Saturday, July 20, 2013

7 months already?!?!?!

Wow- it's so bittersweet watching our little man grow up! I'm sure all parents feel this way- I love watching him figure out the world around him and do new things but yet I want time to freeze because it's going by WAY TOO FAST! I get teary eyed every time I think about how fast he is growing. I don't think he can get any sweeter and he's so easy-going.

Cooper you're the big 7 months now! I'm not for sure about your stats because we won't go back to the dr. until you're 9 months old unless you gets sick (hopefully that won't happen). If I was guessing on weight, I'd say you're getting pretty close to 20lbs. We've moved up to size 3 diapers and can still wear some 6 months clothes but some are a little snug = ) so we have some 9 months we wear too. You're sitting up on your own now like a champ. You haven't figured out the crawling yet but I think you're close because you'll rock like you're about to crawl. You roll around like crazy and spin around on your belly to explore all your toys. Your oral-motor skills have gotten much better (my speech friends will understand this = ) You're eating puffs quite often now and do great at picking them up and putting them in your mouth and mashing them up. Still no teeth- but you've been drooling this weekend like nothing else- so maybe there will be some soon!

There's been a bunch of first in the last month- get ready for pictures!


 1st Fourth of July- Cooper actually stayed up to watch the fireworks- we took lots of naps because I wanted him to see them. He would jump when they went off but just stared at them in awww- so all in all it was a great 4th. We ate at MiMi and Papaws and Daddy set off some fireworks at night

                     Swimming at Aunt Darcy's on the 4th

         First time in a swing at MiMi and Papaw's

                Cousins on the 4th!

              These 2 are a month apart- fighting over toys

    Future crossfitters right now- this is Blakely (Coop's gf) and her grandma watches her and Cooper during the day. We're so thankful that we have such an awesome babysitter who loves Cooper like he's her grandson.

  First time in a high chair at Mojitos (he liked holding that chip, I was shocked he didn't try to eat it)

Celebrated your girlfriends 1st Birthday!! We love you Blakely!!
             She loved her cake!

         You liked swinging with daddy at the party

Your monthly picture was harder to take this year- you're quite a busy body!

        Cooper watching Crossfit class with Coach Ashley
          New PJ's- what is this on my feet?
We got to meet our friend's Blanca sweet baby Leon short for Leonidas- I can't believe Cooper was this tiny! = (

   Tried to get a picture of them together without Cooper bothering him

            Future Crossfit Babies!!!  Love these ladies!

   Watching Evelyn play some soccer- Cooper was interested- future soccer play? maybe...
         Celebrated Paxton's 1st birthday!! Such a cutie!
  Cooper and Griffin playing at the birthday party- they're a week apart- it's funny because Cooper was born on Griffin's due date and Griffin was born on Cooper's due date! Griffin came a week late and Cooper a week early

     Really working on drinking out of a sippy cup better

I think I hit key things- if not I'll just add later = ) I count my blessings everyday for my sweet healthy little family! Love them to pieces and I don't even remember what life was like before Cooper. He definitely makes it way better!