Monday, May 23, 2011


Have you all been missing me = ) I didn't do my weekly blog last week- obviously nothing too exciting happened! Except for a yummy dinner with friends at Bordino's and some Waffle House. Yes that's right, anytime I'm at Dickson Street I have to have Waffle House. Especially if I'm with Big Kara (b/c she's obsessed) but not gonna lie I love breakfast for dinner and this Waffle House is sooo nice compared to others (for now anyway).

I did get to finally try Ruth Chris steakhouse! Thanks to my BFF Whitney inviting me one night to go eat with her and her friends. We just sat in the bar area and got some steak sliders- OMG so yummy!!!! If anyone wants an early dinner they have appetizers half off M-Th until 7pm. So the sliders we got were $6 and so so good! Definitely will be taking Andrew so he can try it out!

This past weekend Drew came into town (YAY) so Andrew and I met up with her at Rolando's for dinner in downtown Rogers. I love this place- mexican food but a little bit different. Saturday I had errands to run during the day and that night Andrew had kept asking me if I had plans- I said nope just hang out with you. I mentioned maybe rent "Meet the Fockers" going to grab pizza- Andrew NEVER turns down pizza and didn't really say anything! I couldn't believe it and said "WHAT?!? You don't want pizza"- so he asked what about Bonefish? UMMM yes please! Always down for Bonefish! But we better had left right then considering no reservation and graduation day for Bentonville- but someone was sneaky and had already made a reservation to celebrate our 1 month of being married = ) I was so excited to know we would actually get a table ha! It was PACKED and we went at 6! Andrew had fish (dora, the special) and I had the pork (fontina chop) AMAZING! Oh and we got some strawberry shortcake- they only have in the summer, and it's so so so good! And of course some yummy tini's!

OMG failed to mention that we babysat a dog this week for our friends Chad & Sarah who were in Jamaica for their honeymoon. Oh little Bella is her name and she's a weenie dog. Sarah I'm about to call your dog out- she is not potty-trained! Not that they haven't tried Bella just does not care! SO Bella lost her privileges to stay in the laundry room from playing in her poop!!! Glad Andrew came home to that one- so we let her stay in Nala's big crate. Well then Nala stayed in the laundry room and saturday after running errands I came home to this!

                            And another view
Oh yes I just couldn't believe it! Nala has never done anything like this- so I'm guessing she was just mad about another dog being on her turf! Because she had toys in there to play with! SO Nala was not on my good list either at this point.

I can't believe all this weather that has been going on! I can't imagine being in Joplin and going through everything they are! I watched a youtube video today of the tornado that went through the gas station- a lady inside was videotaping it. You couldn't see anything but just hear the screams and the tornado! UGH GAVE ME CHILLS and definitely got teary eyed. I know tons of churches and businesses are taking donations of pretty much anything to give- I donated a large bag of clothes today to Keller Williams on Joyce next to TEAM in Fayetteville. There are still people waiting to hear if there family in Joplin is ok or not- just horrible. Hopefully we don't get any more tornado warnings here but I have a feeling we will = (

On a happy note wedding pictures are finally up! YAY! Now just layout of album and figure out which pictures we want to order.

Pretty flowers I got from a client- made my day!

My sweet Nala girl taking over Bella's toy (whoops owe Bella another toy too Sarah)

Hope everyone has a great week! Try to stay safe and dry. Next is memorial weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

Yes I realize this is a little later but oh well! Hope everyone had a great mother's day who are mother's- granted I consider myself a mom! I have my Nala girl and Andrew told me Happy Mother's Day = ) ha
After work Friday I went to Conway (well Greenbrier) to spend the weekend with my parents and mom for mother's day. I get off early on Friday's and it's nice to drive that long without much traffic. There are usually still quite a bit of semi's though, and one cut me off...but then I realized what it was and I was ok with it cutting me off = )
Yes that is a HOG on the back of that semi. I've never seen a truck like this, but it was awesome. No nagging me for taking pictures while driving- you would've too if you love the Hogs. Seeing this truck made me want football season here even worse! I CANNOT WAIT!!! Some friends and I are already planning which away game we'll be attending.
Here's some more pictures of the semi

On my last post I posted a picture of the rice fields by my parents house and all the water. Well I took another picture and it still looks like a lake!
My dad told me how he heard the people had already planted these fields too- I feel so bad for them especially if this is their only job! I could not be a farmer!
I finally got to my parents after all the picture taking and just hung out Friday night. Saturday I slept in until 10- OMG I haven't slept-in in forever...it felt amazing! We got ready and went to LR for some shopping and met up with Drewbie (Drew) for lunch and she had wedding gifts for me = ) After lunch mom and I got some yogurt and then came back to Conway and went to see Water for Elephants. I wanted to read the book first but knew that wouldn't happen so we went and saw it. (We were actually wanting to see Scream 4- yes we like scary movies and have seen all the others, but it wasn't playing anymore which means it stinks I'm sure) Water for Elephants was really good, I cried (won't give away details) but we both liked it.
Sunday morning we went to eat at US pizza in downtown Conway before I came back to Rogers. I got back wrote a report for work and then headed to Fayetteville to eat at Tim's Pizza with Andrew's family for his mom's mother's day dinner. I know I already had pizza- but I love pizza, so it didn't bother me at all.
Monday night I went to one of Sarah P.'s friends house for a craft night. Some of them were going to make spring/summer wreaths. I told her I'm not crafty but she convinced me to come. She showed me a picture off Etsy that she was going to try- people were wanting $40 for these wreaths and I thought they looked pretty easy to make. For me to say that and not just pay the $40 is saying something! Sarah was very kind and went and got stuff for me that day since I had to work all day. I didn't think I was ever going to finish but I did. I really like it, so even if you don't just humor me- I finally did a craft on my own! haha- well except for those flowers- whoops! Sarah's friend AB made them when I was finishing up on the wreath part.
It's a simple little wreath but I wasn't about to go extravagant like my Christmas one. Just a simple Spring/Summer one! And I couldn't have made one as good as my christmas one thanks to Big Kara!

When I got home Monday night Andrew had finished out cabinets. I was excited to get them moved in so we go start filling it up and unpacking some more wedding stuff! I think it turned out great!

                                           With most of our goodies

Tuesday night I went to Fayetteville after work to have dinner with a bunch of my best friends from HS. This time we got takeout from Gusano's (thanks whitney for pick up) and got some of their brownies. MMmmmmm...it was so good and cheap, and I didn't have to cook anything to take. It was great getting together and catching up as always.

My photographer from my wedding e-mailed 2 sneak peak pictures from the wedding until my album is done! I can't wait to see the rest!

There are lots of weddings to go to this summer. I have 2 in June and 1 in July. Andrew's sister's wedding is in August. The wedding festivities just keep rolling- I can't wait for her big day and everything leading up to it!
Hope everyone has a great rest of week.

Monday, May 2, 2011


And yes it's still raining! Well granted it did stop for a few days but then just started back up! I can't believe all the damage people have gotten CRAZY! Here's a picture of a rice field that's right before my parents house in Greenbrier- she sent me this picture and it definitely looks like a lake now ha!

Then I don't know what this guy was thinking- but during the pouring rain he decides to brush-hog in the lot across from our house. Well this is what happened due to all the flooding and rain! Andrew went out and they finally got the tractor un-stuck. I'm sure that's the last time he'll try to do that!

I've had a pretty great week. Everyone has been asking me how it's been married for a week. Well it's been great of course! It's weird coming home though and having nothing to do for the wedding, and nice I must add too ; ) I've been a little busy with thank you cards and need to go buy more of those actually! Andrew and I got a cake mix from William Sonoma and I told him if he cooks dinner (which he's the cooker and usually does) I'll make the dessert! So I started making this cake mix we got. Well I got the two cakes made and turned out good but then it came to the icing that goes in between the 2 cakes. OH BOY! This was a mess and I kept thinking I did it wrong because the icing was NOT nice and fluffy like the picture on the box! It basically will look like a big Oreo but a cake when you're done. Ummm....negative....my icing never looked like the icing in the middle of Oreo's. I kept asking Andrew did I do something wrong, but nope I didn't! Anyways, we just went ahead and put it in the middle of the cakes even though it was still runny and not thick/fluffy. OMG it was so good though!!!! I think it was better than it would be if the icing was thick. Here's a picture of it and I know it looks horrible we laugh about it! Trust me it was so good!
                       Yes I know you're all dying laughing about this picture!

I didn't really do anything the rest of the week, but the weekend was busy! This weekend I helped host a bridal party for my friend Carmen! She works at the same place I do too but the Fayetteville clinic = ( I don't have the group photo of the hostesses and Carmen but I have pictures of the food table- which of course is the best part anyway! We had mexican food and everything turned out great. Carmen and Adam got lots of goodies
             I should've taken another picture later with ALL the food

                     Mmmmm....chocolate covered strawberries and petit fours

                                   Pictures of the cute couple

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to do Race for the Cure with my friend Melanie. She got diagnosed with breast cancer not too long ago so I ran with her team. Her chemo has shrunk the tumor though and she's been extremely strong throughout the whole process! The weather was perfect for the race and the rain held off thank goodness!

After the race I went home and watched the Royal Wedding finally! I had seen pictures of Kate but wanted to watch the wedding by myself without any interruptions! Kate looked absolutely beautiful! I'm not a fan of dresses with sleeves but hers was gorgeous! She definitely looked like a Princess. I think my favorite part of everything was when they walked out on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and you could read her lips saying "wow"! I think it probably hit her right then that's this was a huge deal and she's a Princess now. I must say I was a little disappointed in her bouquet. It just kind of looked like her flowers were dying- I guess it's just not like the ones you usually see at weddings. I was talking to SIL (Kara) and she said she heard the wedding cost like millions (don't remember exact number)! HOLY COW! I heard how her parents pitched in around $125,000- but millions!!! ahhhh- that's nuts! But she looked so so pretty and I loved it!

After watching the Royal Wedding I took a little nap and then went to Crossfit to watch Sectionals. This was their last competition. CrossFit NWA (the one I got to in Bentonville) was ranked really well but will know the where the stand overall before regionals maybe tomorrow. Here's a picture of some of our CrossFitter's working out hard!

Tomorrow's workout we'll be doing in honor of the troops attack on Osama Bin Laden! It'll be a rough one but worth working hard for those that have been working hard for us!!! I'm weird but I can't wait! It's going to be rough but a great workout!
"The Seven"
Seven rounds of:
7 Handstand push-ups
7 Thrusters 135/95
7 Knees to elbows
14 Deadlifts 135/95
7 Burpees
7 Kettlebell swings, 2/1.5
7 Pull-ups

Saturday night I met up with some friends at Table Mesa. Wonderful restaurant in Bentonville- if you've never been go NOW! It's on the Bentonville square. It's mexican but different, they call it modern latin cuisine. I tried their dates for the first time and they were AMAZING! They also have great margaritas . After dinner everyone came back to our house and hung out. My little Nala was worn out!

Sunday morning Andrew and I headed to Gentry to look at a china cabinet we found on Craigslist. We've been needing something for our bar glasses and extra serving platters we have. We found a pretty good deal on one and decided to buy it. It's just white wood and plain so we decided we'll paint. Here's some picture of before- it's a 2 piece one
                                                 the top before

                                              bottom before

And now 1 semi-done after picture:
Of course it's not done. I had showed Andrew a picture of cabinet I liked that was black and looked washed out. But we wanted the washed out color to be something besides just white. So I decided red. It's pretty bold I must say- but this is right after he did it and it already looks different since it's dried some. I think it'll look good once all set up and everything in it- HOPEFULLY! = )
Sunday night we went to Andrew's parents and had a WONDERFUL dinner. Ham, mashed potatoes/gravy, corn, baked beans, deviled eggs, rolls, salad and strawberry shortcake. Yes, did you read all that?!? SOOOO GOOD! And i ate way too much I was hurting! Here's a picture of little Jonah laying on Andrew's back watching "Jungle Book"
Wow, this is has been a long blog- I feel like I can never write a short one! OH well- I'm posting one more picture- it's a crazy one of me in Vegas. My mom thought we should pay the guy so I could get my picture taken with him! Hint: mom and I love scary movies!

Hope everyone has a great week! Hopefully the rain will stop soon (I love rain, but ready for some sun t00)!