Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back to reality

Well most of everyone that reads my blog already knows about our Jamaica Honeymoon- but I'll do post about it anyways  = ) And later I'm going to rant about "The Bachelorette" ha

Jamaica was absolutely amazing!!! I've never been out of the country and was definitely not disappointed (minus the whole going through customs at the airport=NOT FUN). We did a Sandals resort, Whitehouse in Montego Bay. The all-inclusive thing is definitely the way to go if you ever want to get away. We had 7 restaurants at our resort and they were all AMAZING! There were 3 pools and a very good little dessert place too. Every night they had some show going on at the main pool where all the restaurants are, or in this big theatre building. We were going to go do Dunn's Falls but it was a 3 hour drive- we just didn't feel like spending most of our day riding in a crazy van with tons of people when we could lay out and relax. We did go snorkeling and kayaking which were both a lot of fun. I seriously think for the cost of the trip for all-inclusive was very reasonable. Andrew and I started thinking if we went out to eat and ate like we did (with that nice/good of food) we would've spent well over $100 each meal! It was just nice to go in places order and not worrying about paying or tipping (yep no tipping either, however we met some bartenders we really liked so we snuck them some $$).  I'm already thinking of the next place to go next year = )
                              The main pool by all the restaurants

                       Ugh this filet was sooo good

                       tini's were pretty amazing as well ; )

                                        Our last night there = (

 This was our last day on the beach- cloudy, which was a little nice because that sun was HOTT- you can't really tell but the water was gorgeous!

So if you have any great recommendations of place to go shoot them my way =  ) But I want it to be all-inclusive.
I thought I'd be dragging monday when I went back to work but it actually wasn't that bad. It was nice to see my kiddos again- I missed them!

Well wedding season is definitely in full swing!! Kara and Shelby's will be here soon- showers have started so it'll come fast now! Janae, one of my best friends, got engaged YAY! So excited for them and there's will be here before you know it too- ok another year! But it'll come fast. And then Bib & Jeremy got engaged! Another one I'm so excited for! My dad told me he thinks Andrew and I started something, ha! It's just the time for everyone to get hitched = ) WHITNEY KAY YOU'RE NEXT!!! = )

Ok people, who of you watch the Bachelorette? Probably none because Ashley was crazy last season on the Bachelor but it's a like a horrible nightmare that I can't quit watching! If you haven't watched it- well I'm going to fill you in on just a little bit. There's a guy Bentley on there that every time he got one-on-one camera time he talked about how "he's here just for fun, doesn't think Ashley is even pretty at all, going to leave soon, just saying all the right things to keep him on the show". Oh and Ashley's friend has already called and warned her about Bentley how she knows he doesn't want to be there- well she confronts him and of course he denies it- DUH! I didn't think he was that much of a smooth talker either but she did and fell head over heels like within the first 5 episodes! So he leaves on his own and makes up a lie how he needs to get back to his daughter, it's just too hard being away (no he just wasn't having fun anymore and didn't like ashley at all).
Well she has been griping the last 3 episodes about how much she misses him and cries and can't believe he's gone. Well this week they flew him to Hong Kong (where they are right now) so she can get closure because she needs it because she pretty much says how she loves him. UGh I was sick of hearing about Bentley- she mentioned his name like 10X a show- well I think she finally realized he's just a player (which her friend warned her). She just irritates me so I had to go off ha! But like I said I can't seem to quit watching it!

Anyways- nothing else exciting has really been going on. I did have a girls night with great friends Monday night. I love having our monthly potlucks to get together and catch up and eat some good food! I'm excited for a long week for the 4th of July coming. Counting down for next vacation- VEGAS in September!!!

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Wedding Season

It's summer and that usually means weddings! But I'll get back to the weddings we went to!

I need to tell you all about Andrew and I's experience at Pesto Cafe. We went Thursday night to celebrate a guys birthday that Andrew works with. There was about 10 of us at dinner. Anyways they bring out the meals and say "cannelloni" (which is what Andrew ordered) so he says mine. She sits it down and it looked exactly like lasagna and matched the bday boy's lasagna sitting next to him. So he says ma'am I think this is lasagna not the cannelloni. "No that's the cannelloni they all have layers" says the waitress. Andrew explains to her he's gotten it there before and it is usually in tubes like a manicotti- no she continues to argue and say it has layers like lasagna. Then goes to the kitchen comes back and says "OH wait! You have his cannelloni (said this to another guy at the table who ordered lasagna) and tells him right after she see's him taking a bite to switch Andrew with his dish. HELLO- are you crazy?? For 1 he just took a bite- for 2 the dishes look EXACTLY the same LASAGNA! Anyways she kept walking away when we were trying to talk to her and did not make us happy. Andrew told her he'd just eat the lasagna because he knows it's good to and didn't want to wait on actual cannelloni. It was quite a fiasco but he got his meal for free. I just wasn't impressed this time after that whole ordeal and usually they have pretty good service there but we had a bad experience.

                                   Bday boy's yummy cookie cake

Random picture- but went shopping Friday night for gifts and I had a cart full! Nothing for me all for future brides and little Hudson Romeo's first birthday gifts.
After shopping spree I met my friend Whit for a delicious rita and fajitas at Jose's.

Saturday I woke up around 5:30am to go help CrossfitNWA (the gym I go to). They were having a car wash/garage sale and all the donations went to Disposable Hero Project.  This project helps wounded soldiers and families of fallen soldiers. We raised quite a bit of $$$. I left before it was over to get ready because like I said earlier it is WEDDING SEASON.

Andrew and I had a wedding to go to at 3 and 6. We went to Kim/Scott's wedding in Tontitown and she looked gorgeous of course! After it was over we headed to Lincoln for Maggie and Jessie's wedding. Here's some pictures of the second wedding. I couldn't make it to the first one's reception so no pics = ( It rained really hard for just a bit during the reception and I was glad because it wasn't as hot- the hair still needed to go up though!

                 Me and the bride during reception- she changed into this dress

                             Craig was a dancing machine

It was a fun night but Andrew and I were exhausted and glad to get home to sleep!!

Today was April's son, Hudson's first birthday party!!!! The theme was rockstar and April had cute little decorations and he had such a cute outfit she ordered from Etsy (sad I didn't get a picture of him in his bday suit). Hudson fell asleep but momma woke him up a little later to open up gifts and eat some yummy cake!

                          Loved his little cake with guitars on it.

Check out this little cutie! I love this picture of Hudson (by Rachel Tate Photography). I can't believe how grown up he is. Also, I'm in love with the picture frame and will be going to get one!! I need a big one anyway for one of our wedding pictures and think this one will look great!

Andrew and I have 9 days until Jamaica!! AHHHH- cannot wait. It'll be so nice to get away together. I also booked my Vegas flight today for when I go with my parents in September. I figured by then I'll want another little vacation = )

Hope everyone stays cool in the weather- have a great week!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Highlights from the weekend

Geez- This weekend went by WAY TOO FAST! I got off work a little earlier on Friday and went to Conway to visit the parentals and I got to see this cutie!

                                  Look at the face- he was happy to see me!
Mom and I usually go to Little Rock to do shopping but this weekend we just to went to some Antique shops and little boutiques in downtown Conway. We also went to the huge shoe store in Conway (can't remember the name, sorry) and mom got a pair of cute TOMs. They're white with all different colors of elephants on them. What I thought was really cool is in the box was a bracelet with a letter. They went to deliver shoes to a little boy and that boy gave a bracelet because he was so excited about his shoes. So they're putting a bracelet in the box with all those certain shoes for us to get a gift in return. I thought it was a cool little story.
 I have also recently added a new pair of TOMs to my collection (yes collection, I have 13, I'm obsessed). A lady from my work got these and I had to have them as soon as I saw them

Andrew has been wanting a grill since we've pretty much moved into our house. We've been looking some on the internet and stores and I found one at Target that was a good deal. I texted Andrew pictures and he told me to "bring that badboy home".  The worker brought the grill out for me in it's box and it was HUGE! Mom and I had to call my dad to come get it with his truck. We measured and could've probably fit it in my backseat but that box is HEAVY- so we decided not to do that. SO Andrew has to wait until tomorrow when my dad can bring it down to him = ) I honestly can't wait either for some grilling out! Andrew is a great cook and loves to grill and that's one of my favorite things about summer is grilling! Here's the pictures that I sent him = )

This is what I'm excited about- look at those kabob sticks! Can't wait for some tasty kabobs!
And yes, I know we could still make kabobs without those sticks BUT it just made me excited to try one!

Last Thursday I got a lovely package delivered! My ROOMBA!!! I was so excited about this because I have a big dog that sheds like no other = ( After I got home sunday I got it out and we put it together- this thing is AMAZING! I definitely recommend for everyone! It does such a great job- and our wood floors even look more shiny like we mopped! Nala is not fond of the roomba = ) Here's a video of her running from it ha!

Sunday night Andrew and I went to his parents from a family cookout since his aunt/uncle and cousin was in town. It was soo yummy (yes I had some hot dogs). Geez it is HOT outside though and it's only the beginning of June! I cant only imagine how the rest of summer will be UGH! I don't do good with heat!

Hope everyone stays cool!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

~Memorial Weekend~

Yes I realize this is a little late! I've been one busy girl. Or when I'm not I don't feel like blogging = )

My weekend was full of fun stuff. My mom came into town so one night we hung out with Whitney to celebrate her birthday! We started it off right with a great dinner at Bordino's. Mom and I split a crab cake (yes if you know I don't like seafood, I did try the crab cake and it was OK) and some beef rigatoni. OMG this was my first time to try this dish (i think) and it was soooo good. I'll definitely be getting it again, my mom loved it too. 

                           Janae & I celebrating with Whit for her 25th Bday

Later that night I told mom we can eat a hot dog from the hot dog stand or go to IHOP and she chose IHOP which is the next best thing besides a hot dog = ) 

Saturday mom and went to try HuHot in Fayetteville. I've tried a mongolian grill before in OR but hadn't been to this one yet. I liked it and so did mom. The only thing is I'm not very good at thinking of sauces to put on my food (even though they try to tell you how). But whatever I put in mine I liked it.

                              Oh yes I took a picture of the girll = )

After lunch, mom and I hit up the casino with my grandma! I didn't take much and geez it didn't take me long to lose it either! We didn't stay long then mom and I headed to see Bridesmaids. LADIES and even gentleman if you haven't seen this you need to go. I'd see it again in a heartbeat (it was my mom's 2nd time). It is so good and funny!

I also went to go see The Hangover: Part 2 this weekend with Andrew and our friends Mike & Liz- another great movie- better than the 1st. Oh before we went to the movies we went and ate at Louie's Bar & Grill and if you check-in there you get a free cheese dip- just FYI for all you people that love to go out to eat as much as I do = )

Monday was Memorial Day (thank you to all of our troops for everything you do). Andrew mowed and I went shopping at Victoria Secret (7 panties for $25) can't pass up a deal like that! Afterwards, we went to a cook-out at our Mike & Sarah's house. Of course yummy food- grilled chicken, pork tenderloin, ribs, potato salad, cole slaw, bake beans, brownies, cupcakes, AND TONS MORE! 

                       Yummy/refreshing drink on a hot relaxing day
Pretty much my weekend was AWESOME! And yes I ate entirely way toooooo much- I didn't even tell you ALL the places we ate at = ) Because yes, it's that bad!

Do you see what's in my Nala girl's mouth? Yes, it's a deer antler. Andrew found it while fishing and brought it back to her and she loves it! This girl wakes me up whiney in the early am =( so I think she needs to go potty and she freaks out when I say "Do you need to go outside?" so I take her out and she just runs straight to the antler. UGHHH drives me nuts because I refuse to let it in the house because it's nasty. But she's cute when she plays with it outside = )

Have a great weekend everyone!