Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finally In

YAY!! So we got to close Friday and immediately started packing some stuff! Andrew left Friday around 6 to go to Downstream for his Bachelorette Party. My dad was here so we moved boxes all weekend and I set up the kitchen with all of our new stuff from wedding showers = ) I LOVED it!! It was nice to finally take everything out of the boxes.  Andrew got back sunday and he started moving the beds so we could stay at our place = ) So we've been staying at the new house since Sunday night! It is soooo much better than the townhouse!

My dad stayed with us until Wednesday- he was here doing some work for some people, but with all the rain will have to come back to finish. Andrew and I went and got more boxes throughout the week. He would go during the day before going to work and I would head over after work and grab more boxes. I didn't think I"d ever be finished. Well Kellye (my 2nd mom and Whit's mom) kept telling me she would help- I didn't think I really needed her because there wasn't much left at the townhouse. BOY was I wrong there was a lot left. She said she would go ahead and come help and so did Whit. They came yesterday and we got everything OUT of the townhouse! They're are moving machines!! I told Andrew we should've called them from the beginning because they know how to move ha!

We came back to the new house and started unpacking and setting up my guest room better and just put stuff away. I don't know why I thought I didn't have that much to do because there was LOTS! Big Kara kept offering to help too but again I told her I didn't have much- yep next time (which will be way later on) I'm telling people to come help even if I don't think I need any = )

Tonight (thursday) is the first night I've actually got to come home and just relax it's felt AMAZING! I was so excited to watch Grey's tonight and then Private Practice. But after seeing all the Facebook posts about Grey's I don't even know if I'll watch it since it's the singing episode. I'll just skip to Private Practice!

Oh and what is up with this crazy weather!! I looked out the window this morning and it looked like it'd be a nice day, but NO rained hard all day! It was crazy because there were even HUGE snowflakes mixed in with the rain in Rogers & Bentonville. It was a crazy thing to see! I'm ready for Spring!! My allergies can't take much more of these drastic weather changes.

I'm excited for the weekend- lots of stuff to do! Tomorrow night going to eat at Bordino's for my friend Sarah's bday. Saturday I have a work meeting for a little bit and my mom is coming to town = ) YAY!!! Saturday night I have people coming over to see the new house and celebrate almost getting married!!! WAHOO! Can't believe it's almost here!

Everyone have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Venting Time

Yes it's venting time for me. I've actually calmed down a lot but now want to fill everyone in on this whole house thing and how ridiculous it has been! ha. If you are friends on my facebook then you know some of it from my statuses. Also, I've already vented to my mom and Whit so you don't have to read this again = )

So it started off on Monday- Benefit Bank who we're doing all the closing stuff through w/Rausch Coleman sent us papers to sign before our closing date (Friday 3/25). Well we noticed the picture on the front is not our house! So Andrew called and they said don't sign anything we'll send you a new packet with the right picture! Also, on Monday I got an e-mail from a lady from the bank needing more information from Andrew and I- so I worked in btwn. clients and had Andrew go to utility people to get the things they needed. One thing they needed was 3 non-traditional credits from the last 12 months- so we got everything to them! I asked if they needed anything but nope it all looked good!

This morning (thurs 3/24) I get an e-mail from the lady again stating that one of our utility bills was only for the last 11 months not 12! Ok seriously this 1-month is going to put a hold on our closing! SO Andrew calls the water company to ask if they can type us up a different statement saying the last 12-months and we'll pay our bill early. Well that wouldn't work because our cycle isn't over until end of April!!! Andrew even offered to still pay whatever but no they wouldn't do it! So this is when I go into panic mode because I really want to close on Friday to have the weekend to move stuff & we have to be out of the town house by April 1!

So Andrew calls Cox because we didn't turn that non-traditional credit in- but no they said it's against their company policy to give us the information showing we've paid the last 12-months! Are you kidding me??? You're giving it to us, it's our information! AHHHHHH!!! Stress level increases huge now!! This was our only chance until DING Andrew has another idea- Thank goodness for him!

Andrew got renter's insurance last March before moving into the town house! SO I e-mailed the lady and she said "YES HOORAY" this will work!! They just need to type up something saying we've made payments last 12-months! Well Andrew paid it all up front, so I tell her this and she says "It won't work, we need to see you've made payments the last 12-months". AGAIN are you kidding me?!?!? We get penalized for being good and paying something up front in full??? So i'm almost in tears and mad! (I'm sure you're all reading this and thinking you're a baby) ha! But can't help it, I did not realize what a mess this can be!

So I go back to Cox and they do print me off the last 12-months showing that I've paid- BUT it doesn't show due date of payment or anything so that won't work = ( So I write a very long e-mail to the lady from the bank explaining I don't understand how anyone young can buy their first house unless they've lived somewhere for over a year, because not everyone is going to have non-traditional credit for a year!!!! She just responds with "I know it's stressful, let me see what I can do". She e-mails me back a little later saying she talked to another processor and they said the "insurance statement" will work! YAY, everything is good to go now for closing on Friday!! SO I write back and ask are we still good to close even though that picture was wrong on those papers- because all the numbers matched up to our house. She said "I think so, I'll get back with you for sure later".

Well I got an e-mail saying "We cannot close due to the appraiser appraising the wrong house"!! Are you kidding me?? There's only 6 houses in the neighborhood, come on now, pay attention!!! Andrew talked to the realtor we got the house through and let her know what we thought about this whole process!!! We worked our butts off today to get everything they needed and the beginning of the week getting everything to them QUICK so we could hurry up and close!

So the realtor mentions maybe an early move-in since now we can't close until hopefully next Tuesday. Ok great- we'll take it!!! Because with Andrew's crazy schedule he's off on Sunday/Mondays so we can get a lot moved in! Then she calls back saying we can only put boxes in the garage- ok that's better than nothing but seriously just let us move stuff in the house! We already have insurance so if anything happens they'll cover it!

Oh gets better! Then she calls back again and says "Oh we're going to close tomorrow at 11, it's back on. The appraiser is going out to the house tonight and will have everything fixed by morning, and if we don't close we will let you start moving into the house".  So yes great news- but seriously people get your stuff together!! It's just been hard for me to because I've had to get someone to cover my kids at work, then wait never mind I can cover them because we're not closing. Oh wait! We are closing now so have to cancel some kiddos. It was been a roller-coaster! Thankfully the parents are very understanding. I'm not even excited at this point ha! I won't be until we actually sign or can move stuff in!

To the co-workers today- sorry if I've been hateful to any of you today = ) I don't think I was too bad I tried to stay calm and just vented to you all ha! So thanks for that! And giving me information because I've never done this. But i will tell you one thing- I'm not moving again FOR A VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME!! This has ruined me ha!

Exciting news- my dad is coming into town this weekend! I haven't seen him in a month or a little over! He gets to help move some stuff over the weekend yay! if we get to- I better quit jinxing myself!

Yeah this post isn't the greatest but thought I'd let everyone know how crazy this closing stuff has been
= )

Definitely went to CrossFit tonight to release some stress, and it worked I'm exhausted now!
Have a great weekend

Monday, March 21, 2011

WOO HOO!!!!!

YAY!!!! I can't begin to explain how excited I am- can you guess why!!! (drumroll please)- We're closing on the house this Friday at 9am!!! SO SO SO excited- finally get to unpack all the goodies we've gotten from bridal showers and set everything up!! I have to cancel a client or maybe 2- I don't know how long closing on a house takes. I'm hoping an hour will be enough so I can get back to my client by 10!
Andrew is leaving for Downstream Casino with some friends for his Bachelor Party sometime on Friday so he might move a little bit of stuff before he leaves. My dad is coming into town so he'll help me move a lot of the gifts/clothes/dishes so that's good!

Anyways no onto some wedding stuff! Friday I met with my photographer to go over the details for the big day = ) Pretty much just what time we need everyone to be ready- hopefully we're on time ; ) After I met with her I went to Eddie Haskell's for a mini lingerie/bachelorette party for some of my good friends that can't make it to Vegas with us! Saturday I got up early to get nails filled and after Whit and I got some yummy lunch at Tim's Pizza. I love their salads so we split one and a sandwich! After that we went to the mall for a little bit and then headed to Ulta to the brow-bar because Big Kara said I must get them done, ha I know isn't she so nice j/k! They do look way better I must admit! After that we headed to get some fake eyelashes from Sally's. We found some cute bling ones to wear in Vegas when we do the Bachelorette Night! Will post pictures after Vegas = ) We also went to go pick up Spencer's flower girl dress. It's very pretty but Spencer has grown in the last month so needed to let it out a little bit- she's almost taller than me now!!! GEEZ! After all of our errands we went back to Big Kara's so she could practice my make-up. Saturday was a busy/fun day!
Saturday night Andrew and I went to his parents to celebrate his mom's birthday. We got Catfish Hole and it was soooo good. I haven't ate there in forever but their chicken strips are very good! They also had some ice-cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery. WAIT, no I did not eat any = ) I was a good girl and I'm still sticking to the no ice-cream. I have had some yogurt a couple of times though- went to YumYo's and Orange whatever on Dickson. Later on Saturday night we had our friends Chad & Sarah come over and we played Cranium! Which was fun, but Andrew and I lost  = ( Boo

Yesterday (Sunday) I had my bridal portraits done at Inn at Carnall Hall. I got there at 2 along with the two Kara's. One fixed my hair and one did my make-up. It was crazy because my heat was beating 90 to nothing when I got dressed and everything and it's not even the wedding day!! I can only imagine how I'm going to feel before I walk down the aisle ha! Andrew and I are going to see each other before the ceremony though so I hope that'll make me not as nervous! It was a gorgeous day yesterday except for the wind at times blowing the hair everywhere- but we got it to work! Now I just can't wait to see them.

Sorry not many pictures on this blog but I haven't taken any! Well except for this one I'm about to post!
Oh gosh! Can't believe I posted this- I'm not even going to explain it but it's just from High School- but yet this picture was taken Friday night at the lingerie party! Whit decided to bring me this costume = ) Thought I would want it!
I hope everyone has a great week! Hopefully we have beautiful weather again!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring will be here soon

This weekend we had some great weather! I can't wait until Spring is here for good, and I hope we don't get that last snow storm I've been hearing about. I just want some warm weather.

This week has been great- one night some friends and I had taco night. I made 7 layer dip (well mine is actually only 5), and we had cheese dip, tacos, guacamole and no bake cookies.  Which I did not eat any cookies because I was going to give up sweets for Lent but then decided to give up just ice cream. If you know me then you know I eat way toooo much ice cream!!! Friday night I went to eat at Feltner's on Dickson, and you'll never believe it but I didn't eat a hot dog!! I ate a cheeseburger and fries and it was sooo good!  Later on that night some friends and I ate at Waffle House on Dickson- it's very nice and of course was so good. I always get the All-star (eggs, bacon, waffles, hash browns & toast).

Saturday morning Andrew and I met his parents at the new house to show them how far it has come along since they had seen it 2 weeks ago. We get to do our walk-through on Tuesday evening at 4- I can't wait. We've seen a couple things they need to fix but hopefully they get those taken care of quick so we can close and start MOVING!! I can't wait to move all of our stuff from our showers into the new place! After looking at the house we went to Men's Warehouse to pick out the tuxes- well I already picked them out so just had to get fitted for them = ) I picked there because they can match the groomsmen vests/tie to match the bridesmaid's shoes.

Saturday night Andrew and I went to do Driving Dickson Street to help raise money for Miracle League (baseball for kids with disabilities). There were 9 bars that participated and you went around to each one and played Putt-Putt- at the end you turned in your score sheet and your team would get trophies if you won! Each bar designed their own putt-putt and I think people voted on them.  We left before any of the voting. Some bars had really cool ones and some not so much! Here's some pictures of some of the good ones.
                    West End- probably my favorite just because of the Hog!

                                  Carmen and I got a hole-in-one. We were excited

                             Jose's- it was so hard! Had to hit the ball over the chips into the hole!

                        King Fish- kind of hard to see but you had to get it in a cup- it was really hard too

                                                        Wine Cellar

                      Grub's- this is where the night ended and they had a band

Today I had my work shower. One of client's mom's wanted to have it at her house in Springdale (thanks Hailey!). I got a lot of GREAT stuff. I got some baking pans/William Sonoma gift card, flour/sugar antique looking canisters, Pyrex dishes, shower curtain/trash can/tumbler/toothbrush holder/kleenex holder for our bathroom, a huge soft blanket with our names & wedding date monogrammed on it, mortar & pestle, Arkansas serving platter, martini glasses, crystal serving platter. Again can't wait to get them in the new house and start using them!!!! Thanks everyone who came- loved everything! 
After the shower my friend Whitney and I went to go play some kickball. First game of the season- we lost but oh well!

The wedding is almost here! I can't believe it- I'm counting down the days for Vegas and the Wedding!

Everyone have a great week! I'm getting my bridal portraits done on Sunday! I can't wait to put on my dress agin ha!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Longest Post EVER!

Sorry, if you're reading this you better be ready for the long haul because it'll be LONG! Lots of pictures though, which is always good to hear I think  = )

First, I'll start with last week- it was a pretty good week, not too busy with anything besides a Potluck at work on Tuesday. We have potlucks once a month to celebrate birthdays for that month and of course have great food!! This potluck was Taco Bar. We had everything from beef, chicken tacos, to chips/salsa, cheese dip, cookie cake, banana pudding and cookies! It was amazing and of course I ate way too much! Here's some pictures from the potluck

                                                  Mmmmm....so good

                                    Delicious Banana Pudding- my favorite

                                                        Taco Bar

                                                 Mango Salsa- it went by quickly!

As you can see from the photos it was an awesome potluck with great food! Wednesday I cancelled all my clients and a bunch of us girls from work went to Fort Smith for a Continuing Education Class. It was over Pediatric Disorders and very informative, I'm glad I went and got lots of good info.

Wednesday after work I went to Sunny Nails and got a pedicure. I think I've mentioned before how their pedicures are amazing- they use hot stones to massage your legs/feet- and it feels sooooo good! Then, Thursday night Andrew and I went to dinner at Napoli's a local Italian restaurant in Rogers. I got chicken and broccoli tortellini- mmmm it was very good. Andrew got pizza and he really liked it too. There's so many good choices on the menu that I want to try- looks like I'll just need to go a lot more = )

Friday was when all the festivities began!!! I got off work at 2 and called to meet up with my mom. She came into town for my bridal shower, BUT Friday we headed to an early dinner at PF Chang's first then headed off to Cherokee Casino in Siloam. We decided to stay there that night and have some fun. I've never stayed at the hotel but it was really nice and we had a lot of fun. Of course I took some pictures

                               I thought this was funny- wearing their lucky jackets

                                                 Mom hit a good one!!

Saturday morning we woke up and ate breakfast at the buffet in the Casino the headed back to Rogers. We got my car and headed to Fayetteville for my bridal shower. The bridal shower was at Mermaid's and it went great!!!  I don't have a lot of pictures because my camera broke that day! I took some with my camera before I started opening presents. It was a great turn out and we got TONS of goodies!!! Thank you bridesmaids for a wonderful shower!!

                                      The yummy petit fours with rings on them
                                              Food was great

And here's the pictures of all the stuff taking up the spare bedroom = )

We loved loved everything and was so blessed to get so many gifts from family and friends! Now we can't wait to put it all in the new house!

After the shower Andrew, my mom and I went to go look at the house. Mom and I went Friday before we headed to the Casino but they had done a lot in 1 day! They got our granite counter-tops in and the bathroom counter-tops, light fixtures and finished painting. I'm so excited- we did get some bad news though = ( Our contractor told us that they're shooting for March 30th- this whole time we still thought March 15th. BUT we're just hoping he's overshooting the deadline instead of undershooting it! Here comes the pictures galore

                                               Closer look at granite

                                           Spare bathroom- still need those sinks!

                                         Storage closet in master bathroom

OK! Sorry for all the pictures- but I like to watch the progress.  After dinner Mom and I went to Mason's and then went to Bordino's for some dinner. Just about every time she comes into town we go to Bordino's and split dinner and get a yummy tini. Of course it was wonderful- afterwards we went to Common Grounds and got hot chocolate. If you're ever there get the Meltdown- it has vanilla ice cream in hot chocolate- OMG wish I had some right now!!

Today my mom left around 10:30 to go back to Conway = ( and I worked on some thank you cards. Andrew and I went to Fayetteville to hang out at his parents for awhile and tonight we met with some people to possibly buy a kitchen table from. We went and looked and it was a great price so we got it. We won't keep it forever but it's a great table to last us until we find one we really like! Of course some more pictures

Ok, last thing- Big Kara sent me an e-mail Friday night that TOMs came out with light blue sparkle TOMs- THANK YOU TOMs, I've been waiting for you to make these!!! Not only because I love blue but wanted to wear them for my wedding (well reception part). I asked Mason's if they were getting them in soon, and they said they were only TOMs exclusive- so if you want some you might want to order them online.

Hope everyone had a great week, of course I'm closing the blog with 2 pictures of my sweet Nala girl.
                            This does not look comfy, but she didn't seem to mind

Have a great week