Sunday, August 26, 2012


It has been raining pretty much all day in Rogers and I couldn't be more excited. We needed this rain desperately.

Nothing exciting has been going on around here- my dad's been in town painting and staying with us, so lots of eating out = ) It's his favorite thing to do, now you know where I get it from!
Get ready for some random posting!

I did try out Bordino's Brunch FINALLY on Saturday. OMG, so so good. It's a must if you like brunch. Big Kara, Whitney and I all got something different so we could share.

Don't tell me this picture doesn't look heavenly. Biscuits & gravy made w/their Boar's Sausage, Crab Cake Benedict, Blueberry pancakes/fruit, and hash= hashbrowns with zucchini, mushrooms (i picked them out), tomatoes and some other stuff I can't remember.

As most of you know Crossfit is a big part of Andrew's and I life. I couldn't resist getting this shirt for Cooper. Well his will be a blue onsie.
Let me explain what "pood" means just in case you're confused. In Crossfit world it's just the measure used for Kettlebells (KB). So, I usually use 1 pood for KB swings because it's 35lbs., guys usually use 1.5 or 2 pood KB since the KB is heavier.

I've been trying to figure out what fabrics I want to use for Cooper's bedding. OMG- I'm awful at these kind of decisions because I'm not good at picturing things in my head. I like to see it already finished then I decide if I like it.
A girl at work told me about a website where there's tons of different fabrics to choose from and you can customize you're own bedding. It has helped BIG TIME to see what the bedding will look like, but still hard because sooooo many cute fabric choices!
I wanted to get some fabric swatches this weekend just to see them in person and here's what I got = ) Oh and I got my dad to paint the nursery a dark gray for us while he was in town too!
I told myself I wasn't going to use a theme but I really like these modern giraffes- I still don't want tons of giraffes everywhere but I think some will be very cute = ) There will also be some gray in the bedding as well. Now I just can't wait to get it made!

We have a crib and changing table that our super awesome friends (Cullin's) gave us. I wanted to have a distressed white crib and didn't want to buy a brand new one then just paint it. Well Kara still had Spencer's and I love it so she said I could have it and the changing table (WOO HOO)!!! I can't wait to get them both painted and get everything set up. I like to get things done early so I'm not stressing at deadline time!

We also invested in a new recliner this weekend! We've looked before but haven't found anything we just loved. We found this one at Sam's Outlet Furniture and almost half off- couldn't beat the price!

I got my first Birchbox too! This thing is awesome, you pay $10/month and get a box full of samples (good ones too). This month's focus was based on back to school facial care, except for the little nut bar. Let me know if you want a Birchbox and I'll send you a referral = )


Have a great week!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Big Gender Reveal Party

As most of you already know from facebook we are having a BOY = ) We're both very excited for little Cooper Jack to be here. Well first we need to get nursery in order then we'll be ready ha!

Saturday was the big reveal party. That morning mom and I hit up the farmer's market first to get our crepes! We couldn't decide if we wanted a savory or sweet one so we both got a savory one and I told mom we were getting a nutella/banana one to share! It was delish.

Afterwards we ran errands to get everything ready for the party. The theme was mustache/lips which matched the invite. I'll remind you all that Andrew knew the sex but I didn't know. I also didn't know  how I was finding out. All Andrew would tell me is that I was opening up something.
Here's some pictures from the party

I have to brag a little bit. I made mini baked corndogs (on the front big platter) and they were sooo good. Look it up on pinterest = )

After we ate some food, Andrew brought out the gifts for me to open to find out the sex of the baby.
First I opened up the little shoes (yes Amy those are skull/crossbones ; )- next was the bib set w/an E. I was kind of confused here because if it was a girl we were going to name her Emry (but then everyone helped me remember that there's an E in Cooper ha). The 3rd gift was the 2 Hog shirts.

The 4th gift was another cute little Hog set with an "R" letter.

And the last gift was the rest of the letters to spell Cooper = ) YAY IT'S A BOY!!

My SIL got Cooper this cute little onsie.

I also got some goodies for myself this weekend
                 I'm obsessed with these hairbands! They're the best

                     My new Crossfit shoes!

Have a good week!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quick Update!

A week ago I went to Conway to see my parents and hang out with this cutie = )

Mom and I did some shopping but it was tax-free weekend (too many people) and SOOO hot- so we didn't last long! We did stop at a local place in downtown Conway and got some yummy food and homemade strawberry pie (mmmmm) and mom bought this cute little play mat (will work good for our wood floors) for baby Woody. The baby is already spoiled and not here yet!

Andrew and I had our 20-week ultrasound today! Everything looks great the doctor said and the baby is measuring right on track. Based on the ultrasound today the new due date is Dec. 22nd- so just 2 days later than the other due date BUT, you never know when a baby is ready to come out!
We got a bunch of great pictures but here's our favorite
Andrew found out the sex today but I'm the crazy person that wants to wait and be surprised with everyone at our Gender Reveal party this Saturday! Everyone thinks Andrew will leak- but I don't think he will b/c he knows I want to be surprised. It really isn't bothering me not knowing but I guess b/c I've told myself this whole time I'll find out Saturday. So you'll have to wait until the big announcement next week ; )

My sweet girl wanting on the bed soooo bad- Andrew let her when I was out of town b/c she didn't get much attention since he was working midnights and slept during the day. It broke my heart- but I said if I can't say no to a dog, then I won't be able to say no to a kid lol! I don't think she was happy with me.

Everyone have a great week! Getting cooler temperatures and makes me excited!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Catching Up!

Well I'm officially done with summer. This heat just puts me in a bad mood and makes it miserable to do anything. Hopefully fall will come soon and we will have nice fall weather for awhile.

I've been getting to meet some sweet little ones lately.

Danielle is a girl from my work who's a Physical Therapist. I went to take her some dinner and love on sweet Ansley.

Then I went to see Early (Crossfit Trainer at our gym) and little Blakely.

I've been eating some yummy yummy food lately.

Beef Rigatoni from Bordino's, brownie stix from Gusano's (yes they have brownies and you won't regret getting them), and yummy tomatoes from Bentonville Farmer's Market.

A nutella/banana crepe from Crepes Paulette on Bville Square (I actually had 2 b/c the first one he made w/walnuts and I still ate it then he insisted on me taking the correct one so I ate it too ha), and a yummy ham open face sandwich w/cabbage salad from Meridienne Dessert on Rogers Square.

Mmmmm.... Chicken Sausage spaghetti over spaghetti squash noodles. I love having the Fresh Market open up here in Rogers b/c now I can always find spaghetti squash and chicken sausage!!! The sauce is just tomato sauce, with homemade goat cheese (bought from Bville Farmer's Market), salt/pepper and basil. It was so yummy!!

Yeah, I ripped my hands again at Crossfit. This wasn't as bad as the last time I did it. What made me even more mad is they ripped when I slipped off the bars not while I was doing a pull-up. I know I'm crazy right ha!

Speaking of hoping for good Fall weather, I'm counting down the days until HOG FOOTBALL!!! 30 DAYS!!!

Pregnancy is still going great. I'm 20-weeks today and the stomach is growing! Jeans are definitely getting uncomfortable- they're fine when standing but not when sitting! I need to take a belly shot to show all you people saying there's nothing there yet =) My allergies are awful right now- which I don't really understand considering everything is dead! Lots of people at my work are sick with them too. It just stinks b/c I can't really take anything or don't want to load up on pills either.  We find out in 2 weeks what we're having and then let the FUN begin!!!

My sweet girl laying very awkward. I don't know how this is comfy.

This post was major randomness but that's me too.
Have a good weekend.