Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10 months

Wow- when I took Cooper's 10-month picture with his tie, I couldn't believe there were only 2 ties left! These past 10 months have flown by and have been quite fun.

Cooper- you're still such a fun easy going baby. Once you turned 10 months you decided that you were done with baby food completely! You stressed your momma out because you've always been such a great eater. I started trying different baby foods at dinner that I know you loved (rule #1 that I said I would never do- make different meals for you to eat because you wouldn't eat one = ) Yep, you made your momma panic- I started thinking "oh no you're becoming a behavioral eater" (my speech therapists friends will understand this, I know i shouldn't of jumped to this conclusion but come on with our jobs I couldn't help it) or "you're just teething or tired". All these thought were running through my head! Well after consulting with our feeding specialist at work she suggested he might just want to eat actual food instead of baby food. Yes, I've thought about this and we gave you little bites here and there of our food but you STILL only have 1 tooth! So I was scared you would choke on everything. You're oral-motor skills are really good and you move that food around and mash it up real good, but I was still scared. So I got rid of the baby food and yep, all you want to eat is what mommy and daddy eat! 

So Cooper, you've ate some pork tenderloin, lasagna, chicken/rice/beans, veggie soup, sweet potato fries, macaroni, yobaby yogurt, actual carrots and bananas not pureed, pizza and cinnamon apples. You've absolutely loved it all! So now you're back to your normal happy easy going self and this momma is glad = ) It was a stressful 2 days trying to figure out what all you wanted to eat- but once I quit with baby or toddler food you couldn't get enough.

No other big milestones yet little buddy- you're standing by yourself longer and longer each time and cruising around furniture more. I keep trying to get you to clap but you're just not having it ha! You have started putting things into boxes or try to put your coins in your piggy bank. Still babbling tons and lots of mom, momma, dada (most used) and baba. Oh, and your are paci free now! You've never been that fond of it except for naps or bedtime- but transitioning without it was pretty easy.

You've heard "no" quite a bit these days trying to get into everything- I caught a picture of your sad face when I told you "no". I'm sorry I think it's so cute- you don't make it anymore now you just smile or laugh- yeah we're in for it!

Daddy took us out on the new boat on the lake by our house. You loved the boat ride, even if your life jacket was a little big = )

     You had your first experience at the pumpkin patch

You've loved petting the animals and I think the animals loved you, especially this donkey

You've tried quite a bit of sweets this last month- including brownies and ice cream- just getting you ready for your 1st birthday cake ; )

You crack me up because you love calling the Hogs, yet you look at me like I'm crazy when I try to get you to clap

Sweet boy you need to slow down- growing up so fast!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Family Update

Thought I'd do a little family update since I hadn't in awhile. Andrew and I have moved to "old people" land- yes that's right Bella Vista. I know I know, you think we're crazy. Andrew found the house during his random looking online and drove by it and loved it! His #1 priority on the list for a house was a big garage for a future boat. In case you didn't know, my husband is a huge fisher!

So, he found the house and showed it to me. I liked it but I was still a little hesitant just because it was in Bella Vista. We drove out to Bella Vista and would drive around looking and the more we did the more I started liking it. I just love how quiet it is and it's so pretty. We also started looking more online at houses (bella vista and in bentonville) but realized it was a lot cheaper to buy in Bella Vista. Yes, places in our price range in Bentonville but we wanted out of a neighborhood (well my husband did). We looked for about a month in Bella Vista with our realtor and went back to first house we looked at (the one we live in now) and decided to put in an offer with a contingency of ours selling. We put our on the market and ended up selling it in 4 days!!! It was a good thing too because someone offered more than we did and we had 24hrs. to take our contingency off our house! It must have been all meant to be because that same night we had to decide we got an offer (for our asking price) and the rest is history!! = )

I absolute love our new house- we have way more room. Traffic in Bella Vista is not bad at all either like some people think. Yes there's traffic but it's nothing compared to that stupid interstate traffic!

Bye bye old house- I was so sad Cooper wasn't in the picture but he was at MiMi and Pawpaw's while we finished up last minute packing

      Yay our new house! Now I need to take a family picture of us all
      We spend many nights outside now that it's fall
This was an awful pink salmon color (see picture below) but my dad came into town and painted for us! We're lucky we know a good painter ; )

After- We decided to put hog stuff in the kitchen at this house, it was all in Andrew's man cave, but Andrew's man cave is the basement now and we need to finish it up first (it might be awhile before we do that).
Dining area overlooking the woods outside- we have a huge deck outside as well. It's so peaceful and we see deer quite a bit- I LOVE it! There's just some pictures of our new house

Football season has officially started (yes awhile back) and I love it. I just wish fall weather would be here more. Andrew and I have season tickets to the Hog games and we're very thankful our parents have been watching Cooper for us while we cheer on our Hogs. I didn't expect us to be awesome this year, but some games I feel like we should've won. I think Coach B has great potential and hopefully we'll be a lot better next year or the next.

          Vampire Weekend concert at the AMP

This guy also just switched to Narcotics at Benton County Sheriff Department and loves it! He has off saturday and sundays so it's nice to have a weekend with him = )

Every year I got to one away game with friends. This year we found cheap flights to Orlando from XNA and decided to go to FL game. We rented a car and drove to Gainesville from Orlando (about 2hr drive). This was my first time to leave my baby boy for this long. I was sad and anxious but knew I would have to do it sometime. He was in great hands with his daddy and Andrew's parents. I got lots of pictures sent to me and facetimed with Andrew some. We had a good time even though our Hogs lost.

 We always buy a stuffed animal of the mascot to have as a souvenir and we take the mascot everywhere with us. Yes, call us crazy but it's fun = )
                  Albert the Florida gator

On Sunday we drove back to Orlando and decided to go to downtown Disney- it's just an area that's free to walk around shops and restaurants. Walking through everything got me so excited for when we bring Cooper- of course when he's older.

Chalk art on the sidewalk- my favorite 2

We couldn't have a post without a picture of this sweet boy = )