmas parties since she was about 6. So yes we've all been friends forever. We just decided instead of doing gifts, we would buy a $20 gift card. I read "Charlie Brown Christmas Story" and when we heard the words "Charlie Brown, the" we had to pass the gift. I ended up with a gift card from Impressions in Fayetteville (thank you Kara W.). I haven't been there in forever, so now this gives me an excuse to go and spend $$$. Here's some pictures from the night. First one is of Harley passed out in April's lap- I guess we were all talking too much and boring her. Next one is a group picture!

This year we got to have 2 little new additions- Hudson Romeo and Rosalynd = ) April took a cute picture of Hudson and I but she took it on her camera so I don't have it.

I finally got my wedding shoes in last Thursday and the right size! They fit good- I've shown everyone above because I had them with me BUT here's a picture for everyone else.

                   Here's the bottom of them- One shoe says "I" the other says "DO"
                    And I just realized I took this picture backwards- ha typical me. You get the point = )

Sorry such a long post! Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

~Great Weekend~

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was pretty good. Friday night I went and saw Melanie a friend from high school that lives in OKC now. It was good to see her and catch up! On Saturday I went shopping with Kara C. and her daughter Spencer.  We went shopping at Pinnacle- and it actually wasn't too crowded. Probably since it's an outside mall everyone wanted to go to Fayetteville, but the weather saturday was pretty nice!

I have to admit and I'm like my friend Whitney- I love Christmas time, and all the craziness! Except for driving in it that is  = ) I hate driving in traffic- but here in Rogers I haven't noticed traffic being all that bad. But I love how everything is crazy and everyone is looking for xmas stuff! I also went to 3 monkey's w/Kara and Spencer! OMG- I've never been to this store and it just made me realize how poor I'll be whenever I do have kids (which yes will be awhile!!!) They have the CUTEST stuff in there though- pretty good sales too!

House Update- WAHOOO!! Andrew is meeting with the builder on Tuesday afternoon around 3:30, and they should start this week or next laying down foundation, or getting ready to lay it down! I'm not going to be able to make it due to work, but I told Andrew I didn't care. It's not like we're going to be picking out stuff, we already did that. It's more like telling the builder where we want the extra cable outlets we added- um yeah I don't care, I'm not good at that stuff = ) But I'm very excited- hopefully it gets built soon and everything works out to where our closing date/move in date will still be March 30th!

This week work will be SUPER busy! I think I had more cancellations during Thanksgiving than Christmas. Which I find odd- but I'm glad = ) But I have a feeling parents will be calling and canceling this week, just realizing they have a lot to do with the Holiday.  I took off Christmas Eve though so had to move around some clients so I could see them earlier in the week.  Andrew gets off at 2pm on Friday- we're going to head to Conway to spend the night with my parents. YAY!!! Then Saturday morning we'll head back and go to Andrew's parents for Christmas.

For all of you that know me well- I usually open up Christmas presents starting like Dec. 6th or so ha! Seriously!! I've always opened up presents early at my parents- but this year since they live in Conway that didn't really happen. But little Baxi thinks he gets to open presents early haha! My mom calls me earlier this week and said Baxi went and got one of his presents under the tree and just started tearing up the paper and took it to his room and finished opening it! He's done it TWICE, and ripped a hole in poor Nala's present! I told my mom he better not start opening mine or else we'll be fighting = ) Here's some pictures she's e-mailed me of Baxi opening up the presents.

What a stinker!

Also, Andrew and I went looking at TV's saturday night- because that's suppose to be our Christmas gift to each other. Well it's almost Christmas and we haven't gotten one. I went and worked out today and came home. We were talking about gifts Andrew had gotten for Jonah and all of a sudden he says, "Merry Christmas". I was very confused, and thought he better not of gotten me anything because we aren't suppose to. Oh but no- he bought a TV and already had it set up and I didn't even notice! I didn't really pay attention to the TV though- but I kind of wish he wouldn't of said anything to see how long it would have taken me to notice = ) It's a 42" and will go above our fireplace in the new house! But of course we want it now too!  I really like it and it has a great picture

Last is just a photo of Nala girl. I was playing with her and she turned around to finish her food and I barely brushed against her tail but it scared the daylights out of her and her food just went flying! I'm just glad it wasn't her water! So this is her eating her food off the ground

Hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Geez I've been slacking on my blog! Sorry for all you 5 readers I have ha- but like you said can I write everyday to entertain you? I'll try my best- ok maybe not everyday though! Anyways...Hope everyone had a good weekend. I didn't do too much- my major outing was my work Christmas Party. It was at the Springdale Country Club and it was so much fun- secret santa gifts, games, great food/drinks, and dancing!! The DJ read a "story" and all of us therapists got in a big circle, every time we heard the words "and" or "the" we had to pass our gift either to left or right of us. I ended up winning "Skipping Christmas" by John Grisham. I haven't started reading it yet but heard it's good. Here's a picture of Mandy, in the black (an SLP= Speech Pathologist, any my CF-supervisor) & Lacey, in the white, one of our Office girls

Sunday was a lazy day, it was freezing out! It wasn't so much the temperature as the wind!!! Andrew and I went to Wal-Mart, our weekly shopping trip. We came home and Andrew made an awesome dinner!
Yes I just posted a picture of my dinner = ) Pork chop, green beans, yummy garlic potatoes and garlic bread! I was taking a picture of my meal and Andrew said "What are you doing, taking a picture of your dinner?" I said yes I need something to blog about...haha- so he thinks I'm crazy too

This week has been pretty good with work. I've gotten lots of goodies from my clients and I LOVE everything!! Andrew and I decided to go to Conway Christmas Eve day after he gets off work and come back Saturday for his family Christmas. I called about 5 places today until I finally found somewhere that could board Nala! I was just glad I found somewhere- plus it was cheaper than where we usually take her- um yeah even better!!!

I went Tuesday to meet with Festivities to go over Wedding stuff of things I might want to rent- I need to find an arch for us to get married under- but haven't decided if I want to rent/buy one yet. I've found one I really like at SAMs (well online with free shipping).  I don't want a typical arch, I want a square one- so we'll see what happens. Other than that wedding planning is still going fine- I know it'll get a lot busier when we get like 2 months away with all the decorations stuff! I'll be needing everyone's opinions- because like I've said, I stink at making decisions. I think I know what I want, but then someone throws another option out there and then I can't decide!!!! The main thing I'm worried about now is my DRESS coming in!! I just want it to be here = )

Anyways everyone have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another Day

Well where do I start- how about how all the great friends I have make fun of my blog = ) JK- i know you love it and find it entertaining- that's what I"m here for is to make all of you laugh!! So I'm going to continue to make you laugh and blog about my life.

Monday night I went to Fellowship here in Roger's to ladies night. I went with some girls from work. They had soup for all the ladies and then a singer. Then a lady spoke about important things to remember, especially during the Holidays. It was a fun night. I thank God every night for the many blessings he has blessed me with, especially just within this last year with everything! I found this on a girl's blog I work with and loved it so wanted to post it here too!

"Dear Lord, give me Your eyes to see and Your ears to hear the needs of those around me; not just at Christmas, but always. I long to share Your passion for the poor and the needy. Help me remember true wealth is not measured by the size of my bank account, but by the size of my heart. 
In Jesus’ Name, Amen."

Tuesday night I went over to my friend's April's house.  A group of girls from high school got together for dinner. We have all known each other since about 3-5!! Some of us went to bible school together when we were "weee little babies" ha! We have all been friend's throughout grade school and high school and still keep in touch! I love it and think we're very fortunate to still be close and be able to get together anytime and just pick up from the last time we all got together. There's never a dull or awkward moment with us = ) April made pizza spaghetti, Kara W. brought over some salad, Janae brought the bread, Christy & Rosalynd brought the cokes and cookies, I of course had to make some brownies (may I add I think I ate 6 total, ugghh- need to go to CrossFit waaaay more) and Whitney brought some chocolate kisses hehe.  We kind of all took everything so she contributed some candy.  We all had a great night gossiping and catching up! Below is picture of lil' Hudson Romeo passed out from all of our talking! Hudson you made my blog- you'll be star now someday ha!

Tonight was my work's TEAM Christmas Party for the little kiddos. It was so much fun and I got teary eyed just watching the kids perform. The kids at Bentonville performed a dance (I got to help them prepare for the dance & it was so much fun) to "Run Run Rudolph" and Fayetteville kid's performed a play. They were all perfect! It was a great turn out as well- tons of parents they're supporting their families in the show and other clients and parents showed up to support them and visit Santa! One thing I LOVE about my job- seeing these kids do a fantastic job and the smiles on their faces, because I know they have all been practicing for the last month or longer just for this night!
                     Here's 2 of the kids on our dance team- we had a total of 7 perform

Now I'm at home and watching Top Chef Master's- I love it especially master's. Oh yes, and if any of you people watch One Tree Hill- holy smokes that show was so intense this week! CRAAZZYYY!
Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and don't work too hard!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lazy Weekend

It's still the weekend but it's been a lazy one so far. Yesterday I got off work early and went to Eventures to get some prices for decorations for the reception.  Then got a manicure (by the way I'll never go anywhere again besides Sunny Nails- they're the best) then went to Spoiled to get my haircut by Kara (my bff and Andrew's sister).  Then last night Andrew and I cooked (well he cooked ha) before he went to work.  He's working midnights right now so doesn't go in until 10p.m. Then today I stayed in my pj's til about 3!! It was so nice, I can't remember the last time I had a weekend where I did NOTHING. I watched the Auburn vs. SC of course!! Woohoo way to go Auburn!! To the Sugar Bowl we go- I'd love to go, but do not need to take off work and need to save for house (which everything is still going good just still going through the paperwork process)!! But it's okay I'll be watching it and rooting on my HOGS!!

Here's some pictures of my wreath that my friend Kara (different Kara than above, this is Kara C.) made for me.  Ok I did actually help just a tiny tiny bit ha! She's just way quicker and better at crafty things than me! I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I also added a couple more ornaments to my tree besides gold.

                                   Thank you again- I owe you some tini's = )

The wreath probably cost me at the most $30!!! I didn't buy a green wreath, instead I went different and bought a wooden one at Oops and I got the red/white tulle from there too. Then I got all the ornaments from Hobby Lobby (can't beat 1/2 off ornaments). Now I need to wrap some presents and put them under my tree = )

I wanted to get Andrew & I monogrammed cute stockings this year- well mine came in but his didn't. So here's a picture of mine- I love it! I wanted to get Andrew a matching one but this was their last one to do before holidays. Now I need to figure out where to hang it and Andrew's- we don't have a fireplace so I don't know what to do- got any ideas??

Tomorrow I'm going to a Welcome party for Kym's daughter (part owner of where I work). She just adopted a girl from China- and she's so cute!! I'm excited to see all the goodies she gets!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!