Sunday, August 21, 2011

Passport gone BAD!

I know it's an interesting title for my blog- most of you know about my horrible passport but haven't seen the picture ; ) I finally decided to dedicate a blog to my horrible passport picture! BUT first, I need to talk about my busy weekend.

I'll talk about the TEAMworks Ukraine golf tournament first. It was Saturday morning at Stonebridge golf course in Fayetteville. I got there at 6am to help get everything ready and set up for the day. We had  great Silent Auction items. We also had really nice prizes for people that got a hole-in-one on 3 different PAR3 holes. One prize was a Harley Davidson motorcycle and a $2,000 gift card (I can't remember the other prize, sorry). Everyone said the tournament went really well! YAY! I didn't get to stay very long to see who won everything but took a few pictures while I was there.

Also on Saturday my SIL Kara got married- YAY! Friday night was the rehearsal dinner at the Garden Room on Dickson. We had some yummy food and everything was very nice. Saturday was the BIG DAY!!! All of us bridesmaids had different times to get our hair done at Spoiled. After hair, some gitls went to GLO to get their make-up done and some of us had Big Kara do ours. We all met back up at Botanical Gardens- where the wedding/reception was. It was a hot but FUN/beautiful wedding! It did end up raining later on in the night but it turned out great and didn't rain during the ceremony! Here's some pictures from the big day- Congratulations Kara and Shelby- love you both and happy for you. Have a wonderful marriage and great time in Costa Rica!!!

                                     Bridesmaids with the BRIDE

                                           All ready to go

                       flowers from the wedding I took home- pretty

Now for the passport gone bad! I got a passport last November after getting engaged for Andrew's and I honeymoon- even though we had not decided where to go yet. I got my first passport picture done at WalGreens with the last name Glenn- this picture is sooo good! Well, Andrew and I went on a late honeymoon so when I booked it I put Kara Woody. That meant getting a new passport. Well this time when I went, I had my picture taken at the post office. This one is horrific! Andrew said we I would be getting arrested just because I look like I'm going to hurt someone! Now, I'm finally revealing the pictures. Don't laugh too hard = )

                                                aw, good picture

                                           AWFUL PICTURE
Seriously looks like a mug shot = ( I'm thinking about just using my maiden name everywhere I go so I can use that passport- I'M NOT KIDDING!!!  = )

Have a great week everyone. Football is almost here!!!! 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I have loved all this rain we've gotten this past week. I don't think I could ever get sick of rain- love the sound of it and way better than 110* weather!

I had another fun eventful week/weekend. Monday night I started off with going to a Stella & Dot Jewelry party big Kara was having. This jewelry has been featured on Oprah and InStyle Magazine. I'm not much of a jewelry wearer but I wanted tons of stuff they had! I ended up getting a pair of earrings and a bracelet. I could've ordered more but controlled myself ha! I'm not much of a party thrower for jewelry and these kind of parties but thought I would with this jewelry to show others the great stuff they have! Don't worry you'll get an invite later  = )

Thursday I needed to run some errands in Fayetteville before heading to Farmington. Hog season is approaching (WPS) and I'm all about the cute Hog apparel. However, some of it is a little too pricey ($100 and up- ouch!!) I stole an idea from a friend and went and bought a cheap dress (chocolate brown) from Wal-Mart ($6) and took it to Custom Tee's (off college) and had her put the glitter hog ($20) at the bottom of the dress. It turned out super cute and I love it!!! BTW- it was super fast too. I took the dress in and she did the Hog right then, I didn't have to leave and come back to get it!

After getting my dress done I went to a Fundraiser in Farmington for my friend Melanie. They had made chicken dinners to-go to help raise money. I got there right when it started but heard from others that went later that they stood in line for awhile because there were so many people = ) I'm so glad they had a great turn out.

Saturday I went and got my nails done and as soon as I walked in people were asking if I was "Little Kara". I thought this was hysterical. They were big Kara's neighbors and their daughter recognized me. Just cracks me up that everyone knows we're Big/Little Kara = ) But I love it! Afterwards I went and met Big Kara and her friend Rebecca to see "The Help". What a great movie. I read the book too which was great.  That night Andrew & I met back up the girls and their husbands to eat at Table Mesa. It was yummy as always = ) I got my usual, curry chicken burrito. Andrew got Pork Carnitos and loved them too.

Today (Sunday) I had Kara's (SIL) bridal shower at Briar Rose in Farmington. This was my first time to this place. It was very cute and we had a delicious lunch- sandwiches, fruit, fruit tarts and mini cinnamon rolls. I also got 2 chocolate croissants to take home- whoops ; ) I might've already ate one too and it was AMAZING! Kara got us some cute little goodies (cute bag, straightner holder, wet bathing suit bag, little makeup bag, pearl earrings/bracelet to wear wedding day). Kara did good by giving the wet bathing suit holder with a skull/crossbone bathing suit on it to me = ) She had to point it out to me though because I was too busy looking at my other stuff ha- sorry Kara.  Her big day will be here very soon!! 

Andrew and I have turned one of our extra bedrooms into an extra TV room/man room. There isn't much decoration going on in there because it's last on list to decorate pretty much. I'm just more worried about the main rooms first. The little decorations it has is Hog stuff. I know a girl name Lane and she is a great painter. I saw a Hog painting she did on her FB page (Ruelle Designs, go check it out) and asked told Andrew we had to have it. Well he had something else in mind- I asked Lane if she could do it and she said "She'd love to". Here's the finished product and I think it turned out great! Andrew is very happy with it too. We still haven't hung it up = ( But hopefully he will tomorrow on his day off.

Look what else came in!!
FOOTBALL TICKETS!!! Cannot wait for tailgating and cheer on those Hogs!

20 days until first HOG GAME!
28 days until Las Vegas!
62 days until Ukraine!

Have a great week!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend full of fun

The weekend went by way too fast and was packed with stuff to do! 

Friday night I went and tried out a new restaurant with some friends (Kellye, Whit, Janae) in downtown Bentonville (right off the square) called Tusk & Trotters. It was good and I'd go again but not one of my favorites. LOVED the atmosphere but just not many menu options. Funny story- Kellye & I got their early to get a table because they didn't have any reservations left. We were hungry so thought let's get an appetizer- so we order "chips" & salsa. Well they give it to us and we just kind of look at each other. The waiter tells us they are prosciutto chips- so we were basically eating beef jerky with mango salsa. It was very different but pretty tasty. Guess next time we need to look at the thin print underneath the meals ha! I ate a chicken breast with yummy spinach and potatoes with a glaze on top of the chicken. It was very yummy! It was a nice change from all the other restaurants.

Saturday morning I woke up early to go to CrossFit to cheer for tons of athletes doing a "Hero Workout" for the Disposable Hero Project (DHP). I know I've talked about this Project on here before, so won't go into it. CrossFitNWA raised $12,000 for this project. Tons of people were at CF saturday morning doing this workout in honor of a soldier. It was amazing to see everyone come together for such a tough workout!! Great job for everyone that worked their butts off!!

After the workout was over I got ready to head to Embassy Suites for Kara's Bachelorette Party. One we all got there, we talked for a bit and then went to Bonefish to get some appetizers and then went to the spa for some treatments. After the spa we headed back to the hotel to watch Kara open her gifts and just relax. 
                                                 The Bachelorette

                  PF Chang's Appetizers/wine at the Spa for us

Andrew decided to leave Nala in the house Saturday night when he went to work. We've left her inside before but only for like 2-3 hrs. at a time- NEVER 8!! Well Nala decided to have a party in the house- sorry if you already saw this on Facebook.
Yes that bed was made- but she decided to take everything off and get this little pillow off and destroy it. OMG I'm just glad Andrew got home to clean it up first = ) However, there are still TONS of little beads in the carpet if you look close and it's driving me nuts- we keep going over with a vacuum but I don't know if they'll ever go away! 

Sunday night Andrew and I went to Bonefish for dinner. We haven't been to dinner just us 2 in forever! We both got the fontina chop (pork chop) with mashed potatoes. This is our favorite meal. I also added a salad which was amazing! Thank you Big Kara for introducing caprese salads to me. I need to start making them at home for dinner.
             Mmmmm-  tomatoes, feta cheese and balsamic vinegerette 

Tonight I went to a Stella & Dot jewelry party that Big Kara was hosting. It has really cute jewelry and I found me some earrings and a bracelet. Can't wait until I get them in!


34 Days until VEGAS!!!
68 Days until UKRAINE!!

Have a great week- I'm hoping it rains a lot!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

~Great Weekend~

Well another hot weekend! The sprinkles we got was just enough to make it hotter = ( I got in my car today and it read 109*- ahhhhhh no more heat!

I had a pretty fun-filled weekend. Friday morning I went to try out a new little pastry shop in downtown Rogers off 1st street. It's called Meridienne Dessert Salon. It reminds me of a Rick's Bakery because they have great lunch food as well. On Friday they were having a special, and of course I had to try it = ) They had their homemade pancakes topped with honey butter and toasted pecans. I also got nutella on it with syrup. OMG they were absolutely amazing!! Everyone should go like their facebook page- except for they are always making you hungry with the pictures they post.

Andrew saw this picture and said they look nasty- BUT I promise they're sooooo good

Here's some pictures of the cute little Dessert Salon

Friday night I didn't really do much- just sat at home and relaxed- which was so nice because they don't come too often. Saturday I woke up early and went to Kara's bridal party. Afterwards, I called Whit and we met up to do some shopping and then got a pedi with Big Kara. I had bought a coupon off JakesDeals (I think) maybe NWADealPiggy for Riffraff. We went there and I found 2 really cute dresses and only had to spend $20 of my own money. I was pretty excited about my finds.

                Can't tell but this dress is navy blue

Here's another dress I found at Impressions awhile back- this one is dark gray

One of my friends from work was telling me about a great recipe she tried from Pioneer Woman. If you don't know who this is, which you're crazy if you don't know, you should go check out her blog
Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. Anyways, the recipe is called Sour Cream Noodle Bake. It was yummy and extremely fattening- whoops!
  Yeah big chunk missing- we already fixed our plates and I said "OH Crap I meant to take a picture"
haha- this picture doesn't look appetizing either- but I promise once again it's very good. I was proud of myself for doing it all on my way too = )

Who's ready for Fall (cooler weather) and FOOTBALL!!! 32 days until I'm at this place