Thursday, September 19, 2013

Where did 9 months go???

Our sweet boy turned 9 months on Saturday! Before you know it he'll be 1!!! NOOOO- such a bittersweet time! Cooper we love you so so much and you've definitely made life more exciting! You're figuring more stuff out and it's so fun to watch you examine everything and see the wheels spinning = )

Some new/first things:

  • had 9-month appointment. Weight- 18 pounds, 10 ounces (24th %), height- 28 inches (54%), head circumference- 19in. (i don't know the % on this but I'm guessing it's up there ha)
  • drinking from a sippie cup consistently- well water, no formula in sippie's yet
  • started eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks- started just putting oatmeal in morning bottles because wouldn't finish your daytime bottles, i guess from being full of all that food you chow down on =)
  • went on your first family vacation to Big Cedar
  • you're still always talking I feel like and babbling away- dada has a been a new one you're saying a lot
  • have a tooth poking through- no it hasn't come all the way through yet but i'm counting it!
  • no more army crawling- crawling on all fours and FAST!
  • pulling up on everything you can
  • starting to cruise a little bit- not tons but I have feeling it's coming soonhad to move crib mattress to lowest level so you don't topple over when you pull up to stand
  • had your trip to the splash park
  • walk while holding on and pushing the big car on wheels (this is new, babysitter has one but we don't- getting one this weekend!)

          Trip to Big Cedar pictures

         Cousins 1-month apart

          Vacation wore him out- he was sound asleep!

               Splash park fun!

           Nala wants him to play fetch so bad

          He loves her Nala


         My new grin I learned

    I think he's watched Nala too much ; )

This boy hardly ever does this anymore- partially I'm sure my fault because we just lay him down in his crib awake at night and for naps and he falls asleep on his own- so I love it when he passes out on me!

     Sweet babies- they'll be BFF