Saturday, August 17, 2013

8 months!

Geez, these 8 months have been the best and have flown by like crazy! Cooper is still the sweetest little boy. He's very easy going which makes it easier on us = )

Cooper and I had our last mommy-and-me swim class this past Thursday. I'm awful because I never got pictures but we were too busy swimming. Cooper LOVES the water and the past 2 sessions he went under. He did so well and it didn't even phase him- the swim instructor tells me she's amazed at how good he is for his age. He loves making bubbles in the water with his mouth.

Cooper is: 
  • a mobile baby now- woo that means trying to keep and eye on him a lot and baby proofing better! He's crawling more now but he started out doing the army crawl. He still does the army crawl some but has been crawling more in the last couple of days
  • Also pulling himself up- this is fairly new (like within the last week). He'll pull up in his crib and stand tons, but has just started doing it outside of his crib
  • using a pincher grasp quite a bit while eating
  • still eating pureed foods + puffs and yogurt melts because still no teeth
  • playing peek-a-boo
  • still babbling quite often
  • going from crawling to sitting and vice versa
  • very hard to get dressed now and change diapers- he loves his bath books and that's pretty much all I have found to keep him still and occupied while changing him
Here's a couple of picture we had done when Cooper was 6 1/2 months old

                 Give me that food!!!!
 Poor baby had his first booboo- I'm still confused how he broke skin on his plastic piano mat- but somehow it happened. Luckily he calmed down quickly! I can only imagine how many more booboos he's going to get = (
 His 8-month picture was very hard to capture!! He just wants to pull up and move around constantly- it's like a whole new world to him

Don't ask me what this boy was doing! Maybe trying to stand?!?!? Whatever he was doing he looks like he's ready to be signed up for football!