Sunday, May 19, 2013

5 months...ALREADY?!?!?!?!

Wow- where has the time gone? I can't believe our little boy is 5 months old. It's been so much fun watching Cooper change and see him figure out the world around him. I love him more and more everyday (if that's possible) = ) He's such a sweetie and have spoiled us by being so good. Yes, don't get me wrong he gets fussy, but it's usually because diaper needs changed, tired or needs a bottle. However, we have hit some fussy stages lately and we think he's starting to teeth. You can see a white spot on the bottom trying to pop through- it hasn't been terrible YET and I'm just waiting for it to get really bad- I've heard horror stories about teething, eeeeek.

Cooper some things you're are doing:

  • You've rolled over on your tummy a couple of times- but you can't get your arm out and so you flip right back onto your back
  • You've ate green beans, peas, squash, guacamole, sweet potatoes and carrots
  • Sleeping 10-12hrs a night
  • Putting everything in your mouth
  • You wear a bib pretty much all the time because you drool like crazy (during teething stages) and for when you spit up
  • You're wearing size 2 diapers and 6-month clothes, there's very few onesie's that are 3-months that you can wear
  • You still babble quite a bit and are laughing more- we love your sweet laughs
  • You try to feed yourself- always grabbing the spoon
  • We drink out of a sippy occasionally- just some water 
  • You stick out your tongue and try to blow raspberries- you'll try to move your tongue like mommy/daddy do
Cooper's schedule:
  • Wake up around 7:15-7:30
  • Drink a  bottle (we've started doing 5oz. bottles), we do some tummy time and play for a bit- get dressed then head to the babysitter's
  • Usually fall asleep in the car on the way to the babysitter's, and nap for 45min-hour
  • Bottle around 10ish, play and nap usually an hour (sometimes a little longer)
  • Bottle at 1ish- play some and nap again for a good hour or little longer (he's a great napper during the day)
  • Bottle around 3:30-4 (this varies depending on how long you sleep)
  • I usually pick up Cooper around 5:15 and we head to the gym (3-4x a week) so I can get a workout in (you usually sleep during this time or you love watching, you're a BIG people watcher)
  • Bottle around 6:30, we play and eat some veggies around 7:30 then a bath b/c we are messy
  • Read a book and take your last bottle at 8:30 then bedtime (formula is mixed with oatmeal in your bedtime bottle)
                      Cooper loves story time
          We're reading for fall and FOOTBALL in this house!!!

Mom and I FINALLY found sunglasses- I know they look like goggles but they're sunglasses
 He wouldn't want to wake up to this face

               Worn out at Race for the Cure

There's a little update on our big boy- nothing new really going on with us- just enjoying life with the 4 of us, yes nala is still our little girl ; )