Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brrr...It's cold

Yes it is freezing outside!! It snowed in Bentonville today- crazy! I was getting a client from the lobby and his mom said "Oh the flurries are bigger now" I'm like what is this lady talking about? Sure enough it was snowing pretty good.  So I made chili tonight- love chili & winter.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I had a good one and a very busy weekend- there was no break or time for rest! Thursday I met my parents at the Pig Trail and we went to my Aunt's house. Then my dad headed back home to Conway but mom came with me and spent the night. We went and saw "The Social Network"- it was a very good movie. The next morning we got up at 3a.m. (yeah i'm crazy) and went and waited in the long line at Target to get the 40" TV for $298! Yeah very good deal- well they only had about 15, and people were saving some for their friends! I was not a happy camper because in the ad it said 1 per person, but there wasn't an employee to monitor this!!! AHHH- oh well i should've gotten up earlier i guess = ( Mom and I did find some good deals though and shopped all day long! We waited for my friend Whitney to get off work and she rode to Conway with us. Whitney and I headed to the Razorback Basketball game Friday night but we lost = (

The next day was the big day- ARKANSAS vs. LSU!! Whit and I didn't have tickets but we didn't care we were going to tailgate and try to find some- BUT when we got there everyone was looking for some = ( And people were buying them for $200 or over = ( GOOD NEWS though!!! My friend Kim texted me and said she had 2 tickets for FACE VALUE!! I thought Whit and I were going to have a heart attack! Not only did we get to go to this awesome game but didn't have to pay over face value either! Love you Kim thank you so much!! The game was awesome- so loud and packed- and the best part WE GOT THE BOOT!
                                              Tailgaters on the Golf Course

                                                               The HOG

                                                                The "BOOT"

Sunday morning we headed back to the "ville"- I met Andrew and we met with the realtor to pick out everything for our house. It was very exciting picking out everything, but signing everything was a little scary as well. We still have to meet with the banker this week to go over financing stuff- SO hopefully everything works out- prayers would be greatly appreciated that everything works out for the best!

Oh- also on Thanksgiving night Andrew and I decorated our Christmas tree. I had gotten a black one this year that's pre-lit from Wal-Mart. I love it and you can't tell it's black at all!

I still have some ornaments I want to put on the tree- some pink and lime green ones = ) My mom got me the little presents underneath the tree- i love them! Also, Andrew made the bow on the top ha! He was very good at it, we had to YouTube how to make one with the tull stuff, but he did awesome! Way better than I could do!

Tomorrow night I'm going to my friend Kara C.'s house to make my wreath. I'm very excited! Stay tuned for some pictures of it = )

Monday, November 22, 2010

excited, scared, nervous, anxious- D-ALL OF THE ABOVE

That's right D- all of the above! SO I hadn't planned on blogging until after Thanksgiving because a lot going on BUT I just had to do a quick short blog =  ) Andrew and I went and looked at a house yesterday, filled out paperwork and found out today we our APPROVED! YAHOO! We loved the inside of the house we toured but not so much the outside ha (like the brick color w/stone)! So we will be getting ours built just the way we want! We will still living in Rogers, but if we get everything on the go and it's NOT a bad winter than hopefully we can move in before the wedding! YAY!! It'll be a lot more exciting registering for everything for a new house instead of just the townhouse. This way I know what I want each room to look like- HOPEFULLY. Oh but of course I stink on decisions and we decide on everything for the house! EVERYTHING! AHHHH more decisions- I'm sure andrew will help me with that  = ) I'm still trying to not get overly excited just in case it falls through for some reason- I always hear about people doing house stuff and then everything falls through = ( SO hopefully not for us! Have a good night

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy but FUN weekend

Well the title is true- I had a very busy weekend! It started Thursday night- I went to "Ladies Night" at the John Q. Hammons Center. I had never been before but had fun. They had a bunch of booths set up to buy things, then they had a fashion show and gave away door prizes.  Too bad I didn't win anything =( oh well!
Friday night I headed to Tulsa with a friend from work to go see "Wicked". I had seen it before in NYC, but I fell asleep. I know, I know, you're probably thinking what? fell asleep? But i was exhausted from sight seeing all day long and the plane ride.  This is why I wanted to see it again, and it was great of course! If you ever get a chance to see it I definitely recommend it.  However, my favorite is still "The Lion King"!
                                                     The set of "Wicked"

Saturday morning I met up with my matron of honor, Big Kara (we call her big Kara because she's quite a bit taller than me, that way in class we knew which Kara they were talking to) and her daughter Spencer at Springdale Convention Center to do some shopping at another craft fair.  It was similar to the one I went to Thursday night but they had a lot more booths set up at this one.  We got there early which was nice to beat the crowd! I saw a bunch of cute stuff but have been looking for a Christmas ornament that says something like "Our first Christmas" even though Andrew and I aren't married yet.  Well Kara saw something even better! A "Just Engaged" ornament- so of course I had to get it!

                                                  Here's my cute ornament

Next, we went to Oops in Tontitown to get Christmas decorations. I ended up buying stuff to make a Christmas wreath. Well let me rephrase that, for Kara to make it = ) BUT I want to learn how to make them because I refuse to pay $150 for one that's already done.
Spencer (Kara's daughter) is going to be my flower girl. I don't want a white dress though, I want a blue one. That's been hard to fine, so we headed to Hancock Fabrics to pick out fabric and Kara knows of a lady that can make her the dress. I don't know if I've mentioned this or not, but throughout this whole wedding planning I kind of stink at making decisions! I knew I wanted her dress to be blue but that was it. We found a great pattern for a dress that will have a sash. Here's where I get indecisive- I can't decide if I want her to have a silver sash or a black one!!! AHHH...So what do I do? Yep, buy enough fabric so I can see both on and then HOPEFULLY decide ha.

                                        Here's the blue with silver

Now with black- Which do you think?
My bridesmaid dresses are black, but silver is a color in my wedding too. Decisions, Decisions!
After getting the fabric we headed to Rick's Bakery for lunch, met Whitney (my MOH) and did some cake tasting!! YUMMY! My poor mom was suppose to come but got in a wreck Friday night, so her car was not drivable. She is fine though, just not the car. Of course cake tasting was amazing!
Not finished yet...then off to Hobby Lobby for more Christmas decoration shopping- I have no ornaments for Christmas, and since all of the decorations at Hobby Lobby are HALF OFF (that's right half off) I had to take full advantage. I know I didn't get enough and will go back after I start decorating my tree to get more I'm sure.

Saturday night Andrew and I went to a wedding at the Garden Room. The bride was a sorority sister of mine. She looked gorgeous and her wedding was very pretty- she did a great job decorating. After the wedding we went and said hi to Kara Woody (this is not the same Kara with the daughter, this is Andrew's sister, so yes when I marry Andrew there will be 2 Kara Woody's) and her boyfriend Shelby.
Oh and of course we had to stop by Bordino's to get my Key Lime martini- they are to die for, but I'm a huge tini' girl too!

We valeted at Bordino's and I guess they had turned off my headlights, well I turned them back on but not on automatic so today when I get into my car, yep that's right it wouldn't start = (  But we got it fixed just a dead battery = ) I drove Andrew's truck to Sarah's house (a friend from high school) who does an amazing job on invitations. So we talked about invitations for my wedding.
Told you I had a busy weekend, but very fun! Now just 3 work days before Thanksgiving and BLACK FRIDAY!! Oh and of course LSU game! GO HOGS! Can't wait for some shopping. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

         I'll end the blog on a picture of my sweet Nala girl (Ignore the crazy eyes due to flash on phone)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Night

Well day 2 of blogging! Today was a pretty good day, i didn't have a client until 10a.m. so i got to sleep in = ) always love that! work was pretty busy though with clients, after i got off I went to workout at CrossFit.  Ok people, if you don't know about CrossFit it's awesome! It's classes but not classes like you go to at a gym.  It's hardcore workout- very hard, but pushes you. I joined about 2 months ago, and i love it! The workouts are always something different and they never get easy ha! They keep challenging you, which i love, and i love that it's different workouts. I tried P90X- but i hated doing the same workouts over and over! BORING!! Everyone should definitely give CrossFit a try.

After workout i wasn't so good and went to eat w/Andrew. We went to Guido's (which is now some weird name, i guess they all had to change their names because of something legal). It was very good though of course, i got a turkey salad and pepperoni pizza (YUMMY)!! If you don't know me, then you don't realize how much i love to eat! I wish i loved seafood and fish because my second career would be a food critic!

OH yes, and a friend had read my blog yesterday and thought when i was talking about getting stressed about wedding dress shopping that something had happened to my dress. No that's not the case, it just took me forever to pick one! Thanks again Mom and Big Kara for dealing with that ha! I know it wasn't easy. I had went to Proposals and tried on one and fell in love, BUT didn't want to buy it because I had already made an appointment at Low's Bridal in Brinkley, AR. Well the dress i loved was at Low's but I found another one I loved- it seriously took me about an hour or over just to decide between 2 dresses!!! It was not fun and I was almost in tears over it! But like I said I stuck with my first choice- now I just wish it would come in = ) Well this Blog is long enough! Have a good week, probably won't be back to blogging til next week-got a lot going on rest of week and over the weekend!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hello everyone! I'm new to this whole blogging world so give me to time to spruce things up = ) I was introduced to blogs about a year ago and keep up with lots of people.  I love reading them and thought maybe someday i'll start my own.  Well tonight I'm bored watching my TV shows and thought I'd start one.  This will help all my friends/family keep up with what i do (not like they don't know through my Facebook statuses) but oh well. 

 Just in case you don't know me, my name is Kara. I've grown up in Farmington, AR my whole life. I recently moved to Rogers. It's a nice change, I moved away from the small town but not too far away from friends. I like it a lot in this area. I moved up here because I just started my big girl job as a Speech Pathologist at Children's Therapy TEAM. I absolutely love it, and feel very blessed to have an amazing job and work with a great group of people.  I can't imagine having any other job, and there's no way I'd go back to school to get another degree either = ) I had to go 6yrs. to get this degree! I'm sick of school, so much better being out!

I recently got engaged in October to Andrew my boyfriend of almost 4 years. We will be getting married in April 2011- i know some people say "that's quick", but i wanted a spring wedding and didn't want to wait over a year.  Honestly, it hasn't been that bad planning the wedding. I was extremely stressed trying to find a venue because it's sooo expensive, but after i found the venue i was fine.  No more stress, until wedding dress shopping (but that's a different story ha).  I don't see why some people say it was just a mess, too stressful to plan, don't have a wedding- because it hasn't been that bad yet. Hopefully i don't get stressed when it gets closer.

Well there's my first blog, it's just a little bit about me. I'm sure you'll find out a lot more if you continue to follow = ) I'm going back to watching my TV shows (yes i have tons that i watch, but i'll talk about that some other time)! Night everyone