Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy 4 months!

Our sweet happy boy is 4 months old today! I miss him being a newborn already but yet love this age too- his little personality comes out more and more everyday! He's quite the sweetie = ) I think the best thing is waking up in the morning to such a smiley boy- definitely starts your day off great!

                        We love our boy so much!

We recently switched Pediatrician's and felt like our appointment was more personable and not just run through the list of "yes/no" ?'s about what Coop is doing. Cooper is doing great and his shots this time were way better than 3-month shots- he barely cried at all! Thanks goodness because I can't handle it ha! I'm officially done breastfeeding now- since going back to work I quit producing as much and eventually dried up- my goal was 6 months but I'm fine with making it to 4. We've been giving Cooper formula for his night time bottle for awhile though so I'm glad I know his tummy can handle formula already.

  • Weight: 13 pounds and 7 ounces (25th %)
  • Length: 24 inches (25th %)
  • Head was 75th %- big head like his daddy = ) He'll just grow into it
  • First real giggles @ 3 1/2 months (3/28)
  • Rolled from stomach to back at 3 1/2 months (3/30)
  • Sleeping through the night still- we lay you down between 8:30-9 and you'll sleep until 7ish- sometimes I have to wake you up to get ready to go to the babysitters
  • You're loving toys now- we got you a new play mat (for Easter) with a piano at the end and you love to kick and play music- and sometimes get mad if we pick you up
We let Cooper try some rice cereal around 3 1/2 months- we mixed it with some formula and he was not for sure about it. Of course more went all over him than in his mouth

Then we tried oatmeal and liked that a lot better. We started mixing some in his bedtime bottle. Then at Cooper's 4-month appointment we talked about starting veggies. So we tried squash first and he kind of liked it. We tried sweet potatoes today though and he enjoyed that way better- more of it went into his mouth ha!
                              Eating some squash

Nothin too exciting has been going on around the Woody house. Just enjoying spending time with our little man and excited for warm weather to venture and play outside. Now just get ready for picture galore.

Easter presents from mimi/papaw (rabbit), nana/grandpa (nana got creative and decorated diapers = ) This momma was happy for diapers ; )

 We gotta get our workouts in- this is Early and her daughter Blakely- Cooper gets to hang out with Blakely at her grandmas while we're working

Cooper has been falling asleep like this quite often. He has been quite the nap fighter but it has gotten 100x better! We've even started putting him in crib for naps and he does good or sometimes I'll hold him the whole time ; )
Davina, a girl from our Crossfit Box, made these awesome little desserts. She's so creative

Andrew has been going to some training courses since starting at Benton County. He just got back from LR and Cooper was excited to have his nap buddy back. I'm so thankful for an easy baby, definitely helps when Andrew has to be gone.

Getting snuggled at the Crossfit Terra-Firma BBQ- Cooper loved it.

We got good news and hopefully Andrews mom gets to come back home sometime this week! She has been in LR getting a second round of chemo. Keep her in your prayers for counts to keep coming up and to stay healthy so she can come home and see everyone and love on her grand-babies!