Monday, March 24, 2014


Seriously! 15 months- I cannot believe our sweet little angel is 15 months!!!! Cooper you are such a sweet little boy and get commented about it all the time. When you meet new people though or if you're around people you haven't seen very much, you're quiet at first. Once you warm up though you jabber a lot and show them your true self = )  

You say my name a lot more now and walk around the house yelling "mama" when trying to find me, and I LOVE IT!!! You say daddy or dada all the time. You're talking so much and will imitate or try just about anything. My favorite was when you started saying "Love you". The main words you say a lot: ball, book, shoes, bye bye, hello, daddy, momma, eat, teeth, more, up, go, beep beep, nana, nala, dog, uh-oh...and I'm probably missing. You will say some words in spanish as well and understand a lot in spanish. You follow directions in both languages. 

You're definitely all boy climbing on everything and recently tried to start jumping off the couch!! Yeah, we had to stop that one pretty quick and let you know that is bad. You love riding in your car or on your riding toys. Balls are your favorite toys and recently you've started loving books and can't get enough of them (which I love). 

You're wearing 18 month clothes (some 12 months fit), size 4 diapers, and size 4 shoes. You're eating anything and everything! I can only imagine how much you'll eat when you get older because your eat TONS now. I wonder a lot where you're putting it. 

We had your 15 month appointment today and everything looked great. A healthy little boy. You had fun until the shots came but calmed down quickly thank goodness. You weigh 22 pounds (36%), and are 30in. long (15%). 
                               Getting checked out 

Yes, I'm one of those moms that loves to order shirts for Holidays. I can't help it there too cute. I've tried to slow down though and I don't get his name on them anymore, Andrew didn't understand why I kept getting his name on them. He says "but he knows his name!!!"- men = )

                                Valentine's Day 2014
                              Cooper with his girlfriend B
Aunt KK gave Cooper his first haircut at MiMi and Pawpaws. He just got a little trim in the back to get rid of the baby hairs = )
               Cooper loves riding his ship rocker and playing the music.

 Cooper had his first trip to Chick-fil-a before we went to the library. He's ate it before but we never went inside. A guy was dressed as the cow and walking around and Cooper loved it. He kept looking for that cow every chance he got and this is the only picture I took = ( 

                     Family night reading at the library with friends
                        Coloring at Chuy's with mommy and nana
                I love the way he sleeps- his little feet criss crossed and booty in the air
                First time fishing with daddy- I have a feeling this is the first of MANY fishing trips