Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer Catch Up

I haven't posted in awhile because let's just say days with a toddler go by very fast and are busy and we love it!
Cooper is 21 months now (where has the time gone ahhhhh) and full of personality, a runner and a talker. I have a lot of people ask me if Cooper is wild- of course these are people with little boys too. My answer is always no not really, and yes he is active but he's pretty calm for the most part and well behaved- hence I said for the most part = )

Things about Cooper:

  • He absolutely loves going to the gym and will ask to go A LOT- he likes running around, yelling "Let's go guys" and imitating people and doing his burpees! 
  • You're favorite word is "huh" and it drives me nuts- whenever someone asks you a ? you say "huh" now it's funny b/c we say "What does Cooper say?" and you say "huh" in this very high pitched voice and think it's so funny, it is pretty funny and cute! I have to tell you "yes or no" and ask the ? again for you to answer me!
  • His language has expanded tons in the last month. It amazes me how he remembers people's names, and is talking more in 2-3 word phrases. Does great at following directions
  • Cooper absolutely loves his Abuela (spanish for grandma aka his babysitter Aura). If you haven't read previous posts, she speaks Spanish to them all so he knows some Spanish and I love it!!) Anytime we get in the car he says "Abuela?" then he will name Blakeley, Leo and Zoe (his friends at the babysitter)
  • You love beds,  pillows, and love your pillow and blanket
  • Wearing pretty much 2T clothes, still some 18months but they will expire soon
  • Started potty training but have not done it hardcore. Normally just do it at home, I'm scared to venture to underwear in public yet because he is not consistent. Some days are awesome no accidents at home others are a disaster. So now we use pull-ups except for diapers at bedtime
  • Obsessed literally obsessed with my comb- it's probably 20+ years old (used to be my mom's) and it's the first thing he'll ask for run to my bathroom and get it out of the drawer in the mornings
  • Loves water (sprinklers, pool, bath you name it)
  • Still likes books and will sit and read "Moo, baa, lalala"- well one part he says "lalala, no no no"
  • Likes to play golf, ride 4wheeler, push choo choo
  • Still BFF with Nala
  • Loves helping get clothes out of dryer and get dishes out of dishwasher
  • Getting really good at putting on socks and shoes- sandals that is, and likes to put on any socks or shoes he can find. Tries to put on shorts and shirts but not quite there yet

Now just get ready for pictures

       Summer fun at First Friday's in Bentonville

       Girls night out at Junque2Jewels- lots of fun and easy (if i can do it, anyone can)
  When did he get so big? We have lots of sleepless shirt nights, this boy is VERY hot natured like his daddy!

Lots of splash park days this summer- one included going with sweet Sadler
 Andrew and I are very lucky to have family that live close and decided to go on our first big trip since having Cooper. We went o this all-inclusive resort in Mexico and had a great time
We normally are the lazy type that stays at resort, but we decided to venture out and Andrew wanted to do deep sea fishing. He loves fishing and I said I wouldn't mind doing it to see what we could catch. I got a little sea sick once we got way out in the ocean. Never got sick sick just my stomach didn't feel good and had to lay down ha! But I did get to catch a fish and it was a lot of fun! Andrew caught the biggest one out of everyone so I took a picture with his instead = ) It's a Barracuda 

  Cooper thought Ash needed some lovings after competing

  First time to Tulsa Aquarium. Definitely a success!

   WOOHOO It's HOG football season! My favorite season!
      This is the famous comb he's obsessed with = )

 Cooper's 2nd haircut- probably should count as 1st. The first one he barely got anything cut off no one could tell haha

   Yes I go in every night and take a picture a lot of the times because he just looks so peaceful

We spend a lot of time in just underwear at home- it's easier for when he says "peepee"

I did my first Crossfit competition this past weekend, and surprisingly had fun doing it. I was super nervous but had fun. I've always said I would never compete but I'm glad I did and might do it again in the future.

Cooper we love you so very much and I thank God everyday for you and your health! As I always say, you definitely make life so much more exciting!

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